Would you like to spend a few days of your holidays experiencing how life was lived in the time of your grandparents? At Kapl Homestead you are offered the experience of a 170-year-old wooden house that is classified as a cultural heritage site. There is no TV or Wi-Fi in the house, and the oven is wood-fired...

The package includes

  • You can rent the entire house for a short-term stay with us. There are eight beds in four rooms. The rooms are decorated with museum items and furnished with restored furniture that is over 100 years old.
  • Experience life in this venerable building and use the wood-fired oven where guests are taught to bake a Slovenske Gorice-style gibanica.
  • If you like, you can help with the honey bees, work on the grape harvest in vineyards, feed the animals (goats, rabbits, chickens) or ride ponies.
  • You can borrow our bicycles and take a ride to the nearby rural tourism establishments for lunch

Date: 15. 03. 2021 - 31. 01. 2022
Number of nights: 2
Number of persons: 6
The package includes: rental without meals
The accommodation offers: parking place, disabled accessible, family friendly, pets welcome
Offer type: Active holidays
Accommodation type: Tourist farm
Nastanitev: Domačija Kapl, Dražen Vrh del - 56, 2233 Sv. Ana v Slovenskih goricah
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Viktor Kapl

Dražen Vrh - del 56, 2233 Sv. Ana v Slovenskih goricah


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