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How to safely return to competition as soon as possible? With the help of teams of various experts who prepare individual recovery programmes after an objective and measurable assessment of the situation.

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Why not rehabilitate in Slovenia?

The land of sports culture also features well-developed medical, diagnostic and rehabilitation centres for athletes. The Sports Diagnostic Centre, which in cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia also implements the national programme of measurements, has nine laboratories. These include a laboratory for sports medicine diagnostics and sports nutrition, for kinesiology and physiology.



Sports medicine experts and other members of professional teams in Slovenia provide individually oriented diagnostics. Based on clinical and functional assessments of the condition, they prepare a prognosis and a rehabilitation plan, which includes state-of-the-art devices and therapies with advanced technology.

A special advantage of rehabilitation in Slovenia are rehabilitation centres in natural and thermal spas, where medical treatment and therapies are complemented by the effects of natural factors, such as thermal mineral water, mud and brine, peat and others.

Healthy waters and thermal programmes for effective rehabilitation

Natural factors are one of the effective components of thermal programmes in rehabilitation. An important role is also played by thermal and mineral springs with a unique composition, such as a high magnesium content. Combined with expert staff and modern medical equipment, these are the right steps on the way to recovery.

Slovenia, a top sports destination

Slovenia, a top sports destination

Welcome to the land of exceptional sports culture. Get to know the possibilities of why Slovenia is an excellent sports choice for the successful implementation of sports preparations and the organization of recreational and top sports competitions.