Between snow and the sky

Slovenia’s ski centres offer all kinds of fun in the snow. In addition to skiing and snowboarding on well-maintained slopes, you can also relax by enjoying other snow activities, suitable for beginners, families, as well as those seeking daring experiences. And it is the latter that will love to visit one of Slovenia’s snow parks, where various snow structures will get your adrenaline going. Jumps, courses, and half-pipes promise to be an unforgettable experience for all adrenaline junkies. 

Snow shenanigans on Rogla

Do something for the adrenaline junkie in you by going on a hunt for crazy adventures on skis or a snowboard at the Fun Park on Rogla. There, you’ll find a half-pipe, a slopestyle course, two big air jumps, and earth-shaped kickers, where you can perform your craziest tricks. If you’ve never been to such a park, but you’re still eager to go, experienced teachers can assist you by teaching you the basics of freestyle skiing and snowboarding and performing tricks on all of the park’s features.

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Daring tricks on Krvavec

At the Krvavec Ski Centre, only a few kilometres from the central Slovenian airport and the capital city of Ljubljana, get your adrenaline going in a snow park. With a total length of 800 m, this ski centre provides challenges on six jumps with sizes from 3 to 12 metres, and you can challenge yourselves by performing tricks on 10 other structures as well.

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Adrenaline amongst Alpine peaks on Vogel

With a stunning view of the Julian Alps and the wild Lake Bohinj, Vogel itself is a fairy tale. Those who seek even more daring adventures can write their favourite fairy tale right here. A visit to the snow park with jumps of various sizes, rails, and boxes will fill you with adrenaline and a feeling of freedom between the sky and the snow.

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Are you starting to get itchy feet?

If you like challenges on skis or snowboards, leave the slopes and go to snow parks. Exciting adventures on various structures await you. You’ll be able to do your ‘wow’ tricks and simply enjoy winter shenanigans.

Even more daring adventures in snow?

Would you like to try out another crazy adventure in snow? Go down a slope on air boards or snow rafts, ride a snow bike, or be drawn by horses.


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