Slovenian Tourist Board boosts Slovenia's visibility as a sports tourism destination with Tour of Slovenia starting tomorrow

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Slovenian Tourist Board boosts Slovenia's visibility as a sports tourism destination with Tour of Slovenia starting tomorrow

For the sixth consecutive year, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is making the Tour of Slovenia broadcast on Eurosport possible. With 11 hours of live coverage on Eurosport, the Tour of Slovenia continues to captivate over 10 million cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

Slovenian Tourist Board boosts Slovenia's visibility as a sports tourism destination with Tour of Slovenia starting tomorrow

With the STB at the helm, intensive promotional campaigns are underway, highlighting Slovenia as a top destination for active experiences. The 10 destinations that host stage starts and finishes are also in the spotlight. This year's race covers the majority of the country, from Kobarid to Ormož, encompassing 39 destinations. RTV Slovenia also broadcasts the race, further fueling the enthusiasm for active leisure and a healthy lifestyle among the Slovenian population. Slovenia is making the headlines as a host of international cycling competitions, which are coupled with the achievements of renowned Slovenian cyclists and the ambassadors of Slovenian tourism, Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar.

The eagerly anticipated 29th edition of the Tour of Slovenia, marking three decades since its beginnings, will take place 14 – 18 June. Over 20 world-class cycling teams will compete for the coveted green jersey, conquering stages that span across Celje, Rogaška Slatina, Žalec, Ormož, Grosuplje, Postojna, Ljubljana, Kobarid, Vrhnika and Novo mesto.

A day before the event, Celje, the starting point and last year's recipient of the Best Host award, hosted a press conference to kick off the much-anticipated cycling event in Slovenia.

Prominent Slovenian cyclists Matej Mohorič (Bahrain Victorius), last year's runner-up, Luka Mezgec (Team Jayco AIUIa), who held the leader's jersey in 2019, and two-time race winner Diego Ulissi provided insights into the race from the cyclists' perspective. Matija Kovač, Mayor of the Municipality of Celje, Mojca Novak, President of the Organising Committee, and Aleksandra Lipej from the STB highlighted the race's significance and its positive impact on Slovenia.

MSc. Maja Pak, the Director of the STB, emphasizes the importance of broadcasting the race on Eurosport and the STB's promotional efforts: "The Slovenian Tourist Board is once again ensuring race visibility and promoting Slovenia as an exceptional destination for active experiences through the Eurosport broadcast. We will captivate millions of cycling enthusiasts with 230 video clips showcasing Slovenia and the stage locations, including Celje, the previous year's Best Host of the Race and this year's starting point. The race covers almost the whole of Slovenia, from Kobarid to Ormož, with numerous Slovenia Green Label winners hosting stages, including Celje. Join us in cheering along as we paint the route green this year, proudly waving over 20,000 I feel Slovenia flags. With this event, we will once again showcase a country that puts sustainability at the core of all its activities, even in sports."

Matija Kovač, Mayor of the City Municipality of Celje, highlighted: "We are thrilled that the Tour of Slovenia has evolved into one of the most renowned and captivating races leading up to the Tour de France, thanks to the top performances of Slovenian champions Tadej Pogačar and Primož Roglič. This year, we are delighted to announce that the race will commence in Celje, marking a significant milestone for our city. As the Municipality of Celje, we have been proud partners of this remarkable sporting and tourism event for numerous years. We perceive the race as an exceptional opportunity to showcase our city, promote sports, a healthy lifestyle, and our extensive efforts in sustainable mobility. To complement the race, we have prepared an extensive accompanying program in Celje, starting as early as April. One of the highlights was the National Cycling Conference, held yesterday and today, where we shared exemplary practices and experiences regarding cycling as a mode of transportation, highlighting its positive impact on the environment and personal well-being. Moreover, we are thrilled to announce that today, along with the official press conference of the Tour of Slovenia, we will be hosting the renowned Snail Race, featuring a range of bicycles and cycling equipment. Celje has been adorned and eagerly awaiting the race's commencement for quite some time, a testament to our anticipation and excitement for the battle for the green shirt. Tomorrow, as the cyclists grace our city's streets, they will be greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of schoolchildren and sports enthusiasts, exemplifying the exceptional support Celje is known for. I have no doubt that the people of Celje will once again create an unforgettable atmosphere with their exuberant cheers. To all the participating cyclists, I extend my warmest wishes for a successful race, and to the devoted fans of cycling, I hope you find immense joy in witnessing this thrilling spectacle unfold—from the opening in Celje to the grand finale in Novo Mesto."


With Eurosport coverage and several promotional activities, the Slovenian Tourist Board encourages cycling enthusiasts to visit Slovenia

Over the past six years, the Slovenian Tourist Board, in partnership with Adria Mobil Cycling Club, has made remarkable steps forward in enhancing the international recognition of the race, Slovenia, and the hosting destinations. The race has captivated the attention of over 46 million spectators on the global Eurosport television network. This year, the race will once again receive extensive coverage, with daily broadcasts of two hours on both Eurosport and TV Slovenia, reaching over 10 million spectators. The STB continues its extensive promotional activities to complement the Tour of Slovenia. These include the creation of 230 promotional videos showcasing the host destinations throughout May, June, and July. Moreover, a substantial 3.2 million online ad impressions are anticipated on Eurosport's websites. Building on previous years, the race routes will be prominently branded with the iconic I feel Slovenia logo, while enthusiastic fans will cheer on cyclists with more than 20,000 I feel Slovenia green flags.


The Tour of Slovenia stands as one of the country's most prestigious sporting events, providing an exceptional platform to showcase Slovenia as a diverse and sustainable destination for active leisure, particularly cycling. This event represents one of the largest promotional projects, with sport and tourism hand in hand creating synergistic effects.

The Slovenian Tourist Board's partnerships with world-renowned cyclists, such as Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar, significantly contribute to positioning Slovenia as an outstanding destination for active experiences, especially in the realm of cycling.

During prestigious sports events, the STB showcases Slovenia as an exciting destination worth visiting

The STB acknowledges the significance of prominent global sporting events like the Tour of Slovenia, which not only highlight Slovenia as a top destination for active holidays and athlete training but also amplify the visibility of the I feel Slovenia brand. Consequently, in recent times, the STB has significantly escalated its efforts to promote Slovenia at major sports events. In the previous year alone, the STB actively promoted Slovenian tourism at nearly 60 international sporting events held in Slovenia.


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