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Slovenia has a sporting heart

Slovenia has a sporting heart Slovenia has a sporting heart

Winning athletes
with big goals

A winning mindset

Slovenia always ranks at the top of the world regarding the number of Olympic medals won per million residents. A winning mindset is supported by the distinct fan culture of Slovenians.

Venues of high-profile stories

Slovenia is the proud host of prestigious international matches and competitions. Many world-renowned athletes celebrated great achievements and world records here.

Sports culture of Slovenians

Almost 70% of residents of Slovenia play sports recreationally during all seasons. Sports culture follows us from childhood to the mature years. The diverse natural environment invites us to move.

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Training camps

Sports events

Sports conferences

Sports rehabilitation

Inspired by sports

You can count on sports federations

Let your Slovenian peers help you choose the right location and in the entire organisation of your training camp. Consult with representatives of the relevant sports federation. It can also arrange friendly matches.

List of sports federations

Slovenia is
a great sports choice

1 For athletes: excellent conditions for training, proper infrastructure and experts for all aspects of training camps.

3 For organisers: quality infrastructure, reference experience of domestic organisers, links between sports and tourist destinations.

5 For experts: sports congresses and meetings in well-equipped conference centres, experienced professional organisers.

2 For recovery: sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists, diagnostic canters, natural and thermal spas.

4 For fans: exceptional atmosphere at matches in Slovenia, developed fan culture and supporting events.

6 For leisure: opportunities for sports, recreational and tourist experiences in the diverse landscape of the green country.

Sports tourism is undoubtedly the future of an industry that is very important for Slovenia, and also has significant growth potential. Sport and tourism complement each other in a unique way. I have seen with my own eyes on countless occasions that Slovenian athletes are the best ambassadors for our beautiful country, along with sporting events that attract large crowds. Each of these events is always a great opportunity to promote our places, our culture, our cuisine... and Slovenia really has a lot to be proud of. The link between sport and tourism exponentially strengthens each of these two extremely important industries, and so we must actively work to ensure that this link is as strong as possible.

Aleksander Čeferin,

UEFA President

Events for every sporting taste

Competitions in various sporting disciplines on the sport calendar are complemented by less usual sporting feats, opportunities for recreationists and unique sports spectacles.


Proud ambassadors of Slovenian tourism

Ilka Štuhec

One of the few female Alpine skiers to succeed in winning gold at two consecutive world championships and the title of world downhill champion.

Luka Dončić

The young basketball virtuoso, who is breaking records in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and winning the hearts of basketball fans around the world.

Goran Dragič

A basketball player who played in the NBA and captained the national team that won the title at the 2017 EuroBasket. With his foundation, he brings this sport closer to children and young people in an original way at camps and interactive courts.

Janja Garnbret

A sport climber, the first in the history of this sports discipline to win the Olympic gold medal and to complete a hat trick of wins in a single championship.

Tadej Pogačar

The wonder boy who stunned the cycling world as a two-time winner of the prestigious Tour de France and a Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist.

Primož Roglič

The former ski jumper has evolved into a world-class cyclist, pushing the milestones of both Slovenian and world cycling to became the first Slovenian cyclist to win an Olympic gold medal.

“Of course my friends from the NBA come here sometimes, and it’s great to hear how much they love Slovenia. Some of them even said that it’s no wonder I’m the way I am if this is my home. And most of them say they’ll definitely come back.”

Luka Dončić,

Basketball player, NBA star, member of Slovenia's national team, winners of the 2017 European Championship, FIBA Eurobasket

Slovenia, a top sports destination

Slovenia, a top sports destination

Welcome to the land of exceptional sports culture. Get to know the possibilities of why Slovenia is an excellent sports choice for the successful implementation of sports preparations and the organization of recreational and top sports competitions.