New Projects by the Slovenian Tourist Board: Innovative Approaches to Enhance the Visibility of Slovenian Tourism and Sport

Published: 21.5.2024

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New Projects by the Slovenian Tourist Board: Innovative Approaches to Enhance the Visibility of Slovenian Tourism and Sport

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) today unveiled three new projects aimed at increasing Slovenia's visibility as a premier destination for tourism and sports. During a press conference in Lipica, the STB introduced the new "Slovenia - Sports Destination" website, an AI-powered virtual consultant named Alma on the portal and a series of Slovenia's audio stories. 

New Projects by the Slovenian Tourist Board: Innovative Approaches to Enhance the Visibility of Slovenian Tourism and Sport

Key speakers at the event included Minister of the Economy, Tourism and Sport Matjaž Han, President of the Slovenian Olympic Committee Franjo Bobinac, Chairman of Slovenian Advertising Chamber Jure Bohinc, and Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board MSc. Maja Pak Olaj. They emphasized the critical role of innovative strategies in promoting Slovenian tourism.

The projects presented at the press conference reflect the STB's commitment to continuous improvement and upgrading of its promotional activities. Slovenia's Sound Stories named Sounds Like Slovenia, available on Spotify and, offer users an authentic audio insight into Slovenia's diverse landscapes and experiences. Alma, a virtual consultant, based on artificial intelligence and drawing its content from the database and more than 50 carefully selected and verified websites of Slovenian tourist destinations and providers, helps users find relevant information and inspiring stories in seven world languages. The new Slovenia – Sports Destination website brings together information on sports venues, events, preparation, and rehabilitation, further supporting Slovenia's development as a world-class sports and tourism destination.

MSc. Maja Pak Olaj, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, explained: “Slovenia is a land of countless natural beauties and cultural treasures, which we want to bring to the attention of visitors in an innovative and attractive way. That is why we are constantly analyzing trends in marketing and developing projects to excite tourists and awake their curiosity and desire to explore further. We are extremely proud of Alma, the first virtual assistant in Slovenian tourism, supported by artificial intelligence and drawing from such a rich database. In light of the rapid development of this technology, we have big plans for her. The new Slovenia – Sports Destination website is a step forward in our efforts to connect sport and tourism. It is a key meeting point between demand and supply and thus an important stone in the mosaic of Slovenia's further development as a world-class sports tourism destination. The sound stories of Slovenia will appeal to more romantic, sensual individuals who want to dream of a destination. In line with the I feel Slovenia brand message, we will now be able to listen to Slovenia before we visit. I would like to thank the STB’s team and all our partners, who help us set new standards in the promotion of Slovenian tourism.”

Matjaž Han, Minister of the Economy, Tourism, and Sport, found the Sounds like Slovenia inspiring and reassuring, and highlighted the added value of the virtual assistant: "It's fantastic that you can access information in such an innovative way and so quickly." Furthermore, he underscored the strategic significance of merging sport, tourism, and the economy under one ministry, affirming that the Slovenia - Sports Destination website reaffirms the government's sound decision: "This approach enables us to harness Slovenia's abundant resources in a unified manner: from its exceptional athletes to its unparalleled tourism offer and natural wonders." While appreciating the digital content and photographs, he reserved special praise for Slovenia's breathtaking natural vistas.

President of the Slovenian Olympic Committee, Franjo Bobinac, highlighted the top-notch offer of Slovenian sport and sports tourism, including elite athletes, world-class clubs, state-of-the-art infrastructure, rejuvenating spas, top-notch facilities, and expert medical services. He stressed the significance of showcasing these assets to a global audience, remarking: "It is important to be different in marketing. If you repeat what they do elsewhere, you are doomed to failure. Our uniqueness is our strength, and it's imperative to use this to connect with people worldwide." Bobinac highlighted Slovenia's remarkable story in recent years, noting its professional segmentation and consistency. He concluded: "Slovenia has crafted an exceptionally compelling story, not only is it clearly segmented professionally, but we are also consistent in it."

Jure Bohinc, Chairman of Slovenian Advertising Chamber, emphasized:  "They say the greatest opportunities often lie within the heart of challenges. I am pleased to see this reflected in Slovenia's vision of becoming a green boutique destination through sustainable tourism. This is a long-term, sustainable path that leverages our strengths—both small and diverse—by emphasizing authenticity and unique experiences. The new communication projects align beautifully with this strategy, using innovative approaches to create the experiences we want to offer our visitors."

The event was organized by the STB in partnership with Kobilarna Lipica Holding, which presented its rich offer of tourist experiences. Upon this occasion, MSc. Tatjana Vošinek Pucer, Director of Kobilarna Lipica Holding, stated: Lipica Stud Farm, one of the oldest and most esteemed institutions for noble Lipizzaner horses, celebrates its 444th anniversary this year. In honour of this significant milestone, we have introduced numerous innovations and enhancements to ensure an even more unforgettable experience for our visitors. Among the most notable updates is the revamped equestrian program, which now offers a unique digital experience. After several years, we have revived the tradition of side-saddle riding and introduced a new element to the Lipizzaner equestrian show. Additionally, we have reintroduced guided horseback rides through the picturesque Karst landscape. Furthermore, we have opened the Summer Garden, where visitors can delight in a charming ambiance and refresh themselves in the shade."

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Explore the beauties of Slovenia with Alma, the virtual assistant that enhances the official tourism portal,

Introducing Alma, the main website for Slovenian tourism, now features Alma, an AI-powered virtual assistant. Available 24/7 in seven different languages, Alma engages in relaxed conversations, answering questions from multiple users simultaneously. She provides tailored information, inspiring stories and tips for exploring Slovenia efficiently.

Meet Alma

Inspired by Alma M. Karlin

Alma, named after the adventurous traveller and writer Alma M. Karlin, operates using the advanced OPENAI Chat GPT Turbo algorithm, a specialized AI model for virtual assistants. Utilizing the latest GPT 4o model, Alma filters content to suit user interests, delivering the desired information swiftly and easily.

She sources reliable information from the database and over 50 carefully selected and verified websites of Slovenian tourist destinations and providers. This comprehensive information ecosystem has been meticulously developed over several months, offering a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Pioneering AI in Slovenian Tourism

Alma was created to enhance the user experience on the portal with advanced AI technology. She stands out as:

  • One of the first AI assistants in Slovenian tourism,
  • Among the few AI assistants integrated in national tourism organizations’ websites in Europe.


As the portal’s latest milestone, Alma continues to position as the most reliable source of information and inspiration for international visitors. Ongoing advancements in AI technology will enable further upgrades for Alma, ensuring continuous improvement and value for the portal’s users.

A Commitment to Excellence

Virtual assistant Alma is part of the Slovenian Tourist Board’s broader initiative to establish as the premier source of high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date information for travellers considering a visit to Slovenia.


The new Slovenia - Sports Destination website is a dynamic hub where sports and tourism converge.

Slovenia - A Sports Destination Website

This website serves as a comprehensive resource for organizing sports training, events, competitions, and athlete rehabilitation and prevention. It also invites sports fans to explore Slovenia’s tourist offer through the lens of its sporting events.

A Country with a Sporting Heart

Slovenia boasts world-class athletes who compete at the highest levels. Visitors to Slovenia will be captivated by its natural beauty, vibrant sporting culture, and winning mentality. In this green playground of Europe, you’ll discover venues of renowned sporting events, top training and rehabilitation facilities for elite athletes and sports teams and the expertise of high-profile competition organizers. The website connects users to sports venues and athlete-friendly accommodations, as well as spas and rehabilitation centres staffed by leading sports medicine experts. Slovenia’s compact size ensures easy access to all necessary facilities for quality sports training, competitions and events. Support for event organization is provided by various sports federations, organizations, and agencies.

A Comprehensive Sports Portal

The Slovenia - Sports Destination website features thematic sections on sports preparation, events, conferences, rehabilitation and inspiration. It is available in both Slovenian and English. The site provides detailed information on sports venues equipped for various activities, as well as nearby accommodations. It offers options across Slovenia, a country where the natural landscape supports sports year-round.

Connecting Organizers with Key Partners

Sports agencies, clubs, and event organizers can use the portal to connect directly with relevant partners in Slovenia. The website provides direct contacts for specialized sports agencies and federations, assisting with the organization of preparatory matches and other logistical needs. Information on sports accommodations is also available.

Showcasing Slovenia’s Sporting Excellence

The website features stories of top athletes, tourism ambassadors, and profiles of European and World Championships hosted or to be hosted in Slovenia, highlighting the country’s status as a top sports destination.

Project Partners

In partnership with the Slovenian Tourist Board, the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport, the Slovenian Olympic Committee and the Association of Sports Centres of Slovenia have contributed to this initiative. The new website enhances Slovenia’s visibility as a sports tourism destination and facilitates the connection between demand and supply, significantly advancing Slovenia’s development as a leading sports tourism hub.


What does Slovenia sound like? Slovenia’s soundtracks are now available on Spotify and

Click for an unforgettable audio journey

Are you ready for an immersive (audio) adventure through Slovenia? The Slovenian Tourist Board proudly presents Sounds like Slovenia, a captivating soundtrack library hosted on Spotify. Complementing this auditory delight is the dynamic Sound Stories from Slovenia subpage on, where sound recordings are incorporated into inspiring stories, offering deeper insights into their origins.

Unveiling the Audio Stories

Thematic playlists on Spotify guide listeners through the essence of Slovenian tourism. Covering nearly 50 locations across the country, the sounds are categorized into five thematic strands: the Sounds of Nature, Thrilling Outdoor Adventures, Cities and Culture, Health and Well-Being and Gastronomy.

With headphones on, embark on a soothing journey, or let the melodies of adventure quicken your heartbeat. Listen to the rhythmic waves of Moon Bay, lose yourself in the serenity of Kočevje Forest, carve through the snowy slopes of Peca, wander the bustling streets of Ljubljana, taste the aroma of freshly baked potica, or find inner peace at Slovenia's renowned spas.

Crafted for the Global Digital Campaign

Sounds Like Slovenia is a highlight of this year’s global digital campaign, our ongoing quest for innovative ways to captivate travelers worldwide. Join us on this audio journey and let the sounds of Slovenia create unforgettable memories.

On the cover photo (from left): President of the Slovenian Olympic Committee Franjo Bobinac, Director of Kobilarna Lipica Holding MSc. Tatjana Vošinek Pucer, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board MSc. Maja Pak Olaj, Chairman of Slovenian Advertising Chamber Jure Bohinc, Director General of the Directorate for Tourism at the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Dubravka Kalin and Minister of the Economy, Tourism and Sport Matjaž Han

Photo by Siniša Kanižaj for STB

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