In the spotlight: the upgrade of Alpe-Adria story

Published: 28.3.2019

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In the spotlight: the upgrade of Alpe-Adria story

On the occasion of a special issue of the prestigious and most influential gastronomic magazine in German-speaking areas falstaff, top gastronomic products and services of three countries, i.e. Slovenia, Austrian Carinthia and Italian Friuli–Venezia Giulia, were presented at the culinary event Alpe-Adria in Vienna.

In the spotlight: the upgrade of Alpe-Adria story

On the occasion of a special issue of the prestigious and most influential gastronomic magazine in German-speaking areas falstaff, selected chefs, wine-makers and other gastronomic providers from the three countries presented first-line culinary experiences to over 300 representatives of foreign tourist and business public, and renowned media. The event is extremely significant for Slovenia to be presented as an authentic and boutique gastronomic destination, particularly in the light of the fact that Slovenia is European Region of Gastronomy 2021, and at the same time, it addresses food lovers in Slovenia's key markets of Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The upgrading of current cooperation of the three countries Alpe-Adria was presented in Vienna yesterday, with top culinary presentation of gastronomic experiences of the three countries. A successful and internationally-renowned partner cooperation in design and promotion of the Alpe-Adria Trail and of the Alpe-Adria Golf project is being joined today by the cooperation of three countries in the field of gastronomy. The presentation was held on the occasion of a special issue of the eminent magazine falstaff, which is the most influential magazine for food and wine lovers in the Austrian, German and Swiss markets, and boasts a total print run of 139,000 copies.

A successful cooperation of the three countries in designing experiences in the Alpe-Adria region, great significance of gastronomy for Slovenian tourism and an excellent opportunity to further enhance the recognisability and reputation of Slovenia as an authentic and boutique destination in the key markets of Slovenian tourism, i.e. Italy, Austria and Germany as well as Switzerland, significantly contributed to the decision of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) to take part in the project. Gastronomy as a key and attractive tourist product is also highlighted within this year's global digital campaign I feel Slovenia – MY WAY conducted between the beginning of March and November in 16 European countries, including Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, and the USA and Canada.

Director of the STB, Maja Pak (MSc): “A successful partner cooperation of three countries, i.e. Slovenia, Austrian Carinthia andItalian Friuli–Venezia Giulia in designing experiences that go beyond borders has significantly contributed to developing and promoting tourist products with higher added value in recent years. With today’s culinary event, current projects, i.e. the Alpe-Adria Trail and Alpe-Adria Golf, are joined by cooperation in the field of gastronomic experiences, which supplements the first two projects. The appearance of Slovenia in a special issue of the prestigious and most influential gastronomic magazine in German-speaking areas falstaff, and yesterday’s joint presentation of culinary experiences of the three countries are an important step in the shaping of experiences without borders in the Alpe-Adria region. The presentation to over 300 selected representatives of foreign tourist and business public and renowned media carried out by the STB together with the neighbouring countries of Austrian Carinthia and Italian Friuli–Venezia Giulia will significantly contribute to raising the recognisability of Slovenia on the international culinary map. Gastronomy is a key project and the central promotional topic of Slovenian tourism in 2020 and 2021, particularly in the light of the fact that Slovenia is European Region of Gastronomy 2021.” 

The presentation of selected top gastronomic experiences through creations of top chef Tomaž Kavčič from Pri Lojzetu Restaurant at the Zemono Manor, and selected wines from the wine-growing regions of Podravje, Primorska and Posavje is an important step towards presenting culinary products and services of Slovenia to international experts and media following the recent noticeable culinary event European Food Summit.

Partner cooperation of the three countries and its significance in designing new culinary experiences in the Alpe-Adria region were pointed out by the directors of tourist organisations of Austrian Carinthia andFriuli–Venezia Giulia.

Borders may divide but also connect,” points out Christian Kresse, Director of Kärnten Werbung, in designing a new gastronomic product that goes beyond borders, and adds: “We began developing leading cross-border projects in tourism years ago, such as the Alpe-Adria Trail, which is well-known in the world, the Alpe-Adria Golf and the Alpe-Adria cycling route, which are still being developed and expanded. We are proud that this year falstaff Magazine will present Carinthia, Friuli–Venezia Giulia and Slovenia, making the cooperation between the three countries even closer. The attractive diversity of culture arising from joint roots, special features of landscapes and cuisine, and particularly, quick access to mountains, lakes and the sea are unique characteristics especially appreciated by guests visiting the Alpe-Adria region. The three countries constitute one area from the aspect of products and services, their identification and economy. The Alpe-Adria region is a role model of cross-border networking and cooperation. All three countries are brought even closer together by the common origin of cuisine based on sustainable food and the culture of mindful eating, which is reflected in the food of individual valleys. In Carinthia, exciting culinary projects are being prepared; for example, the first tourist Slow Food destination in the world in the Gail and Lesach valleys."

Lucio Gomiero, Executive and General Director of the Friuli–Venezia Giulia tourist organisation, emphasises the significance of cooperation in preparing unique projects in the region:“In the Alpe-Adria region, it is possible to learn about Italian, Slavic and Germanic cultures blended in the kaleidoscope of traditions, languages and faiths.The objective of the culinary event of falstaff Magazine is to present the established cross-border cooperation through unique projects, such as the 415-km Alpe-Adria cycling route, an award winner in Italy and Europe, and a rich selection of food and wines. IWINETC, the most important international wine tourism conference, will be hosted by Friuli–Venezia Giulia in March 2020; we look forward to cooperating with our partner countries, Slovenia and Carinthia. 

The event included the presentation of a special issue of the falstaff Magazine entitled Special Alpe Adria Magazine 2019, which summarises, in a series of features on 147 pages, culinary treats “without borders” at three destinations with the emphasis on the wider Alpine region.

Wolfgang Rosam, the publisher and Editor-In-Chief of the renowned gastronomic falstaffMagazine said on this occasion: “As I was born and raised in Carinthia, the intercultural Alpe-Adria idea has always been there for me as I gazed southwards.The initiative to carry out an event like the Alpe-Adria evening in Vienna is an excellent promotion of the culture of this unique region that connects three countries with culinary experiences and a special positive attitude to life.” 

Falstaff Special Alpe-Adria Magazine 2019 – a stroll among top culinary experiences of three countries

The features show diverse but similar gastronomic experiences of the three countries in a picturesque way with words and first-class photos. A special feature highlights the best chefs of the three countries, including Ana Roš from Slovenia. The features lead readers through gastronomic stories of traditional dishes, including potica, žlikrofi and prosciutto from Slovenia, selected desserts, including Bled cream cake from Slovenia, invite readers to taste Slovenian cheeses, such as Bovec and Tolmin cheese, Trnič and Mohant, as well as top oils, such as Lisjak and Vanja Dujc olive oils and Kocbek pumpkin seed oil. There are also stories of “wild herbs”, craft brewing, and selected Slovenian wines and spirits (Tomaž Kavčič’s gin, mead and fruit brandy. The culinary journey around SLovenia is rounded off by the stories of the organic fish farm of Irena Finda and the Arvaj Carniolan sausage. A special invitation is extended to readers to visit top culinary events and cultural festivals, and selected restaurants. The pristine nature of our country is reflected in the Alpe-Adria Trail, cycling routes, options for a water-side break in Piran, by Lake Jasna, in Bohinj and by the Soča River. Rafting on the Soča River is an invitation to an adrenaline-filled active break. Two picturesque cultural icons, i.e. Štanjel and Predjama Castle, are also pointed out. A proposal of a path from Austria through Ljubljana to Trieste is a hint for an extended weekend.

Alpe-Adria Trail, Alpe-Adria Golf

The current partner cooperation of Austrian Carinthia, Friuli–Venezia Giulia and Slovenia results in two excellent, successful and internationally-recognised projects, i.e. the Alpe-Adria Trail and the Alpe-Adria Golf.

The Alpe-Adria Trail is designed as the leading product of hiking tourism in three countries along the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Therefore, the Alpe-Adria Trail became the main medium for communicating and marketing modern hiking tourism in the three countries of the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. It is composed of 43 stages in the total length of almost 750 km.Within the scope of this trail, there is also a circular trail with a distance of approximately 130 km, which runs through all three countries and is divided into 6 legs.

The STB has been dedicating special development and promotion-focused attention since its presentation in March 2012 at the ITB Berlin travel trade show. At this year’s ITB Berlin, the STB won silver Golden City Gate for its promotional video Alpe-Adria Trail, which is an award for excellence in the field of promotional and communication tools. The video shows the story of hiking around the paradise, and the richness of the gastronomic, regional and cultural diversity of the Alpe-Adria Trail in three different durations and four different languages: Slovenian, German, English and Italian.

The Alpe-Adria Trail also received other awards and caught the attention of distinguished global media. In 2015, National Geographic Traveller ranked it in the top 10 best new hiking trails in the world. In September 2018, it was awarded the best long-distance trail in Austriaby the public and the expert committee of Wander Magazine at the specialised fair Tour Natur in Düsseldorf.

The Alpe-Adria Golf project presents a wide range of golf-related holidays, from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. Within the scope of the project, the “Alpe Adria Golf Card” was launched, which connects 21 golf courses in all three countries. In cooperation with Carinthia and Friuli–Venezia Giulia, Slovenia hosted the largest business event of golf tourism, the IGTM business show, for the first time in October 2018, which attracted over 1,000 representatives of the tourism industry, whose members constitute 80 per cent of international golf sales. In 2015, Slovenia received the title of the most promising golf destination from the IAGTO, International Association of Golf Tour Operators.

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