Summer experiences on the streets

Nearly every town in Slovenia has a green beach with deck chairs in the parks and embankments along the rivers which become summer promenades. Get some wind in your hair with a cycling tour of Ljubljana. Experience Slovenian towns from a different perspective and paddle a SUP along Slovenia’s clean rivers. There are often lakes near the urban centres, such as Velenje and Celje, which are perfect for a picnic on the shore or a beach volley party. Wakeboarding fans will enjoy Slovenia’s first water-skiing and wakeboarding park near Maribor.

Take your bike to the Ljubljana beach

Learn about the masterpieces of Jože Plečnik on a guided cycle tour of Ljubljana. Get to know the great green architect with a feel for the human and the concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body. Plečnik, who was inspired by antiquity, also worked in Vienna and Prague, and carried out a comprehensive urban design renovation of the centre of Ljubljana and the banks of the Ljubljanica River. Take a break at Špica Park, the site of the former Ljubljana baths. The Ljubljanica also features the delightful Trnovo Wharf, known as “Plečnik’s Beach”, which due to its shade trees and pleasant atmosphere is now a popular gathering place for the people of Ljubljana.

Discover nature and culture on a SUP

Supping, or stand-up paddling, is a real hit in the range of summertime activities in Slovenian cities, since rivers flow through the picturesque town centres. In Novo mesto, the Krka River literally embraces the quaint squares and streets. On a SUP you will increase your pulse, improve your balance, relax your muscles and awaken your sense of adventure. Take a tour of the river and get to know Novo mesto from the riparian perspective. The Krka is the Dolenjska region’s best-known river, which flows through green nature and reveals the heritage of the former milling trade. The route will lead you beneath preserved wooden bridges and past several castles and picturesque villages.

Wake up to wakeboarding near Maribor

Wake Park Dooplek, near Slovenia’s second largest city, Maribor, is the first water park in Slovenia designed for water-skiing and wakeboarding. The park is part of the Dooplek sports and recreation centre, which opened in the middle of May this year. Get into some wakeboarding turns and tricks on the lake, in the lush green environment of the Drava Regional Park. The park features state-of-the-art equipment which ensures a safe measure of adrenaline pleasure. Once you are totally awake, you can go into the old town centre of Maribor and discover the streets and the culinary pleasures that await.

Beach volley on the Velenje town beach

In addition to swimming, Velenje Beach offers a full range of water activities. SUP fans can paddle around the lake, or go windsurfing or surfing when the wind kicks up. And you can find more active holiday pleasures by the lakeside, which features football pitches and beach volley, basketball and tennis courts. The green environs of the lake also provide a lovely setting for horse riding and golf. There is a developed camp nearby for multi-day holidays.

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