A two-day experience to learn about the local herbs, region and its culture through Carinthian cuisine. Go on an adventure with vintage bicycles to discover the hidden spots and experience the lives of our ancestors.

The package includes
  • Reception: tasting of spirits, cider and house fruit juices; lard and cracklings on whole-wheat bread
  • Presentation of the location
  • Settling into your ‘štiblc’ room
  • Presentation of the herb garden, picking herbs and spices, how they are used for cooking
  • Dinner: Carinthian cottage cheese with honey, ‘Rpičeva župa’ potato soup with ground-ivy, the culinary story of ‘The Wishing Table’.
  • Carinthian breakfast of local and house specialities
  • Discovering the hidden spots of Muta
  • Lunch: Pohorje meat stew, traditional pear ravioli

Date: 01. 09. 2019 - 30. 04. 2020
Number of nights: 1
Number of persons: 1
The package includes: full-board
The accommodation offers: free wifi, parking place, family friendly, pets welcome
Offer type: Gastronomy
Accommodation type: Guesthouse
Nastanitev: Carinthian house Pri lipi, Muta, Mariborska cesta 12, 2366 Muta
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Koroška hiša Pri lipi, Helena Kresnik Pažek s.p.

Mariborska cesta 12, 2366 Muta


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