Slovenian Tourist Board highlights Slovenia with intensive promotion at Frankfurt Book Fair

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Slovenian Tourist Board highlights Slovenia with intensive promotion at Frankfurt Book Fair

During this year's Frankfurt Book Fair, where Slovenia has the distinguished role of being the guest of honour, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is elevating Slovenia's visibility and reputation through a series of intensive promotional activities, with a specific focus on addressing guests seeking cultural experiences. Additionally, the STB is unveiling its main tourism promotional theme for 2024-2025: Art and Culture.

Slovenian Tourist Board highlights Slovenia with intensive promotion at Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair opens its doors tomorrow, October 17. Slovenia holds the esteemed position of being this year's guest of honour, marking the largest presentation of Slovenian culture abroad in independent Slovenia's history. Visitors to the fair comprise the business community, book enthusiasts, and culture lovers, which makes the fair a great opportunity for promoting Slovenia in one of its traditionally significant tourism markets. Slovenia is positioning itself in the German market as a "green boutique destination for environmentally conscious individuals who value nature, health, cultural experiences, and the authentic character of local communities", in line with the current Slovenian tourism strategy.

Upon this occasion, Matjaž Han, Minister of Economy, Tourism, and Sport, explained: "Slovenia is this year's guest of honour at the largest book fair, which represents a unique opportunity for a comprehensive presentation of our country. Every year, the Frankfurt Book Fair brings together writers, publicists, publishers, and booksellers from all over the world. The focus is on art and culture, but in addition to trading in copyrights, there are many other opportunities for establishing contacts in the political, economic, and tourist fields. The eyes of the global media public are focused on the guest of honour, and it is only right that we make the most of this opportunity in several areas. I express my great respect to Slovenian authors, publishers, and booksellers; their days in Frankfurt will be especially intense as they represent Slovenia in all its excellence. Their work plays an important role in promoting Slovenian culture and art abroad. We are often not aware of the importance of publishing, which is not only an important economic industry but has already had a significant impact on the development of Slovenian national consciousness in the past. Language and culture still connect us in an important way. As the guest of honour, Slovenia presents its artistic expression, history, as well as a very attractive tourist destination and dynamic economic environment. Cooperation with Germany, our most important foreign trade partner in terms of long-term growth, is important to us. I will also use the visit to Frankfurt to look for opportunities to further strengthen cooperation with the federal state of Hessen."

MSc. Maja Pak, Director of the STB, underscores the unique opportunity presented by Slovenia's guest of honour status at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair: "Slovenia's appearance as guests of honour at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair, which is expected to host more than 200,000 visitors from professionals and the general public, presents a unique opportunity to elevate Slovenia's visibility and reputation as a green, boutique, sustainable, inclusive, responsible, and safe destination. The Slovenian Tourist Board has already undertaken numerous promotional and communication activities targeting those specific groups with a keen interest in unique cultural experiences, and we have planned intensive activities during and after the fair. Currently, advertising is in progress on external advertising platforms, where we will reach 3.5 million users with alluring images of Slovenia and quotes from notable Slovenian cultural figures. Through our engagement at the Frankfurt Book Fair, we are also highlighting the central promotional theme of Slovenian tourism for 2024 and 2025, namely, Art and Culture. Germany remains the key market for Slovenian tourism, marked by its stable growth. Our goal in conducting year-round activities is to attract visitors with higher added value and fortify the positive perception of Slovenia."

The Frankfurt Book Fair stands as one of the most significant events in the German market, where the STB reinforces Slovenia's visibility through promotional and communication activities.

Rebeka Kumer Bizjak, Head of the STB's representative office in Germany, remarks: "The excellent results of overnight stays from Germany during the first eight months of 2023, showing almost 8% growth compared to the same period last year and an impressive 30% surge compared to the same period in 2019, underscore the promising trend. The Slovenian Tourist Board, together with its representative office in Germany, works closely with all stakeholders at the Frankfurt Book Fair, seizing the tremendous opportunity to showcase Slovenia's tourism offer to a target-oriented audience. The event and the honorary role it entails guarantee extensive media coverage in the German market, which will undoubtedly enhance Slovenia's visibility as a tourist destination. In our communication, we place significant emphasis on cultural experiences and actively engage with the German target audience, introducing them to the diversity of Slovenia."

Mihael Kovač, curator of the Slovenia Guest of Honour - Frankfurt 2023 Book Fair programme, emphasizes: "Thanks to the extensive activities of the Slovenian Public Book Agency, which range from press visits by German journalists to organized presentations of books by Slovenian authors for German booksellers, we've garnered more than 300 publications in various German media about Slovenian book production and, consequently, Slovenia itself. Just a week before the fair, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung dedicated an entire page to the Ljubljana Manifesto on elevating reading standards. These publications were also picked up by Le Monde, Portugal's Publico, Zagreb's Jutarnji list, and several other European media outlets. If we were to equate this media exposure to advertising value for Slovenia, it would easily exceed one million euros. I'm also profoundly impressed that STB's advertising campaign for Slovenian tourism in Frankfurt draws inspiration from the messages of Slovenian book authors. From this perspective, I hope that the awareness grows that Slovenian culture can serve as a remarkable ambassador for Slovenia on the global stage at a very reasonable cost."

STB conducts a series of activities at the fair to appeal to culture lovers

As the Frankfurt Book Fair unfolds, the STB is engaged in a series of activities designed to captivate the hearts of culture lovers. On the grand opening day, STB establishes its presence at the fair, offering tourist information both in the Slovenian pavilion and the dedicated Slovenian exhibition area. The engagement extends further as STB actively participates in the official inauguration ceremony, graced by the presence of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President of the Republic of Slovenia Nataša Pirc Musar.

This prestigious event also encompasses an exciting list of activities within the Slovenian pavilion. Following the opening ceremony, an elegant Slovenian reception at the Naturmuseum Frankfurt awaits, where STB plays a pivotal role in presentating Slovenia as a exciting tourist destination, where the national "I feel Slovenia" brand will take the spotlight.

The official fair inauguration will attract globally renowned personas from Slovenia, such as the globally renowned Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Žižek, along with the musical talents of Boštjan Gombač and Nejc Škofic, and the poetic prowess of Miljana Cunta. In addition, the diverse programme includes contributions from various Slovenian authors, poets, and writers who enjoy international acclaim. They take part in a rich array of events, including round tables and panel discussions, both within the Slovenian pavilion and across various fair venues. These discussions extend to multiple locations in the city of Frankfurt and other German cities, collectively strengthening Slovenia's visibility in the German market and affirming its status as an inviting tourist destination.

On the day of the grand opening, the STB will host a working lunch attended by prominent tour operator directors and Slovenia's Minister of the Economy, Tourism, and Sport, Matjaž Han. This strategic meeting is part of STB's broader efforts to enhance Slovenia's visibility and allure among major tour operators, offering them distinctive experiences and highlights from Slovenia's vibrant tourism sector. In the German market, the recommendations and programmes of travel organizers significantly influence the decision-making process when choosing a destination.

The STB and its representative office in Germany carried out a series of promotional activities before the Frankfurt Book Fair

Leading up to, during, and after the Frankfurt Book Fair, the STB has promoteed Slovenia as a green boutique destination with a rich cultural heritage, using quotes from eminent Slovenian authors, poets, and writers like Slavoj Žižek, Srečko Kosovel, and Kajetan Kovič, complemented by captivating images of Slovenia. This advertising campaign runs from October 13 to 23, primarily targeting the German state of Hessen, with a particular focus on Frankfurt.

In addition, a special landing page dedicated to Frankfurt Book Fair was launched in three languages: Slovenian, English, and German. It provides information about the fair itself and underscores the significance of tourism, emphasizing its role in promoting tourist products, Slovenian culture, and diversity. These pages also disseminate details to the business community about the dynamic programme that not only introduces the Slovenian literary world in Frankfurt but also showcases other forms of art and Slovenia as a tourist destination for art and culture enthusiasts.

At the beginning of the year, the STB created a landing page highlighting Slovenian art and culture, using it to launch a new cultural video that also served as an announcement for the book fair.

Slovenia's esteemed position as a guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, particularly within the vibrant German market, has been promoted throughout the year. In March and August, the representative office co-hosted two press trips for German journalists in Slovenia, welcoming more than 30 distinguished representatives from top German media outlets such as ZDF, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, NDR, SR, die Zeit, Börsenblatt, Fokus and many others.

Central communication theme for 2024 and 2025: Art and Culture

Culture and Historical Cities stands as one of the four leading tourist products within in the Slovenian Tourism Strategy 2022-2028, which will be highlighted as the main communication theme for 2024 and 2025.

Through its various communication channels and tools, the STB will present Slovenia as a modern, creative, and alluring cultural tourism destination, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. This distinctive portrayal features top artists, year-round inspirational events, and a rich cultural heritage. The incorporation of art and culture into Slovenia's tourism offer can significantly enhance its value and increase the overall visibility of Slovenian tourism.

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