The World’s Best Female Chef is Ana Roš from Slovenia

Published: 27.1.2017

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The World’s Best Female Chef is Ana Roš from Slovenia

The World’s Best Female Chef is Ana Roš from Slovenia

Slovenia is the new star in the culinary map of the world. In the gourmet story in the midst of the Alps, the Mediterranean, and the Pannonian Plains, where the temperament of the Balkans can be felt, excellent local ingredients, a rich culinary tradition and the endless creativity of world-renowned chefs play the central roles. Without a good basic ingredient, you cannot create a world-class plate,Janez Bratovž and Ana Roš, the most famous Slovenian chefs, are convinced.

The Slovenian culinary story would not be complete without a glass of world-class Slovenian wine that can be found at every step in this country with a rich wine-growing tradition. There is an old Slovenian saying that states that love comes through the stomach. Therefore, you will also come back for more green, healthy, and active experiences because of your love for Slovenian cuisine.

Ana Roš the queen of innovations in the kitchen

In the valley of the emerald River Soča in western Slovenia, in the town of Kobarid, Hiša Franko awaits you. This is the culinary playground of the top Slovenian chef Ana Roš. Taste her culinary revolution that is based on local, seasonal, and Slovenian food. Ana’s approach to cooking is almost scientific, as she allows ingredients to be fully expressed in her dishes and to retain their authentic flavours. She swears by the philosophy “from the garden to the plate” and whatever she doesn’t produce in her own herbal and vegetable garden, she gets from her wide network of local suppliers. She loves combining traditional local dishes with modern cooking methods. Usually, the menu of main courses at Hiša Franko always includes the house trout that reigns in the fresh-water stream flowing past the restaurant. Every dish that Ana makes is complemented with a glass of world-class Slovenian wine from the restaurant’s wine cellar. Ana’s partner, Valter Kramar, takes care of the wine selection, and he is also in charge of the cheese cellar. This is probably the only Slovenian cellar where the temperature and humidity are controlled, so that indigenous Slovenian cheeses can age there (Nanos, Bovec, and Tolminc cheeses).

Hiša Franko is a member of Jeunes Restaurateurs dEurope (JRE), and due to her incredible talent for combining flavours, Ana received the prestigious title Talent of the Year at the 2015 JRE Congress. She has already introduced her culinary masterpieces to the world at large – she is a part of the cult collective called Gelinaz! Shuffle, in which 37 of the best chefs on the planet exchange their knowledge and combine culinary languages. She has been the guest at Hangar 7, at the Ikarus restaurant in Salzburg, and she was the first woman to share her masterpieces at the Cook it Raw annual meeting of culinary stars in Poland. She was also a part of the second season of the Netflix show Chef’s Table, where only six international chefs are introduced in every season. She has established her status as the queen of innovative cuisine by being the guest in other world kitchens as well.

The World’s Best Female Chef 2017

Every year since 2012 the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy has chosen the World’s Best Female Chef. Slovenian chef Ana Roš has now brought to Slovenia this prestigious title, which has previously gone to Spain, Italy, Brazil, France and the USA. This prominent award has even further established Slovenia’s place on the world’s culinary map, courtesy to the witty chef from Primorska, who discovered how the advantages of the local environment can attract guests from around the world.

Title winner has emphasized that gastronomy is an important tourism product and that only good and satisfied guests can qualify as “foodies”, i.e. food-lovers. In her opinion the colourfulness of flavours from our small yet diverse country will fascinate any visitor who allows themselves to be seduced and invited to taste our gastronomic delicacies. 

The Slovenian Tourist Board also shares the congratulations for the award that have been expressed by countless Slovenian chefs.

We invite all foodies to have a look at the following photo story


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