LUKA 2 BLED: Slovenia shines as a hub for top sports events

Published: 14.9.2023

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LUKA 2 BLED: Slovenia shines as a hub for top sports events

This Saturday, September 16, Slovenia will take centre stage as it hosts an exclusive boutique sports event. The highlight will be the unveiling of the 'Luka 2 Lake Bled' basketball sneaker from the iconic Jordan brand, complemented by an exciting basketball tournament on a floating court right on the surface of Lake Bled. This is a great opportunity to boost Slovenia's visibility. As the main partner of the event, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is gearing up to showcase the 'I feel Slovenia' brand in the most prominent of ways.

LUKA 2 BLED: Slovenia shines as a hub for top sports events

The Luka 2 Bled event provides a unique opportunity to elevate Slovenia's visibility as a tourist destination, bolster national pride, promote sports and a healthy lifestyle, and gain tangible economic benefits, such as increased tourist visits.

MSc. Maja Pak, the Director of STB, highlighted these goals at today's press conference ahead of the event: "Our aim is to enhance the visibility of Slovenia as a destination that seamlessly blends natural beauty, a healthy lifestyle, and a passion for sports. We aim to position Slovenia as a top host for even the most demanding and captivating sports events. We're thrilled that Luka Dončić, the ambassador of Slovenian tourism, drew inspiration from Slovenia's natural beauty, incorporating elements of sustainability, which is a core value of Slovenian tourism, into his new sports shoe. Together, we will shine the global sports spotlight on Slovenia this Saturday."

The event organizers, who introduced the event during today's press conference, placed significant emphasis on sustainability. Sports enthusiasts were offered 5,000 complimentary tickets, along with free train and bus transportation for ticket holders and the option of parking at Lesce Airport.

"In Bled, we are deeply honored to have an opportunity to host the prestigious Luka 2 Bled event. This exceptional opportunity signifies a great partnership between our destination and world-renowned brands like Nike and Jordan, alongside the basketball icon himself, Luka Dončić. The impact of the Luka 2 Bled event is not limited to our local community; it extends far beyond our borders, capturing the attention of global markets in Europe, Asia, and America, where Bled stands as the focal point. This event is truly unique and reflects Luka's profound respect for Bled and Slovenia as a whole. We take pride in Luka naming his new shoe "Lake Bled," which serves as recognition not only for our beloved Bled but for the entire Slovenia. Together with local and national partners, we are dedicated to making this event as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible," stated Blaž Veber, Director of Bled Tourism.


On Saturday, Lake Bled will undergo a remarkable transformation into a floating basketball court, hosting the Grosbasket 3x3 tournament. "At Grosbasket, we've reached a significant milestone. We take pride in teaming up with the renowned sports footwear giant, the Jordan brand, and together, we've turned our vision of an event celebrating Luka Dončić and his iconic footwear into a reality. Luka's extraordinary impact on his home turf is truly unparalleled, and we're incredibly thrilled that he drew inspiration for his latest sneaker right here in Slovenia. We're well aware that the design of Luka's footwear is the result of a close collaboration with the Jordan Brand, which aims to cater not only to Dončić's needs but also to the future generations of talent that we'll have the pleasure of watching on the court this Saturday," remarked Artur Mužič from Grosbasket.

Slovenia has emerged as the host for top boutique sports events in recent years. "Extreme built a floating basketball court in Koper a decade ago, but this time, an extraordinary story unfolds in one of the world's most stunning locations, right here on Lake Bled. We are fully aware of the responsibility we bear as event organizers, recognizing this as an exceptional opportunity to showcase how Slovenians excel not only on the basketball court but also in the organization of world-class, thrilling, and successful events," emphasized Simon Rožnik, director of Extrem.

All-day events and sustainable transport

In addition to the basketball games, visitors will have the chance to admire the prestigious Larry O'Brien Cup, awarded to NBA champions, right here in Bled. Young basketball talents will also get a golden opportunity to train with NBA coaches, gaining valuable experience and expanding their basketball knowledge.

For those looking to put their basketball skills and cheering prowess to the test, there's a special area where you can measure your cheer volume or test your body balance. Video game enthusiasts won't be disappointed either, as they'll have the chance to try out the new NBA 2K24 game in Bled, featuring exciting innovations. This game utilizes cutting-edge ProPLAY technology, incorporating actual footage from NBA games, delivering an incredibly realistic gaming experience with precise player movement replication.

Bled is renowned as one of Europe's greenest tourist destinations, which means parking can be quite limited. To avoid crowds and ensure an enjoyable visit to the Luka 2 Bled basketball spectacle, organizers recommend the following guidelines for reaching the venue:

1. Parking at Lesce Airport: Avoid the crowds by parking at Lesce Airport, just a short bus ride away from the event venue (Mala Zaka). Bus transportation between these locations is free.

2. Free Slovenian railways trains: Make the most of free transportation to Bled. Slovenian Railways has arranged complimentary trains to and from Bled. Ensure you pick up your ticket in advance at train stations or other Slovenian Railways sales points. Free tickets are valid for travel in the 2nd class of passenger trains, with arrivals at Bled Jezero station at 8:36 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., and for returns from Bled Jezero station at 5:47 p.m. and 6:59 p.m. You can find the schedule on the Slovenian Railways website.

Slovenia: a top sports destination

At the STB, we recognize the remarkable synergy between sports and tourism. This is why, two years ago, sports tourism was chosen as the central theme for communication and promotion in 2022 and 2023. Over these two years, we have partnered with over 120 sports events, athletes, and ambassadors of Slovenian tourism, including Luka Dončić, Primož Roglič, Tadej Pogačar, and Janja Garnbret, as well as clubs like Jumbo Visma and the Dallas Mavericks.

In the coming year, Slovenia will also have a presence in Dallas at the high-profile event "I feel Slovenia night" on January 22.

The STB is proud to introduce the new publication "Slovenia: a top sports destination." This publication is primarily intended for specialized tourist organizations, sports preparation agencies, key organizers in professional and amateur sports clubs, and organizers of international sports events. It is also interesting for sports journalists and other professionals in the sports field.  We are confident that this publication will contribute to Slovenia hosting even more top athletes and iconic sports events in the future, just like Luka 2 Bled.

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