The core of the village is the houses concentrated below the church and this is surrounded by secluded farms scattered on the steep green slopes of the Polhov Gradec Dolomites. Visit Črni Vrh and get to know the local life in this green refuge. Experience Blagaj's Land!

The package includes

  • 2 overnight stays in the Pr' Popr holiday home,
  • a bag of delicacies from Blagaj's Land welcomes you on arrival (sufficient for two breakfasts for two persons),
  • you can visit animals in the stable and the surroundings at any time or treat yourself to a picnic by the haystack,
  • 4-hour experience by the brick bread oven in the company of the "local", with whom you will make and bake your own loaf of bread (bread baking workshop),
  • experience of your own choice (experience of Slovenian beekeeping and honey or the Polh Adventure Park or ethnological workshops),
  • insurance.

Date: 19. 10. 2021 - 19. 10. 2022
Number of nights: 2
Number of persons: 2
The package includes: breakfast
The accommodation offers: free wifi, parking place, family friendly, pets welcome
Offer type: Active holidays
Accommodation type: Holiday house
Nastanitev: Pr' Popr, Črni Vrh 1a, 1355 Polhov Gradec
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Polhograjska graščina

Polhov Gradec 61, 1355 Polhov Gradec


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