The rehabilitation center is located within the Terme Ptuj, which are known for balneotherapy (healing thermal water). They carry out specialist physiotherapy examinations through referrals and self-paying orthopedic and neurosurgical examinations. Balneorehabilitation is available, which includes hydrotherapy (exercises in water under the supervision of a physiotherapist), kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, light therapy (bioptron, IR light), manual massages and manual lymphatic drainage, thermotherapy/cryotherapy, passive exercise with the help of equipment (arthromot, kinetek ), active exercises (track, bike, stepper, hand bike), exercises with accessories, pearl baths and relaxation exercises.
Manual orthopedic therapy is intended for various sports injuries. Specialized therapists deal with both chronic conditions and post-traumatic and post-operative conditions (orthopaedic, neurosurgical and trauma patients). In their work, they also include various exercises (stretching, stabilization, proprioceptive exercises, joint mobilization, passive stretching, a set of assisted exercises).


About the destination Ptuj

Slovenia's oldest town is home to the kurent carnival tradition, part of UNESCO’ list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and the largest lake on the River Drava, the perfect spot for countless fun activities. There is a playing field and a sports hall in the town, and a sports medicine centre at the Ptuj Spa with an Olympic swimming pool.

More about the destination
The nearest airports: Maribor 20 km / 17 min, Grac 90 km / 1 h, Zagreb 106 km / 1 h 9 min
Altitude: 232 m
Area: 67
Population: 17,900

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Slovenia, a top sports destination

Slovenia, a top sports destination

Welcome to the land of exceptional sports culture. Get to know the possibilities of why Slovenia is an excellent sports choice for the successful implementation of sports preparations and the organization of recreational and top sports competitions.