STB's Summer Safety Appeal: Enjoy Slovenian Nature Responsibly

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STB's Summer Safety Appeal: Enjoy Slovenian Nature Responsibly

Each year, the irresistible charm of Slovenian nature, especially its majestic mountain vistas, captivates countless domestic and international travelers. The Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) therefore makes a particularly strong appeal for safe, responsible and respectful behaviour, in both Slovenian and various foreign languages. The aim is to ensure that present-day visitors create unforgettable memories of their experiences, while preserving the natural splendour of Slovenia for all to enjoy.

STB's Summer Safety Appeal: Enjoy Slovenian Nature Responsibly

Natural beauty is the most frequent motive for visiting Slovenia, with 88% of tourists citing it as their motive, as per the Survey of Foreign Tourists 2021-22 (SURS). Among the top five municipalities for overnight stays in 2023, three were mountain municipalities (Bled, Kranjska Gora, and Bohinj). Last year, domestic tourists in mountain municipalities contributed to 20% of all overnight stays, a 2% increase from the previous year, while foreign tourists accounted for 35%, marking a 10% rise from the previous year.

MSc. Maja Pak, Director of STB, emphasized: "In line with the vision of Slovenian tourism, 'green boutique: a smaller footprint with more value for all,' it's imperative for all stakeholders to ensure that visits to Slovenian nature are safe, responsible and respectful. Our pristine natural landscapes, among our greatest assets, must be preserved for future generations. At the onset of the summer season, the STB places particular emphasis on this aspect across all promotional and communication activities. Developed in partnership with relevant partners, our messages strike a friendly yet assertive tone, effectively communicating the desired behaviour. These messages are disseminated through various channels, and we extend an invitation to destinations and tourism providers to join us in doing so."

Safely Exploring the Mountains: Elevating Communication for Destinations and Providers

To promote safe mountain visits in Slovenia, the STB works closely with numerous partners, including the Slovenia Outdoor Association, the Slovenian Mountaineering Association, the Slovenian Police, the Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia, the Triglav National Park, the Association of Mountain Guides of Slovenia and the Slovenian Environment Agency.

Through collaborative efforts, content on the portal ahead of this year's summer season has been revamped and enhanced. The updated 'Safely into the Slovenian Mountains' page, available in seven languages, offers visitors comprehensive information and recommendations for preparing for mountain tours, understanding mountain characteristics, practicing responsible behaviour in nature and handling emergencies in mountain environments. This valuable information is distributed through various promotional and communication channels such as publications, social media posts, newsletters and podcasts, aiming to reach as broad an audience as possible.

Additionally, a unified graphic to remind visitors of key safety practices in the mountains has been released. This graphic, available in both physical and e-formats through Slovenia Outdoor, is already being used by destinations and specialized providers.

The promotional materials feature appropriate captions and depict individuals equipped with the proper gear, guided by the expertise of the Slovenia Outdoor Association and other stakeholders.

Recognizing the pivotal role of tourism workers on the ground—including those working in tourist information points, tourist guides, accommodation providers, catering workers, experience providers and event organizers—connecting with them is essential to raising awareness of safe and responsible behaviour. Last year, the STB, the Slovenian Mountaineering Association and the Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia held a webinar for them, emphasizing the importance of providing accurate information to mountain visitors. 

Slovenia boasts numerous opportunities for hiking and mountaineering, with over 10,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails, more than 175 mountain huts and numerous hotels and campsites for hikers. In STB's promotional activities, beautiful hiking trails and inspiring stories from both the mountains and the lowlands are regularly highlighted, ensuring that everyone can find their ideal hiking experience, including the most picturesque water trails and educational learning trails.


Promoting responsible behaviour in nature and respecting local communities

Tourism in many mountain communities and other areas with pristine nature plays a central role in economic development and heritage conservation, creating job opportunities, sustaining livelihoods and funding infrastructure improvements. In this way, tourism contributes to the well-being of local inhabitants.

Slovenia, a destination for unique, boutique experiences, is committed to sustainable development. We take pride in preserving the legacy of our ancestors and caring for our natural and cultural heritage, which we aim to pass on to future generations. In the only country in the world with "LOVE" in its name, we cherish the picturesque nature that surrounds us and inspires us daily.


The STB consistently incorporates recommendations for responsible nature visits across all its activities. Our story featuring 10 recommendations on how to behave in nature, available in seven languages, encourages the use of public transport, walking, and driving only on well-maintained roads and trails in accordance with the law, spending nights outdoors only in well-maintained campsites, respecting wildlife, plants, and livestock, and disposing of litter responsibly, among other guidelines. A special story about the behaviour in the Triglav National Park, the largest protected area in Slovenia, has also been published.

By acting responsibly in nature and respecting local communities, each of us contributes to preserving Slovenia's uniqueness and beauty. Together, we can ensure that Slovenia will continue to inspire visitors and residents with its pristine nature, cultural heritage and hospitality.

Let's respect nature, protect its heritage and together create a sustainable future where every visit is precious and unforgettable.

Cover Image: Graphic produced in partnership between the Slovenian Tourist Board and Slovenia Outdoor Association, the Slovenian Mountaineering Association, the Slovenian Police, the Slovenian Mountain Rescue Association, the Triglav National Park, the Slovenian Mountain Guides Association, and the Slovenian Environment Agency.

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