Test your dexterity

Do you like puzzles and want to have an exciting experience of learning about history and culture? Then enter the mysterious world of escape rooms, scattered all over Slovenia. You can find the most tests for your mind and dexterity in Ljubljana, but there are also some in other towns and cities in Slovenia. Escape rooms are a great opportunity to boost team spirit, be it with co-workers, family, or friends. So, are you ready to solve the mysteries of Slovenia's escape rooms?

Solve some mysteries in the capital city

Enter the Enigmarium® rooms, where you are sure to have perfect fun for small groups from 2 to 5 people. Find maestro Luigi's recipe for a good-luck sauce, awaken the detective in you as you visit Agatha Christie’s town flat, help the artist Francesco find his lost inspiration, or escape from a school classroom (aka torture room). Experience's Ljubljana's old town centre somewhat differently and have a city “escape” adventure. Explore history and castle mysteries, and free a dragon at Ljubljana Castle.


MindMaze rooms take you to a dragon egg in one hour, or you can even help free an occupied Ljubljana. In addition to fantasy and detective experiences, the Key also has the first children’s escape room in Slovenia. As you solve puzzles and decipher codes, you can turn into cunning prisoners and escape from prison. Get your adrenaline pumping and find your way out of horror stories.

True adventures also await you in the area around Ljubljana. Enjoy nature by experiencing forest escapes for all generations. Solve various puzzles and codes, overcome obstacles, and escape from a barn. In Kamnik, you can learn about two important historical figures by solving puzzles – General Rudolf Maister and Veronika of Desenice, and try out as a detective and discover the mystery of Nikola Tesla in Domžale.

Escape experiences elsewhere as well

New experiences also await you in other Slovenian towns and cities: in Maribor, you can discover the city's history and the dark Middle Ages. In winter, when the snow and weather conditions are good enough, you can visit Kranjska Gora and experience the adventure of escaping from a real snow igloo, and at the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana you can escape into a real mountain bivouac. At Lake Bled, your escape will connect you with stardust or fill you up with adrenaline in a mafia room. Use your logic to escape the Escape House in Koper. Explore terrifying mysteries and attempt to solve the puzzles in escape rooms in Kranj.


Are you a beer lover? Learn about the rich tradition of beer making and brewing in Laško and participate in an adventure in the world’s first escape room dedicated to beer brewing! Learn about the mystery of Ulrik, the Count of Celje, and experience a suspenseful adventure or adrenaline-filled horror story in Celje.

Try to break out of prison in Bovec. In the Karst, solve various puzzles in order to learn about the master of Slovenian poetry, Srečko Kosovel, among other things. Learn about Kolnars, coal catchers, who caught coal from the River Sava near Brežice a century ago, or transform into a Robinson Crusoe from Brežice and head out on a river escape adventure. Solve Diana’s mystery in an escape room in Murska Sobota.

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