One of the key natural healing factors in the internationally accredited (AACI) Spa Terme Zreče is akratothermal water, rich in calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate. The water is naturally heated to 34.5°C and has a beneficial effect on conditions after injuries and surgical interventions on the locomotor apparatus, targeted postoperative rehabilitation of the knee joint, shoulder, hip and spine, degenerative and inflammatory rheumatic diseases of the movements, injuries and diseases of the peripheral nervous system and peripheral blood circulation disorders. In addition to basic specialist activities, they perform special physiotherapy treatments (Tecar, Bowen therapy, Hi TOP, special neurological treatment according to Bobath), kinesiotherapy, isokinetic testing, treatment of lymphedema, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, mechanotherapy and hydrotherapy. Terme Zreče prides itself on the natural healing factor Pohorsko peat, whose age is estimated at 10,000 years. Its ecological purity is very important, as it is located in the Midland marshes in the middle of the Pohora forests. Peat is included in thermotherapy as compresses and baths for diseased areas. In addition to the medium-high altitude, nearby Rogla also offers the possibility of artificially increasing the altitude (so-called altitude rooms). 6 hotel rooms and a "training room" are equipped with a device for reducing the oxygen content, where it is possible to create conditions similar to an altitude of up to 7000 m above sea level. The fitness center is equipped with trainers for running, cycling and rowing. A weight and coordination room is available in the sports hall. With an individual analysis of the response of the individual to the increased altitude, you can choose the desired protocol that you need for the needs of competitions or acclimatization to high altitude. The competitive advantage is also in the combined form of high-mountain and mid-mountain training. With altitude rooms and a gym in hypoxic conditions, we can adjust the altitude suitable for the training cycle. Training in nature takes place in the mid-mountains or at a lower altitude, which represents an excellent combination. As part of the training process, we can use the following training methods: sleep high - train high, sleep high - train medium high, stay medium high - train medium high, sleep high - train low (Zreče).


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Slovenia, a top sports destination

Slovenia, a top sports destination

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