A multi-channel campaign by National Geographic uncovers the exceptional beauties of Slovenia and invites you to explore its boutique experiences

Published: 16.1.2019

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A multi-channel campaign by National Geographic uncovers the exceptional beauties of Slovenia and invites you to explore its boutique experiences

A multi-channel campaign by National Geographic uncovers the exceptional beauties of Slovenia and invites you to explore its boutique experiences

Ljubljana, 16 January – On the National Geographic digital channels, one of the most globally influential media, a multi-channel content digital campaign about Slovenia has just been launched. It will take place until 21 April 2019. Top videos and photos, among others produced by an exceptional and multi-award winning Slovenian photographer, Ciril Jazbec, feature Slovenia as a green, active and healthy destination committed to sustainability, boasting exceptional natural and cultural sights, and offering its visitors unique experiences far away from mass tourism. The National Geographic’s campaign takes place in close partnership with the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB).

Using words, videos and photos, National Geographic is a medium which, with a team of influencers, conveys convincing stories viewed by millions of followers around the world. With their stories, National Geographic also actively promotes sustainability and sustainable tourism.

"Sustainable and responsible development is the foundation of Slovenian tourism, to which all key stakeholders of Slovenian tourism are committed, and it also serves as the basis for the 2017–2021 Strategy for the Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism. To further enhance awareness of Slovenia as a green destination of unique experiences, the STB identified National Geographic as one of the most renowned media, which, as a specialist in natural and cultural heritage and related experiences, has access to the target public that we wish to address. Together, we have designed the multi-channel digital campaign by means of which the STB will enhance the reputation of Slovenia as a country of exceptional natural and cultural features providing diverse experiences in the key Slovenian tourism markets. Breath-taking mountain backdrops, an abundance of water, excellent and authentic local cuisine, diverse wine-producing regions and a unique underground world are the main features of these excellent photos and videos, which will reach millions of people in the next three months and inspire them to visit Slovenia," said Msc. Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, at the start of the campaign.

Unique cultural sights of Slovenia are unveiled in the story of the Earth. Photo: National Geographic / Ciril Jazbec

The campaign will run for 14 weeks, on the National Geographic digital channels, i.e. on landing pages, dedicated to the promotion of Slovenia within the www.nationalgeographic.com online portal, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which all have millions of reach. The National Geographic web portal has up to 27.9 million visitors per month, and the social media has over 400 million followers. At least 685,000 video impressions and more than 6 million banner impressions will be created to address the key target markets of Slovenian tourism: Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the UK and the USA. The campaign's content will be published in three languages.

The presentation of Slovenia on the National Geographic communication channels is innovative, as the STB in a joint partnership project opted for the concept of 4 natural elements: air, water, earth and fire, which best define the primal perception of nature.

The element of air takes you to Slovenian mountains, water explores the richness of rivers and seas, earth represents Slovenia as an outstanding wine country and a country with a unique underground world and cultural heritage, and fire features the specialties of Slovenian cuisine based on local ingredients. The concept of storytelling is used, the style of top-notch content of National Geographic. In addition to four basic videos, National Geographic will also provide two additional ones, of which one will be used to communicate a prize game that the STB will perform to increase the performance of the campaign. The prize game will be held on the STB's social media channels and their webpage: www.slovenia.info. The main prize will be a visit to Slovenia and an experience of the activities presented in the videos of National Geographic, which will additionally prepare 20 short, 30-seconds clips and up to 22 additional photographs.

The richness of rivers and the sea is described in the story of water. Photo: National Geographic

Video stories about Slovenia have additional weight, as they are supported by the personal experience through the eyes of Ciril Jazbec, the award-winning world-renowned photographer from Slovenia, who has been working with National Geographic since 2014. As a key player of the videos, he attracts with real adventures. The STB will also get his and the photos of other members of the National Geographic team who are involved in the multi-channel digital content campaign on Slovenia.

"The National Geographic partnership with the STB follows our photographer Ciril Jazbec on his journey through his homeland, in which he uncovers the essence of Slovenia through four elements. Slovenia is a hidden gem and we hope that with a joint campaign we will inspire many of our curious travellers to explore this green destination," said Annabelle Canwell, senior vice president of the National Geographic Partnership Program, at the start of the campaign.

Ciril Jazbec and Ana Roš in the story of fire. Photo: National Geographic

"I was thrilled, when National Geographic invited me to participate in this very special project, in which I would present Slovenia and create a new series of photographs. My work has led me around the world from the Arctic to Africa and in recent years also the Himalayas, but I must admit that it was a special and very challenging challenge to photograph Slovenia. Through the creative process of working together with the STB and National Geographic, I discovered it in a new, different way. I asked myself a number of times where we live, since quite a few moments and places that we recorded were really surprising. I am honoured to present a story about Slovenia as a participating photographer of National Geographic, "said Ciril Jazbec, who became the ambassador of Slovenian tourism with the project.

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Photos are intended solely for use on media platforms and channels of National Geographic and STB.


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