From the Lent Festival to MetalDays

This summer, you can be refreshed on the banks of the cool River Soča – if you are a lover of metal music, then don't miss one of the largest such festival in Europe, MetalDays. At the other end of Alpine Slovenia, by the River Drava, visit Slovenia's largest festival – the Lent Festival. There, you can enjoy a vibrant festival atmosphere, bites of delicious food, and excellently selected music. Summer just how we like it – do you agree?


Lent Festival

The Lent Festival has long been synonymous with high spirits, relaxed atmosphere, playfulness, creativity, and a wide range of cultural events that serves as the opening to summer events in Maribor every year. Traditionally, days and nights in Lent and in other locations in Slovenia’s second largest city are filled with a mixture of art, culture, gastronomy, and typical Štajerska hospitality.

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Maribor Festival

In Maribor, summer continues into September when the traditional Maribor Festival is held. In recent years, this festival has transformed from a chamber music festival to a renowned festival that hosts revered Slovenian and foreign performers of orchestra, chamber, and vocal music. Visit the charming venues of Maribor and enjoy the world-class musical experience.

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Summer Puppet Pier

There is also something for children in the capital city of Štajerska. The Summer Puppet Pier is an international puppet festival, which provides a free programme with puppet shows, workshops, exhibitions, and other accompanying events, and it takes place in the pleasant days of August.

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StellarBeat Music Festival

Start off your summer on the wings of music created by talented DJ’s gathered by Lake Rogoza in the direct vicinity of Maribor. Travel to incredible worlds of electronic music under the starry sky. Such galactic journey will take you to world superstars. This year, the highlight will be one of the giants of house music, Robin Schulz. 

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The festival-filled valley of the River Soča

Experience summer festival excitement along the emerald mountain beauty, the River Soča. The Soča Valley is a paradise for outdoor adventures, which can be experienced at the Soča Outdoor Festival in late June. Music lovers who enjoy various genres, such as metal, reggae, punk, rock, and blues, can visit exciting summer festivals where the rivers Soča and Tolminka meet. A noteworthy festival is a festival called MetalDays, a recipient of the Greener Festival Award. There is also something for those with a creative spirit and for foodies. This year, for the first time, there will also be something for lovers of electronic music at Butik Festival.

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International Wild Flower Festival in Bohinj

The floral wealth of the valley of Lake Bohinj and the mountains above it is quite a sight to behold from early spring until late autumn. Every year, the Wild Flower festival attracts lovers of botany, hiking, and nature, and even some renowned experts. The festival also offers family adventures on the Zlatorog Fairy Trail, a festival marketplace with an outdoor kitchen, guided botanical trips, including a culinary experience, concerts, and much more.

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The Okarina folk festival in Bled

The Okarina Festival is an international music festival that has been held in Bled for over 27 years and is thus one of the oldest music festivals in Europe. With all types of folk culture from all over the world, including modern musical rhythms, the festival draws crowds with high-quality music, excellent performers, and a clear message about the significance of multiculturality and harmony.

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Bled Festival

For more than 20 years, the first half of July in Bled is reserved for the energetic vibe of a festival that is based on classical music, but also welcomes other musical genres. In various venues in Bled, including Bled Castle and Bled Festival Hall, a large number of concerts and accompanying events are held, while workshops and courses are also provided.

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Kranfest and Kranj Night

In summer, the capital of Gorenjska invites visitors to the largest summer festival in the region – Kranfest and Kranj Night. The diverse festival events draw a crowd of about 35,000 visitors every year. The festival is a mosaic of music, sports, theatre, culinary and entertainment events. The rich programme also offers a summer theatre in the courtyard of Khislstein Castle.

Radovljica Festival

In this picturesque medieval town, a festival of old music has been held since 1983. For years, it has been including in its programme rarely performed music of the 19th and 20th centuries, often on historical instruments that are less known today. In musical circles, the festival has the reputation of a boutique festival, and it provides the audience with a very wide range of musical heritage.

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Historial – a festival of history in Škofja Loka

Historial is a festival with demonstrations of old crafts, cuisine, costumes of past centuries, early music, dances, and legends that makes vivid the history of Škofja Loka. Combine your visit to the festival with short trips to the surrounding area of this medieval town.

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Catch the rainbow of cultural events

An abundance of cultural events awaits you in Slovenia every day of the year. Admire the masterpieces of nature and the works of human hands and feel the lively vibe of festival events.

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Colour your holidays with the rainbow of culture and arts in Slovenia. You will be surrounded by lively events combining traditional elements with modern trends. Choose and book your holiday today!

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For those with the spirit of explorers who love millennia-old history

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Unforgettable experience in Murska Sobota, the heart of Pomurje Region

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Cultural Experiences

Cultural Experiences

Discover the mysterious combination of cultural sights and natural patterns which have had their meeting point in Slovenia, at the crossroads of nations and regions, for centuries. Publication "Cultural experiences" opens doors to travellers into the world of artistic creativity and architecture, into the history of culture and the modern way of life. Come on in, it´s Slovenia Culture Time!

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