Mamma Mia, what a game! The night when the green colour took over the American Airlines Arena in Miami

Published: 9.4.2019

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Mamma Mia, what a game! The night when the green colour took over the American Airlines Arena in Miami

On March 28, over 2,000 supporters from Slovenia came to Miami to watch Dončić’s Dallas Mavericks play Dragić’s Miami Heat. At the end, the Slovenian supporters were the true heroes of the American Airlines Arena and in the media.

Mamma Mia, what a game! The night when the green colour took over the American Airlines Arena in Miami

Equipped with the memorabilia provided by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), the Slovenian Government Communication Office (SGCO) and the Basketball Federation of Slovenia (BFS) they passionately supported their heroes and showed the Americans what cheerleading in Slovenia means. For a moment, it felt as if the play had been taking place in Slovenia. The American Airlines Arena turned green (because of the green Slovenian jerseys) and Slovenian songs were sung. It was one of the moments that will go down in history of the Slovenian sports and rightfully so.

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Slovenian fans filled the pages of the media

Passionate cheering did not go unnoticed. Enthusiastic fans filled the pages of the renowned media, including The Washington Post,, USA Today, The New York Times, Forbes and many other. In a single day, more than 63 articles about the enthusiastic fans from Slovenia were spotted. What is more, the value of the media exposure was more than 1 million Euro and this only in a single day. 

Head over heels about the passionate SLOVEnian cheering

The ESPN media was really impressed with Slovenian fans, so they published the reportage about the day, when Slovenian fans took over the Miami(Slovenia comes to Miami for the first Doncic-Dragic clash):

»Slovenian fans were easy to spot in the crowd, as many wore green scarves and T-shirts that read "I Feel Slovenia" and depicted countrymen Doncic and Dragic. During the game, the fans took over the atmosphere with their soccer-style chants rooting for both Doncic and Dragic.”

Also some other important media wrote about Slovenian fans ...

“The game had been over for at least half an hour and 2,000 people remained in the stands at American Airlines Arena, all of them standing. They wore Slovenia jerseys.”
(San Francisco Chronicle)

“The building was electric for those two,” Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki said. “They’re heroes over there. Both had great games and played great floor games. Dragic had a triple-double and Luka is always close to one. Dragic was fantastic tonight.”
(The New York Times)

“Back at the Barclays Center, fans screamed for Doncic's autograph and held a long horizontal banner in Slovene that translated to "come on, Luka." And reporters from numerous European media outlets who rarely cover the NBA were there to follow Doncic's every move, including a simple pregame video session with an assistant coach.”

“He definitely has an incredible fan base," Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said of Doncic. "They’re young, they’re fun, they’re excited to see him. They’re coming out; we’ve seen it on the road more and more. He’s definitely selling tickets; there’s no question.” 

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