Around Slovenia by bike or by foot: energising snacks on the go

Slovenia has an area of approximately 20 square kilometres with nearly 10 thousand kilometres of marked trails. In addition to hiking accommodation, which offers a starting point for many hiking lovers, hikers can relax and have a bite atop hills commanding panoramic views if they visit mountain huts. There are more than 150 around Slovenia.

Usually, they offer simple warm meals such as stews, but some treat mountain climbers to other dishes as well. Food suitable for bikers is served at biking accommodation facilities. These facilities all serve bountiful breakfast and vegetarian dishes, and higher-category accommodation facilities (with the 5 bike label) also offer locally and organically produced food.

Best mountain huts along mountain trails

Slovenia is the land of enthusiastic mountain climbers and thousands of them participate in the selection of the best mountain hut every year. This title is also connected with the culinary offerings and the hospitality of the staff who work in the huts. The best Slovenian mountain huts offer classic Slovenian stews, such as goulash, jota (sauerkraut and beans), ričet (meat and vegetable stew), mushroom soup, and minestrone, etc. Some huts treat their guests with štruklji (dumplings), various strudels, crepes, flancati (fried dough triangles), and other sweet dishes that re-energise you for the rest of your journey.

Offerings at biking stopovers

In addition to taking care of the usual needs of sports enthusiasts (a rich breakfast, lunch packages, energy drinks, bars, and snacks, Apres Bike snacks, etc.), biking accommodation facilities in the highest category also make bikers’ wishes come true by providing local dishes. Koroš EcoHotel, a biking centre in the Koroška Region, is a part of an organic farm where dishes are prepared using ingredients grown in the farm’s own gardens, a herb garden and an orchard, as well as wild berries. Bikers love the local rye bread.

Travel tips

Regardless of whether you are heading to the high peaks of the Julian Alps or the nearby hiking, forest, themed, educational, and other trails, always take a suitable snack with you: water, energy, vitamin, and mineral beverages.  

If you are going to hike in the mountains, find an experienced guide. Take advantage of your stop at the mountain hut to enjoy a warm meal. Eat even if you are not hungry. You’ve used up energy on your journey, so re-energise yourself before you head back. Take left-overs back with you to the valley. If you wish to spend the night at a mountain hut, inquire about availability ahead of time and book your stay.

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