This small, rustic spa resort is located in the middle of the Prlekija plain, offering everything that athletes need for well-being and relaxation. The Banovci Thermal Spring bears the legacy of the former Pannonian Sea. The water, rich in fluoride, comes to the surface from a depth of 1,700 metres and helps people feel better, especially those with rheumatic ailments. In the Terme Banovci spa, kindness, gracious hospitality and warmth accompany you at every step.


Breakfast air-conditioned rooms air-conditioned common use areas free Wi-Fi luggage storage sports equipment storage seminar room for 30–50 people fitness studio wellness centre saunas indoor or outdoor relaxation pool indoor or outdoor swimming pool – 25 m Olympic-size swimming pool tennis courts possibility to prepare special meals at the request of the sports team


About the destination Pomurje

In the landscape of healing springs, you can find your wellbeing, get fit or actively train at several natural spas and health resorts featuring sports medicine specialists. In addition to swimming pools, fields and courts for various sports await you at the spa towns, in Gornja Radgona and Murska Sobota.

More about the destination
The nearest airports: Graz 104 km / 1 h 5 min, Zagreb 164 km / 1 h, 39 min, Ljubljana 179 km, 1 h 56 min
Altitude: 180 - 418 m
Area: 1,353
Population: 111,000

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Slovenia, a top sports destination

Slovenia, a top sports destination

Welcome to the land of exceptional sports culture. Get to know the possibilities of why Slovenia is an excellent sports choice for the successful implementation of sports preparations and the organization of recreational and top sports competitions.