The nativity scene strengthens the Christmas spirit

The nativity scene is one of the most popular symbols of Christmas in Slovenia. They are set up under spruce branches in churches and a lot of Slovenian homes. The figurines are mostly made of plastic or wood, and the base is made of moss from the nearby forest. However, for quite some time now, nativity scenes have not only been set up in people's homes. Every year, live nativity scenes are held and you can find them in many towns in Slovenia. Visit some of the most special nativity scenes in Slovenia!

The nativity story at the Postojna Cave

Take a small train to see one of the most magnificent renditions of the biblical Christmas story! As you journey into the interior of Postojna Cave, you will be accompanied by angels and extraordinary natural cave sculptures. Thousands of tiny stars will be shining right above you. As you arrive at the scene, the story begins. Sixteen biblical scenes, 150 performers a day, and the wonderful cave backdrop with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites will fill your hearts with festive warmth and excitement.


An ice kingdom in Mojstrana

In the final days of December, the Mlačca Gorge in Mojstrana transforms into a real ice kingdom. As visitors enter the gorge, they already encounter works of art made of ice that are created by humans and nature together. In this kingdom, a mighty ice wall rises, serving as the venue for the annual live nativity scene. In addition to the biblical story, another story from everyday life that causes us to think is added every year. This nativity scene is also special because the majority of the actors perform with clampers, and the wonderful ice backdrop is complemented by light and other effects.

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A live nativity scene at the zoo

In Slovenia, you can also find live nativity scenes in which animals also perform in addition to people. The most interesting nativity scene with animals can be found at Ljubljana Zoo. Children can enjoy a parade of festively decorated camels, and after the show, they can walk among fireplaces, shepherds, and sheep, and they can visit the biblical family and their domestic animals in the little barn.

Experience the nativity story elsewhere in Slovenia, too

The live nativity scene in Pekel Cave is also an interesting enactment of the Christmas story. Every year for Christmas and St Stephen’s Day, this picturesque cave, where you can witness the incredible show put on by nature, becomes the venue for enacting the biblical story of Jesus’ birth. In Tržič, the enactment of the live nativity scene is accompanied by the revival of old Christmas traditions, old nativity scenes, mostly from shoemakers’ homesteads, are on display, and children are also excited to see Father Christmas. In addition to live nativity scenes, you can also find interesting conventional nativity scene exhibitions all over Slovenia. In Ljubljana, there is an interesting nativity scene made of straw in front of the Zois Mansion, and there is also an interesting one at Ljubljana Castle, where life-size wooden figurines are set up. The largest nativity scene in Slovenia during the holiday season can be found in Bled. In the vicinity of this Alpine jewel, you can visit the Nativity Museum in Brezje, where you can see more than 400 nativity scenes from all over the world. You will be surprised by the originality and creativity of human hands, as you will also find a nativity scene in a walnut shell, a fir cone, and a stone. And in Banovci, you can pick your favourite nativity scene set up by locals in the Christmas Village. Be wowed as you take a stroll through Vojnik during the Christmas season, where you can see the largest exhibition of nativity scenes in Slovenia. 

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