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Are you a fan of activities in the air? See the diverse Slovenian landscape in paragliders, hang-gliders, or by sky diving in tandem. In Slovenia, there are several paragliding schools where you can learn the basics of flying or simply attach yourself to a paragliding instructor and admire Slovenia from the air, safe in the care of a professional. If you easily get dizzy due to heights and prefer staying close to the ground, you can hover above the ground in wind tunnels.


Climb up to Slovenian mountains and hills, big and small, and descend into the valley below on your own or in tandem with an experienced paraglider. Take in the beauty of the landscape and enjoy the freedom of gliding through the air. In Slovenia, you can find many take-off sites for paragliders, 40 of which are registered take-off sites. They can be found all around Slovenia, and the most popular ones are the take-off sites in the Soča Valley, Vipava Valley, Lake Bohinj. The starting point for your paragliding experience, solo or in tandem, can be one of Slovenia’s ski resorts, such as Krvavec Ski Resort, Vogel Ski Resort, Cerkno, Soriška Planina, Golte, Pohorje.

Sky diving

If you are not bothered by heights, you can dive into an unforgettable experience in the air. In aviation centres around Slovenia, you can find many providers of tandem sky diving services – in Maribor, Bovec, Lesce, Portorož, Slovenj Gradec. When you're ready and decide to go sky diving, an aeroplane will take you high up in the sky where your unique adventure among clouds will begin.

Hover in wind tunnels

All those who are eager to hover in the air, feel light, and experience at least a bit of the adrenaline rush felt by sky divers, ski jumpers, and other adrenaline junkies, make sure to visit a wind tunnel. Visit the wind tunnel in Logatec, which offers fun in the air for all generations. You can also go to the picturesque Planica Valley and have some fun at the wind tunnel of the Planica Nordic Centre.

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