More than 500 million ad impressions in the Global Digital Campaign

Published: 14.6.2019

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More than 500 million ad impressions in the Global Digital Campaign

Within the I feel Slovenia – MY WAY Global Digital Campaign prepared by the Slovenian Tourist Board in close cooperation with the Slovenian tourism industry, there have already been more than 500 million ad impressions in just three months.

More than 500 million ad impressions in the Global Digital Campaign

Using various digital channels in no fewer than 16 countries, the Campaign has been raising Slovenia’s recognisability and reputation as a boutique destination for five-star experiences.

In the scope of this year's Global Digital Campaign carried out by the Slovenian Tourist Board from 4 March to mid-November with a break during the high season, intensive targeted advertising through various digital channels with maximum reaches was carried out from 4 March to 1 June. The Slovenian Tourist Board uses the Campaign to address target groups in the most significant emitting markets for Slovenian tourism with the goal of raising Slovenia’s recognisability as a boutique destination for five-star experiences and increasing the number of tourist visits to Slovenia, particularly before and after the main tourist season. Therefore, the Campaign also seeks to fulfil the goal of balanced tourist flows 365 days a year.The advertising is carried out in 9 languages, and the ads lead to the landing pages of 35 Slovenian destinations and to segment landing pages, while links in articles lead to the landing pages for Alpine, Thermal Pannonian, Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia, and the landing page of Central Slovenia and Ljubljana on the website

Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, Msc. Maja Pak, stated: “Almost four million clicks have been recorded in the Campaign in the past three months, which indicates that people are keen to find out more about Slovenia. According to the key performance indicators defined for each of the channels, it is clear that the new I feel Slovenia – MY WAY communication platform has been very well accepted in the Campaign’s target markets. At the end of the summer, we will continue with autumn-winter communication, partly through television, since the BBC visited Slovenia at the end of April and created new video content for this purpose.”

This year’s digital advertising is once again based on content marketing, which is carried out in some of the most important global media and through the Content Gardennetwork, which allows for one online article to be shown in a set of selected media outlets in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, whereby the form of the article is adjusted to the website of the media outlet in question. Native advertising is carried out through the channels of the Outbrainnetwork, while search advertising is carried out through Google and Yandexsearch engines. Banner advertising, which the Slovenian Tourist Board mainly wishes to use to strengthen the awareness phase, is carried out through Google’s dynamic network.


Through advertising on Facebook and Instagram, more than 215 million ads have been displayed and more than 40 million people have been reached in key markets, i.e. in Germany, Italy, Austria, Great Britain and Ireland, France, and Russia, and in other European markets, such as the Benelux countries, Switzerland, and in Scandinavian markets (Finland, Denmark, Sweden), and in the United States of America and Canada. In terms of the reach, the Stories format on Instagram stands out, through which the lifestyle (culture and gastronomy), active holidays, and spa holidays segments are advertised, while the greatest engagement rate in this format has been recorded in Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and in Scandinavian markets.

Examples of ads in Stories

Examples of ads in Stories


There have been almost 5.3 million video views on our YouTube channel, of which most have been recorded in the Italian market, followed by Germany, Austria, Great Britain & Ireland, and others.

An example of a YouTube ad


Through native advertising, we have already achieved 186,859 clickson the ads displayed in the network of websites with incredible reaches. Most clicks were recorded on the website, followed by websites, such as, Sky News,,, and others. Most clicks have been recorded in the Italian market, followed by Germany, Austria, France, and Great Britain.


We have already received more than 200,000 clicks by way of dynamic banner ads displayed in the Google network, most of them in Germany and Italy. We reached an 86% e-mail open rate when advertising through Google ads; most clicks on these ads were recorded in the Italian market, followed by Germany and a group of Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark and Finland).

An example of a Gmail ad

An example of a dynamic display ad


In the first three advertising flights, 22 content projects have been prepared and published by media outlets with incredible reach and influence –,,,,,,,, and

An article in the New York Times

The Denmark content project

The 2019 Global Digital Campaign seeks to fulfil the goal of raising Slovenia's recognisability and reputation as a boutique destination for five-star experiences in 16 countries (in Europe and the USA and Canada), while exciting tourist products, which are based on sustainable tourism, and topics related to cultural tourism are highlighted. It will be carried out until 15 November 2019, with a break during the high season, from 2 June to 19 August. It is intended to increase the number of visits by tourists before and after the high season, address potential visitors in their decision-making phase regarding where they will spend their holiday, and pursue the goal of balancing tourist flows 365 days a year. The goal of the Digital Campaign is to raise the recognisability, reputation, and the probability of selecting Slovenia as a tourist destination, strengthen the message of the sustainably oriented Slovenia, and increase the reach, interactions and various forms of conversions.



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