Luka 2 Bled event blends sports passion with Slovenia's natural beauties

Published: 16.9.2023

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Luka 2 Bled event blends sports passion with Slovenia's natural beauties

Today, Slovenia hosted the iconic Luka 2 Bled sports event. A unique floating basketball court graced the serene surface of Lake Bled, where basketball talents from five countries competed. Visitors had the chance to admire the prestigious Larry O'Brien NBA trophy, take on fan challenges, and be among the first to secure the new "Luka 2 Lake Bled" sports shoe, inspired by Lake Bled. This event, a fusion of sports passion and Slovenia's natural beauty, saw the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) prominently showcase the "I feel Slovenia" brand.

Luka 2 Bled event blends sports passion with Slovenia's natural beauties

The Luka 2 Bled event offered a remarkable opportunity to globally promote Slovenia. It allowed to showcase Slovenia's natural beauties, exceptional individuals, sporting accomplishments, and innovative approaches to the world. The STB, as the main partner, prominently featured the "I feel Slovenia" brand in key locations such as the centre of the floating basketball court, surrounding venues, the VIP stand, and the fan zone.

At the event's official opening, MSc. Maja Pak, Director of the STB, shared the stage with Bled Mayor Anton Mežan, Air Jordan representative Akos Miller and Grobasket director Artur Mužič. She stated: "We have an extraordinary event ahead of us, one that places Slovenia in the spotlight. It is an exceptional story, supported by globally recognizable names." She also underscored the significance of Slovenia's breathtaking natural surroundings: "In Slovenia, nature is an endless wellspring of inspiration. It encourages an active lifestyle, creativity, innovation, and pushes our athletes to surpass the boundaries of possible. Lake Bled served as the inspiration for the design of the new sports footwear, Luka 2 Lake Bled."


The new sports shoe, Luka 2 Lake Bled, took the spotlight

The spotlight shone on the new sports shoe, "Luka 2 Lake Bled." With its name and colour scheme, it pays homage to Slovenia's iconic Lake Bled. As acknowledged by the globally renowned Nike brand, this sneaker, known for its sustainable attributes, also celebrates Slovenia's status as the world's first green destination and pays tribute to its commitment to sustainability.


Divers unveiled the new footwear, retrieved from the depths of Lake Bled, which was then presented to the world through an impressive choreography led by Miha Krušič and his dancers. The court's stability was rigorously tested by the Dunkin Devils, who thrilled the audience around the lake with their basketball performance, adding another exciting element to the spectacle, affirming Slovenia's ability to host top sports events that captivate both the eyes and the soul.

The event also featured an NBA 'clinic', where 25 young basketball talents honed their skills under the guidance of an NBA league coach. On the floating basketball court, 16 basketball teams competed in the Grosbasket 3x3 basketball tournament, showcasing a bright future for the sport.


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