Go green on St Martin’s Day

The autumn is the most joyous time of the year for winegrowers and winemakers alike as they look forward to a new vintage. There is a special feeling in the air at this time of year that is worth experiencing, from the time the grapes are picked to St Martin’s Day.  The St Martin’s Day celebrations are the highlight of this festive season and are the perfect way to spend time in good company, enjoy the traditional St Martin’s Day feast and make a toast with the young wine. You can experience them almost anywhere in Slovenia, but the most authentic are in the wine-growing regions.

We invite you to spend the greatest Slovenian autumn festive season in one of the wine destinations guided by the importance of sustainability in tourism, where their endeavours have earned them the national Slovenia Green label.

Celebrate St Martin’s Day at the world’s oldest grapevine

In autumn, Maribor transforms into the capital of events welcoming the new vintage. The Old Vine Festival ushers in the festive autumn season and culminates in the ceremonial picking of the oldest grapevine in the world. On St Martin’s Day, 11 November, when the must turns into young wine, Leon Štukelj Square in Maribor becomes the venue of the largest St Martin’s Day celebration in Slovenia. It features a cultural and entertainment programme, plenty of local cuisine and tastings of the young wine.

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Big guy`s wine highlights with the World`s Oldest Vine

Learn about the wine-makers of Štajerska and the unique wine stories from the Štajerska Slovenia wine-growing district. Go on a journey from the famous heart-shaped road among vineyards to one of the largest and oldest wine cellars in Europe and to the oldest grapevine in the world.


Make a toast to the young wine in Slovenia’s oldest town

The town of Ptuj is surrounded by the sweeping hills of Haloze and Slovenske gorice, where the wine’s noble flavours are formed in the green vineyards. For over seven hundred years, the wines from this region have been stored in the Ptuj Wine Cellar, the oldest in Slovenia. This cellar is also home to Zlata trta (literally, the Golden Vine), the oldest Slovenian vintage, which dates back to 1917. However, if you are more interested in the flavours of young Ptuj wines, join in on the St Martin’s Day fun in the centre of Ptuj.

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Celebrate St Martin’s Day in the hills of Goriška brda

Just one look at the idyllic landscape of Goriška brda will be enough to convince you of the harmony that exists here between man and nature. And just one sip of its renowned wines will make you fall in love with this region nestled between the Mediterranean and the Alps. Be part of the birth of the young wine and join the people of Brda in the St Martin’s Day celebrations in the medieval gem of Šmartno.

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Experience St Martin’s Day in the Vipava Valley

The story of the Vipava Valley is a special one, closely tied to outdoor activities and a diverse cuisine. Did you know that the largest number of indigenous Slovenian wine varieties thrive here? Have you heard of Pinela, Zelen and Klarnica? Learn about the indigenous varieties and other wines of the Vipava Valley at the St Martin’s Day celebrations in the valley and in Nova Gorica. On the first Sunday after St Martin’s Day, join the walk Hiking in the Footsteps of Matija Vertovec to discover Vipava’s natural charms and its cuisine.

Visit Kras on St Martin’s Day

In the delicate Karst region, where harmony between man and nature is particularly important, the poor soil imbues the wine and other produce with full-bodied flavours. Celebrate St Martin’s Day in the kingdom of Teran, the characteristic Karst ruby-coloured wine, in good company. Make your way from wine cellars to farm stays along the Karst Wine Road using special buses, stopping to visit Sežana and Štanjel.

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Welcome the young wine in the land of white birches

Experience the glory of autumn in Bela krajina, a region situated between the Kolpa and Lahinja rivers. This fertile territory, scattered with vineyards and fields, offers a new harvest of crops and wine in this bountiful season. If you want to savour what Bela krajina has to offer and taste the young vintages of Metliška Črnina, Belokranjec and others, visit the town of Semič in November, where they hold celebrations of autumn and St Martin’s Day.

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Taste the treasures of Slovenian Istria

The Koper countryside is home to Refosco and Malvasia. In wine cellars, both in the urban areas and typical Istrian villages, the must is already waiting to turn into young wine on St Martin’s Day. Would you like to try some? Visit the hills of Šavrin, which are full of interesting stories, as well as natural and cultural treasures. Share a table with the locals and enjoy the St Martin’s Day feast. In the town of Koper, you can take part in the St Martin’s Day celebrations, which last several days.

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St Martin’s Day in the land of Cviček

Discover the idyllic wine-growing hills of the Dolenjska region, where vineyard cottages are scattered throughout the large vineyards. These special cottages, known as zidanice, have their own wine cellars and are the pride and joy of the region’s residents. This is the home of Cviček, an oddity in the world of wine, which has a low alcohol content and even some positive effects on your health – when drunk in moderation. The birth of young Cviček and other wines from the Dolenjska region can be celebrated at the big St Martin’s Day celebration held in the town of Novo mesto.

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Where else can you go on St Martin’s Day?

There are many places in Slovenia where you can experience an authentic St Martin’s Day. Join in on the many large public celebrations held in town squares or streets.

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