Global digital campaign again exceeds all expectations and reaches 117 million people

Published: 24.11.2017

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Global digital campaign again exceeds all expectations and reaches 117 million people

Global digital campaign again exceeds all expectations and reaches 117 million people


The global digital campaign aimed at raising the visibility and reputation of Slovenia as a green, active and healthy tourist destination, the promotion of attractive tourist products and increasing the competitiveness of Slovenian tourism yet again yielded exceptional results. Between 19 April and 15 November, the campaign reached almost 117 million people through various digital channels.

This year’s campaign surpassed all expectations and was, similarly to last year’s campaign, organised in cooperation between the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) and the Slovenian tourist economy. The campaign took place between 19 April and 15 November in 21 countries and in 13 languages in the form of display (banners, video ads, backgrounds and similar) and content advertising (articles, micropages, infographics, quizzes, etc.) on 10 different digital channels and in 41 wide-reaching media (e.g. Der Spiegel in Germany, Kleine Zeitung in Austria, BBC in Great Britain and Ireland, CNN in the USA and Canada) or in specialised media (e.g. Bergfex in Germany).

The campaign reached almost 37 million people on various portals; more than 50 million (and over 107,000 new likes) via Facebook and more than 14 million people through Instagram, which was more than surprising. The objective was to obtain at least 1.5 million users and 10,000 new followers through this increasingly popular network; however, the campaign actually reached 14 million people and obtained several tens of thousands of new followers.

The response was also astonishing on the YouTube channel: almost 10 million advertisement displays (instead of the anticipated 3 million) and over 4 million of all views. All expectations were also exceeded by VKontakte, which reached over 10 million users (instead of the anticipated 5 million) and LinkedIn, with over 3 million advertisement displays (we anticipated 800,000). Search advertising through Google and Russian Yandex reached over 600,000 users (we anticipated at least 300,000). The novelty of this year’s digital advertising was the inclusion of native and video programme advertising, and addressing the users of social networks with these, more credible contents.

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