Feel the diversity of Slovenia beneath your feet

If you enjoy spending your free time actively in unspoilt natural surroundings and discovering local history and curiosities, then Slovenia is the right destination for you. Hiking and cycling are favourite activities among Slovenes. It is no surprise, then, that Slovenia offers a large number of marked trails for cyclists and hikers. Experience the diversity of the Slovenian landscape on foot or by bike. Slovenia's hills and plains, mountain peaks and forests, rivers and lakes are an unending green fairy tale. Experience them on the most beautiful hiking and biking trails in Slovenia.

Hike Slovenia in stages

Set off along the Slovenian Mountain Trail, the longest and most popular hiking trail in Slovenia, running from beautiful green Pohorje to the astonishing Alps and the Adriatic coast. Gather wonderful images of Slovenia on trails that also pass through different European countries. On the Alpe Adria Trail you can discover the nature, culture and cuisine of three countries – Slovenia, Austria and Italy. The Via Alpina offers a genuine experience of the Alpine world. Traverse Slovenia from the Soča to the Mura on European Long-Distance Path E7. Or explore the diverse Slovenian landscape between the Drava and Strunjan on European Long-Distance Path E6.

Hike the most beautiful trails in Slovenia

Slovenia's rich selection of thematically interesting and diverse trails will please every hiker. Discover beauty and drink in the freshness of unspoilt nature on trails in the Triglav National Park. Starting at stunning Lake Bohinj, climb to the summit of Slovenia's highest mountain, Triglav, crossing idyllic Alpine pastures and marvelling at the crystal-clear water of seven mountain lakes along the way. Experience genuine contact with nature on the Soča Trail, which follows the emerald river Soča from its source through the valley of Trenta to the town of Bovec. Explore the incredible mountain scenery of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps on the popular trail running from Logarska Dolina past the Rinka Falls to the mountain hut on Okrešelj. For more demanding hillwalkers, traversing Planjava and Ojstrica (both over 2,000 metres high) is a great experience. The Koroška Mountain Trail leads you through the three valleys of the Koroška region – the Meža, Drava and Mislinja valleys – and connects the Karavanke/Karawanken, Pohorje and Kozjak ranges and the Savinja Alps. Experience the idyllic scenery of the Škofja Loka hills en route to Blegoš. Set off from Maribor over Pohorje to the Koroška region and enjoy green forests, picturesque peat bogs interspersed with little lakes, and streams with waterfalls.

The pleasures of cycling in the great outdoors

Plenty of pleasures also await cyclists exploring Slovenia's beautiful landscape. Set off along unique bike trails and cycling routes and discover the distinctive characteristics of Slovenia's different regions. For example the international Drava Cycle Route, the Slovenian section of which will take you from the Koroška region past Maribor and Ptuj (Slovenia's oldest town) to Ormož.  Discover the beauties of the Goričko Nature Park and choose one of the themed routes leading over hills and across plains, through woodland and vineyards. Experience the Slovenian coast on the Parenzana, a bike trail that follows the route of the former railway line from Trieste (Italy) to Poreč/Parenzo (Croatia).  The Mojstrana–Rateče Cycle Route will take you through the Upper Sava Valley beneath soaring Alpine peaks, past Kranjska Gora and the Zelenci Nature Reserve and close to the Planica Nordic Centre (a famous ski jumping venue). Cycle along the emerald river Soča on the Solkan Cycle Route.

Wander off onto other paths

Walk through the fertile fields and rolling hills of eastern Slovenia. Discover the romantic world of floating mills on the river Mura, the dreamy plains and hill vineyards of the Radgonsko-Kapelske Gorice and Goričko districts on the Via Pomurje. Along the Zasavje Long-Distance Path running from the Bizeljsko wine district to the summit of Mt Kum, a special experience awaits you in the area's characteristic repnice – underground cellars for storing wine and produce. The Via Bela Krajina will reveal to you this hospitable and colourful corner of south-eastern Slovenia, where you can taste the unique charm of this land of silver birch trees by the river Kolpa and discover its fascinating legends and customs.

Experience the incredible diversity of the Trans Slovenia mountain cycling tour connecting three countries – Slovenia, Italy and Austria. The Trans-Karavanke Cycle Route offers you spectacular views, tranquillity and a genuine contact with nature. Discover Pohorje by bike on the Pohorje Cycle Route.

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