Slovenian culinary triumph: Hiša Franko attains three Michelin stars, Milka garners two, and 7 more restaurants shine with one star each

Published: 18.9.2023

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Slovenian culinary triumph: Hiša Franko attains three Michelin stars, Milka garners two, and 7 more restaurants shine with one star each

The renowned Michelin culinary guide has reaffirmed the exceptional quality of Slovenian gastronomy today. In the 2023 Michelin Guide for Slovenia, Hiša Franko led by Ana Roš achieved the highest accolade of three stars. It also maintained its green star, a distinction, which is simultaneously held by only 32 restaurants worldwide. Additionally, the Milka restaurant, under the guidance of David Žefran, emerged with two well-deserved stars, demonstrating remarkable progress in this year's selection. Furthermore, seven restaurants have once again showcased their top-notch quality, retaining their one Michelin star each. In total, the guide features an impressive selection of 59 restaurants.

Slovenian culinary triumph: Hiša Franko attains three Michelin stars, Milka garners two, and 7 more restaurants shine with one star each

Hiša Franko, led by chef Ana Roš, has become the first Slovenian restaurant to achieve the coveted three Michelin stars. Michelin bestows three stars upon restaurants renowned for their exceptional cuisine, making them a destination worth planning a truly special journey for. In an official statement released by the renowned French culinary guide, they wrote: "In this restaurant, located in the tiny village of Kobarid, in Northwestern Slovenia, self-taught chef Ana Roš creates unique and exceptional cuisine which pays tribute to the neighboring Soča Valley and its natural and culinary heritage. The unique tasting menu boasts outstanding dishes which stand out for their original colors, flavors and textures and reflect the chef’s committed vision to always follow nature, to reflect the seasons and to draw inspiration from her travels and her international team. This culinary philosophy, combined with steadfastly sustainable practices, make Hiša Franko a perfect MICHELIN Green Star example, as well as a global inspiration for the fine dining of today and tomorrow."

Two Michelin stars signify excellent cuisine worth a detour,  were awarded to Milka Restaurant, only one year after its debut with one star. According to Michelin, "restaurant Milka, located in Kranjska Gora, at the Julian Alpine tripoint with Slovenia, Austria and Italy, demonstrates remarkable progress with its modern, mountain cuisine. The tasting menu, concocted by chef David Žefran and his team, expresses great originality and finesse and celebrates the best local and seasonal produce. Through the use of particular techniques – such as fermentation – it also creates an exciting gourmet synthesis between the Alpine territory and the Nordic regions – where the Chef gained experience. The playful and informal service – during which some dishes are brought directly to the table by the chefs – helps to forge a memorable experience."

The exceptional quality of Slovenian gastronomy is also confirmed by seven restaurants that have each retained one Michelin star since last year. These are (listed in alphabetical order):

  • COB, chef Filip Matjaž,
  • Dam restaurant, chef Uroš Fakuč,
  • Gostilna pri Lojzetu, chef Tomaž Kavčič,
  • Grič, chef Luka Košir,
  • Hiša Denk, chef Gregor Vračko,
  • Hiša Linhart, chef Uroš Štefelin,
  • Strelec Restaurant, chef Igor Jagodic.


In the 2023 guide, 7 restaurants proudly showcase a Michelin Green star, indicating their commitment to sustainability. The green star is exclusively awarded to restaurants that also fall into one of the other categories of the Michelin guide. The newcomer is Špacapanova hiša. Slovenia boasts the highest number of green stars per inhabitant among all Michelin destinations in the world.

Furthermore, the Bib Gourmand label, reserved for restaurants offering high-quality authentic experiences at affordable prices, has been awarded to 7 restaurants: Gostilnica Ruj (Dol pri Vogljah), Jožef (Idrija), Gostilna na Gradu (Ljubljana), TaBar (Ljubljana), Gostilna Rajh (Murska Sobota), Mahorčič (Rodik) and Gostilna Repovž (Šentjanž).

There are 43 Slovenian restaurants featured in the list of recommended restaurants in the 2023 Michelin Guide Slovenia. 5 new restaurants have joined this esteemed category.

Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), MSc. Maja Pak, highlighted: "Today is truly an exceptional day for Slovenian cuisine. Michelin has revealed its evaluation results for Slovenia for the fourth consecutive year, and we could not be prouder of our top chefs. Congratulations to all 59 restaurants and chefs who impressed the Michelin inspectors and earned a place in the Michelin Guide for Slovenia 2023. Special recognition goes to Ana Roš from Hiša Franko, who has illuminated Slovenia's name even brighter in the Michelin sky with a well-deserved three stars. We also applaud the restaurant Milka, led by the young and inspiring chef David Žefran, for earning two stars, as well as the seven chefs who maintained their one Michelin star each, reaffirming their exceptional quality. We are equally delighted that Slovenia ranks at the very top among the 41 Michelin destinations in terms of the number of green stars per inhabitant. This serves as fresh confirmation that Slovenia is recognized worldwide as an exemplary model for sustainable practices, solidifying its status as a leading sustainable tourist and culinary destination. At the STB, we actively contribute to the realization of sustainable gastronomy through initiatives like the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, which currently includes 61 Slovenian restaurants. With over 120 years of tradition, an exceptional reputation, and unwavering trust, Michelin stands as one of the most influential entities in the global culinary landscape. We firmly believe that Michelin's presence in Slovenia has played a pivotal role in elevating Slovenian cuisine, with its unquestionably exceptional chefs and restaurants, to the global stage. Last but not least, gastronomy represents one of the cornerstones of Slovenian tourism. Once again, heartfelt congratulations to all the awardees in the Michelin Guide Slovenia 2023 selection!"

On the occasion of the 2023 Michelin Guide Slovenia unveiling, the STB hosts a reception in Ljubljana for chefs, representatives of award-winning restaurants and the media. Chefs were presented with 2023 plaques and chef's jackets. The printed edition of the guide will be available at the end of September. More information about the restaurants featured in the guide can be found on the official Michelin website, as well as on Taste Slovenia and

Over 120 years of tradition and the outstanding reputation of the Michelin Guide

The history of the Michelin Guide, which represent one of the most globally influential and prestigious rating systems in the world of gastronomy, dates back to 1900. While Michelin Guide is primarily known for awarding stars - from one to three – recently, an increasing number of guests are also choosing restaurants with green stars.

Michelin stars and other categories in the selection are a global synonym for quality and consistency. Restaurants included in the guide receive additional international attention and can expect increased traffic. The Michelin Guide is a reference for gourmands seeking the best culinary experiences worldwide.

An important aspect of the Michelin guides is also the promotion of local culinary traditions, the use of local ingredients, and sustainable practices in restaurants. Thus, the Michelin guide is not only an evaluation tool but also a driving force for improving quality in gastronomy.

Michelin inspectors visit restaurants anonymously and rate them based on a methodology that relies on five criteria:

  • the quality of the ingredients used;
  • mastery of cooking techniques;
  • harmony of flavours;
  • the personality of the head chef and the emotions evoked by the dishes;
  • consistency throughout the entire menu and between different visits.

Gastronomy is one of the key connecting products of Slovenian tourism

In Slovenia, the STB successfully introduced the Michelin guide in 2020. In its inaugural year, Slovenia received 6 restaurants with a Michelin star, including one restaurant with two Michelin stars, and 6 green stars. The growth in stars continued in 2021 with one new star and in 2022 with three new restaurants each receiving one star.

With the assistance of renowned guides, the word about top Slovenian gastronomy is shared with the world

The 2022-2028 Strategy of Slovenian Tourism designates gastronomy as one of the key connecting products of Slovenian tourism. The vision for Slovenia as a gastronomic destination is to become a distinguished destination offering high-quality, innovative, distinctive gastronomy and authentic food and wine. This is created by exceptional individuals and numerous boutique food providers, whose offer is based on local food production and incorporated in creative dishes that reflect the country's natural wealth, knowledge, and passion for gastronomy.

In Slovenia, the aim is to develop an offer for discerning guests willing to pay more for exquisite gastronomic experiences. Simultaneously, the purpose is to streghten the dynamic and high-quality middle part of the catering pyramid, vital for increasing the added value of Slovenian tourism.

Slovenia aims to successfully highlight gastronomic tourism as one of the most dynamic and creative segments of the industry. It seeks to position itself on the European and global market as a sustainable gastronomic destination, where sustainable production, excellent gastronomy, exceptional nature, rich culture and unique experiences coexist harmoniously.

The STB highlights gastronomy in all its promotional and communication activities across all channels. Among the most significant projects in the gastronomy field, in addition to partnerships with internationally recognized gastronomic guides, are the Taste Slovenia portal, the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, and the commitment to eliminate single-use plastics from Slovenian tourism, which already has more than 150 signatories. Additionally, the experience of the Slovenian gastronomic offer is included in all trips for foreign media and influencers.

A new initiative is a pilot project to reduce food waste in the catering industry, which will be implemented at the STB in conjunction with the Slovenia Green Consortium and the JRE association. Within the framework of the Green Scheme, another tool for enhancing sustainable practices in Slovenian tourism will be acquired. Under its auspices, guidelines and instructions for reducing food waste in restaurants will be prepared.

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