Slovenia with 10 Michelin-Starred Restaurants: Hiša Franko with Three and Restaurant Milka with Two Stars Again, Pavus Earns a New Star

Published: 18.6.2024

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Slovenia with 10 Michelin-Starred Restaurants: Hiša Franko with Three and Restaurant Milka with Two Stars Again, Pavus Earns a New Star

Slovenian gastronomy has once again recorded a remarkable success. The Michelin Guide for Slovenia this year lists 63 restaurants, four more than last year. Hiša Franko with Ana Roš retained its top award of three stars, while Restaurant Milka with David Žefran was again awarded two stars by the Michelin judges. Eight restaurants have one star, including the newcomer Restaurant Pavus.

Slovenia with 10 Michelin-Starred Restaurants: Hiša Franko with Three and Restaurant Milka with Two Stars Again, Pavus Earns a New Star

This places Slovenia among Europe's gastronomic superpowers. Five new restaurants have been awarded the Bib Gourmand for their excellent value for money. Eight restaurants also boast a Green Star for sustainability, making Slovenia once again the number one European country in terms of the number of Michelin Green Stars per capita.

Today, the famous Michelin Guide highlighted the best Slovenian restaurants for the fifth time in a row, reaffirming the top quality, sustainability and diversity of Slovenian gastronomy. Hiša Franko with chef Ana Roš once again shines with three stars and also retains its Green Star, making it one of only 145 three-star restaurants in the world and 33 restaurants in the world to be awarded both three and a Green Star.

Chef Ana Roš, Hiša Franko. Photo: Jošt Gantar (2023)

The other restaurants in this year's Michelin Guide for Slovenia have also achieved outstanding results, including Milka, with David Žefran, maintaining its two stars from the previous year. Michelin praised Hiša Franko and Milka in the Two and Three Star categories, highlighting their consistent excellence: "In the Two and Three Star categories, Hiša Franko and Milka once again impressed the MICHELIN Guide inspectors. The consistency of their proposals, absolutely remarkable at such a high level of refinement, is reflected in the fact that they have maintained their accolade at the highest level."

Chef David Žefran, Milka. Photo: Lana Špiler

Eight Restaurants Shine with One Michelin Star; New Addition in Laško

Joining this distinguished list of one Michelin star recipients is newcomer Restaurant Pavus, led by Chef Mark Pavčnik. This achievement ranks Slovenia sixth among European countries in Michelin stars per capita.

Upon awarding Pavus with its first Michelin star, the Michelin guide remarked: "Previously recommended by the inspectors for its high-quality cuisine, Pavus was awarded its first MICHELIN Star this year, illustrating the impressive progression of its culinary offering. Located in a former 13th-century manor house in the town of Laško, this establishment, helmed by the talented Marko Pavčnik, offers characterful cuisine that reinterprets Styrian culinary traditions and showcases the best local produce. Among the dishes singled out by the inspectors, the trout with elderflower sauce, seasoned with aromatic herbs and fresh strawberries, is particularly representative of the chef's cuisine. The exceptional wine list brings the country's finest appellations to the fore, including the region's bold whites."

Chef Marko Pavčnik, Pavus. Photo: Rok Deželak

Restaurants with one Michelin star

  • COB, Chef Filip Matjaž
  • Dam, Chef Uroš Fakuč
  • Gostilna pri Lojzetu, Chef Tomaž Kavčič
  • Grič, Chef Luka Košir
  • Hiša Denk, Chef Gregor Vračko
  • Hiša Linhart, Chef Uroš Štefelin
  • Pavus, Chef Marko Pavčnik
  • Strelec, Chef Igor Jagodic


Green Star Restaurants: Inspiring Gourmets and Industry Alike

Additionally, eight restaurants boast a Michelin Green Star, with Galerija Okusov and Chef Marko Magajne as the newest recipient, highlighting Slovenia's leadership in Michelin Green Stars per capita: "Awarded to establishments in the MICHELIN Guide selection that stand out for their trailblazing approach to sustainable gastronomy, this year's MICHELIN Green Star celebrates 8 Slovenian role-model establishments. Eight restaurants which, by combining culinary excellence with remarkable eco-responsible commitments, are a source of inspiration both for gourmets and for the industry as a whole. Among these eight establishments, Galerija okusov, located in Petrovče, is the newcomer to the MICHELIN Green Star 2024 selection. Among the initiatives highlighted, the restaurant's commitment to working almost exclusively with artisans located no further than 50 km from the restaurant, as well as with ingredients produced on the property, and the establishment's zero-plastic policy, particularly impressed the inspectors."

Chef Marko Magajne, Galerija okusov. Photo: Rok Deželak

Michelin Green Star restaurants

  • Galerija Okusov, Chef Marko Magajne
  • Gostilna Krištof, Chef Uroš Gorjanc
  • Gostilna Repovž, Chef Grega Repovž
  • Grič, Chef Luka Košir
  • Hiša Franko, Chef Ana Roš
  • Hiša Linhart, Chef Uroš Štefelin
  • Mahorčič, Chef Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič
  • Špacapanova hiša, Chef Ago Špacapan


5 New Bib Gourmand Restaurants, 4 New in the Selected Category

In the Bib Gourmand category, 10 restaurants have been recognized this year, with newcomers Faladur Restaurant & Winebar, Kodila, Lalu, Majerca Restaurant and Triangel Restaurant joining the list.

Bib Gourmand restaurants

  • Faladur Restaurant & Winebar
  • Gostilna na Gradu
  • Gostilna Rajh
  • Gostilnica Ruj
  • Jožef
  • Kodila
  • Lalu
  • Mahorčič
  • Majerca Restaurant
  • Triangel Restaurant


A total of 63 restaurants are listed in the guide, with 43 restaurants being selected. New to the selection are  A3 (Brestanica), Miza za štiri (Zgornja Polskava), Pen Klub (Ljubljana) and Repovž (Šentjanž).

The other selected establishments are: AFTR, Altrokè, Breg, B-Restaurant, City Terasa, Danilo, Dvor Jezeršek, Etna, Galerija okusov, Georgie Bistro, Gostilna AS, Gostilna Francl, Gostilna Krištof, Gostilna Vovko, Gredič, Hiša Krasna, Hiša Torkla, JB Restaurant, Julijana, Kendov Dvorec, Kogo, Landerik, MAK, Ošterija Debeluh, Otočec Castle, Peti 181, Restaurant 1906, Restaurant Calypso, Restaurant CUBO, Restaurant Hotel Marina, Restaurant Sedem, Restaurant Shambala, Rizibizi, Sophia, Stara Gostilna, Sushimama, Špacapan House, Vila Planinka and Vila Podvin.

MSc. Dejan Židan, State Secretary responsible for the internal market, sport and woodworking at the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport, highlighted: "Slovenia is an attractive, green tourist destination with a welcoming population and a high-quality tourist offer. Our country is increasingly establishing itself as a top gastronomic destination globally. This recognition is also reflected in the most prestigious gastronomic guide, showcasing some of our restaurants among the world's finest. My sincere congratulations to all the chefs who have impressed the international judges and earned stars, green stars, and other accolades. I am confident that many other top culinary talents in Slovenia also deserve recognition in all major global gastronomic guides. There are many who focus on sustainability and local ingredients and complement their offer with excellent Slovenian wines."

Dubravka Kalin, Director General of the Directorate for Tourism at the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport, stated: "In every corner of Slovenia, visitors are welcomed by hospitable people, stunning nature, rich cultural heritage and outstanding cuisine. Until recently, this was known primarily to locals and tourists, but since 2020, some of our top restaurants have been included in the Michelin Guide, introducing Slovenia as a global gastronomic destination. There are 63 Slovenian restaurants listed in this guide, with one achieving a 3-star rating, a fact that fills us with pride. Special recognition goes to chefs and restaurants dedicated to responsible gastronomy, minimizing food waste, and working closely with local producers. Congratulations to all, and I wish you continued creative energy in the future."

MSc. Maja Pak Olaj, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, highlighted upon the announcement: "Six years ago, we recognised the excellence and rapid development of Slovenian gastronomy in Slovenian tourism and made a strategic decision to support it in breaking onto the world stage by partnering with the most accomplished gastronomic guides. We have made good on this commitment and, for the fifth year running, we have been working with the globally renowned Michelin brand to reward the excellence, quality and sustainability of Slovenian gastronomy. From the first year, when six restaurants were awarded stars, to today, when 10 restaurants have been awarded a total of 13 stars, Michelin has helped us reach millions of people and interest in Slovenian gastronomy has grown enormously. Special recognition is given to the sustainability efforts reflected in both the eight green Michelin stars and the 66 restaurants that have been awarded the Slovenia Green Cuisine label in the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. We are proud of all the chefs, restaurant owners and their teams, especially Ana Roš and Hiša Franko, which boast three stars and a green star. Congratulations to all of you who contributed to this success!" 

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of The MICHELIN Guide, commented: "Year after year, the MICHELIN Guide Inspectors are privileged witnesses to the steady progress of the Slovenian culinary scene. Driven by restaurateurs keen to promote their terroir and culinary identity at the highest level, it also shines through its commitment to an ever more demanding offering. Unveiled today, June 18th, on International Sustainable Gastronomy Day, our Slovenian selection, which includes one new MICHELIN Green Star, exemplifies the growing concern of local professionals about imagining the contours of a more virtuous and sustainable gastronomy".

Since Slovenia welcomed its first Michelin guide edition in 2020, the culinary scene has achieved exceptional success. In our first year of the partnership with Michelin, six restaurants were honoured: five with one star and one with two stars. The following year, in 2021, the number increased with six restaurants receiving one star and another achieving two stars. In 2022, the number of one-starred restaurants grew to nine, with one restaurant retaining its two-star status. In 2023, Slovenia celebrated its first three-star restaurant, alongside one restaurant holding two stars and seven others earning one star. Additionally, seven Slovenian restaurants were recognized with a prestigious Michelin Green Star, solidifying Slovenia's leading position per capita in environmental sustainability within the Michelin guide. A total of 59 exceptional restaurants were featured.

The Michelin Guide Slovenia 2024 will be available in print at the end of September.

For further details on the restaurants listed in the guide, visit the official Michelin website, Taste Slovenia, and

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