Adrenaline-filled adventures in wild waters

Make your holiday even more exciting by experiencing a refreshing rush of adrenaline. Hop on a raft, kayak, or canoe, grab hold of the paddles and follow your experienced guides to the wild, virtually untameable white waters of Slovenian rivers. Tour mysterious gorges with daring jumps over waterfalls, into deep pools, or climbs over natural obstacles. You can also learn about rivers in other innovative and daring ways. So, are you up for the challenge?

Paddle down rivers

Get your pulse racing as you enjoy daring, yet safe white waters. Hop on a raft, kayak, or a canoe and embark on a river adventure with experienced guides that you will remember for a long time to come. The wildest and most breath-taking adventures await you on the emerald mountain beauty, the River Soča. If you go down the rivers Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka, which flow into one another near Radovljica, thus becoming one River Sava, you can experience slightly calmer currents. Tackle the white waters of the River Savinja as you begin your adventure in the Logar Valley or in Luče. Grab some paddles and experience some adrenaline-filled moments on the rivers Drava, Mura, Krka, and Kolpa too.

Adrenaline adventures in canyons

Put on a wetsuit, tap into child-like curiosity, and prepare for plenty of adrenaline as you go canyoning. You’ll need to walk through a narrow river bed, climb over natural obstacles, daringly jump into pools, and experience breath-taking waterfall jumps. The most beautiful canyoning spots can be found in Soča Valley and Lake Bohinj. Learn about the beauties of the canyons in the upper The River Savinja in an adrenaline-filled way.

Experience hydrospeeding

Hydrospeed is becoming an increasingly popular adrenaline-filled activity on rivers, as it offers the most direct contact with the river. There is only a small craft underneath you, which is navigated using your swim fins. You are also equipped with protective gear, which protects you from colliding with rocks. Go hydrospeeding in the Soča Valley, near Lake Bled on the River Sava or in Lake Bohinj on the River Sava Bohinjka.

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