Škofja Loka region – two valleys, three mountain ranges and countless stories

A rich tradition of handicraft embellishes numerous Slovenian regions, villages and towns. Creativity and craft in particular has marked residents and the image of Škofja Loka and nearby places. As far back as the Middle Ages, the town of bishops became not only the administrative but also the craft and trade centre of its namesake area, making it one of the most developed towns in Slovenia.



Cultural and handicraft heritage can be seen at every step as you walk around idyllic Škofja Loka. Colourful façades and wall paintings, unique wrought iron signboards above shops and workshops, mighty wooden doors whose carvings tell stories of the past. You can also listen to these stories in numerous cultural institutions, museums, galleries and handicraft centres in Škofja Loka and its surroundings. Not only that, you can test your handicraft skills at a creative workshop or at numerous fairs and events.

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Start actively exploring the historical, cultural, and natural sights in Škofja Loka and its surrounding area. May you be charmed by the idyllic environment of the Škofja Loka Hills, filled with artistic inspiration, where you can experience authentic contact with nature and local cuisine.


Where can you learn about the most characteristic handicrafts and handicraft products in the Škofja Loka region? Here are our five suggestions.

Loka Castle with the Loka Museum

The Loka Museum, which is located in the mighty castle above the town, keeps, among other things, a rich ethnological collection. It shows the life and work of locals and numerous interesting crafts with which the people of Škofja Loka used to earn their living. You can learn about hat making, comb making, bobbin lacemaking, the manufacture of sieves, painting and printing on canvas, the manufacture of artificial flowers and – the iconic product of this part of Slovenia – the small bread.

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Handicraft centre

In the centre of the town, the door of the Art & Craft Centre of Škofja Loka is wide open. Local craftsmen maintain the tie between the rich past of handicraft and modern creations. Neat and useful products made of wood and metal, felted wool and textile, traditional lace etc. are exhibited here. Creators will show you the exhibited products or demonstrate their manufacture at a workshop.

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Cultural experiences in the Škofja Loka region

Škofja Loka and its surroundings invite families and the youngest curious children to explore. A playful and educational family guide to cultural heritage which will guide you through a map of creative inspiration will help you to plan and discover the cultural heritage. When children visit cultural institutions in the Škofja Loka region, they search for a special sign and put a stamp in the booklet. When they collect five stamps, they receive a souvenir.

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Sokolski dom – a cultural centre in the centre of the town

Sokolski dom is deemed a cultural centre of Škofja Loka. Diverse cultural events fill the halls of the characteristic medieval town house. Numerous events, shows, concerts, exhibitions and other interesting opportunities for meetings attract locals and other guests who like, live and create culture.

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KreativNice – a creative centre

The KreativNice creative centre – located in Spodnji trg – is a place where the past, present and the future mix in a creative and educational spirit. Local textile creators display their products and the heritage of textile companies from Škofja Loka in an innovative way in the exhibition area which is also a studio.

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 “This small bread”

The Loka bread, which locals call the small bread, is artistically designed and decorated honey bread. It is made of rye or white flour to which honey and characteristic spices: cinnamon, pepper, cloves and potash are added. Local women used to bake the bread a few times a year during major holidays, while today, it is deemed one of the most characteristic souvenirs from the greater Škofja Loka region.


More ideas to learn about Škofja Loka and the creativity of its residents

Visit other cultural institutions, fairs, handicraft workshops and events in the Selca and Poljane valleys. In Železniki and its museum, you can learn about the rich iron, wood and other characteristic crafts and handicraft knowledge of this town. Not far from here is the village of Dražgoše where local women still master the artistic manufacture of Dražgoše bread. Žiri is famous for its shoemaking tradition, and its Lace School is over a hundred years old. If you happen to go to Gorenja vas and Poljane, visit the Šubič House, the home of painters and carvers. Also check the selection of handicraft workshops in Škofja Loka and its surroundings, which are organised by craftsmen by agreement.


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