STB intensifies promotional activities during the European Rowing Championships in Bled

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STB intensifies promotional activities during the European Rowing Championships in Bled

Also this year, the STB is highlighting Slovenia as a tourist destination and the I feel Slovenia brand at numerous international sporting events. One of the most important this year is the European Rowing Championships, taking place in Bled 25—28 May for the first time in 67 years.

STB intensifies promotional activities during the European Rowing Championships in Bled

The European Rowing Championships is an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of Slovenia and the I feel Slovenia brand, to strengthen Slovenia's visibility as a host of major sporting events and to inspire guests to spend their holidays in Slovenia. The STB, as the exclusive partner of the event, is highlighting the I feel Slovenia brand in exclusive positions during the Championships.

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) recognises the importance of international sporting events, which strengthen Slovenia's image as an excellent destination for active holidays, sporting events and athletes' training. At this year's European Rowing Championships in Bled, the STB is carrying out activities to promote Slovenian tourism and highlight the I feel Slovenia brand.

On this occasion, MSc. Maja Pak, the director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, highlighted: "The European Rowing Championships is one of the biggest international sporting events hosted by Slovenia this year. More than 50 million sports fans are watching the Championships on TV. This is why the Slovenian Tourist Board has paid special attention to presenting Slovenia in a promotional video during the coverage of the races and to highlighting the I Feel Slovenia brand at various locations of the competition venue, in full view of the TV cameras and against the backdrop of Bled's unique natural surroundings. Sports tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry with a high multiplier effect, which contributes significantly to the objective of deseasonalisation of Slovenian tourism. It offers numerous opportunities for local community involvement and activation, as well as for nature protection and sustainable development. Last year, the STB carried out promotional activities at almost 60 international sporting events hosted by Slovenia, and this year this number is expected to be even higher."

The European Rowing Championships in Bled will be broadcast in 26 countries, including Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, France, Spain, Serbia.

The STB has carried out a number of communication activities, including the creation of a special landing page dedicated to the Championships.

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Anton Mežan, Mayor of the Municipality of Bled: "The European Championships in Bled is certainly one of the most special events of this year. The organisers know very well that such an event does not fall from the sky, but builds on the tradition and the effort that has been put in the perfect organisation of the event throughout the years. Bled lives and must live for events like this, as it deserves not only the good things, but the best. And it's not just about the rowing teams staying here for a few days, it's about promotional activities, the kind that Bled cannot afford financially on its own, and also about the popularisation of rowing and sport in general in this tourist destination."

A championship with special attention to environment

The organisers of the Championships have paid special attention to the sustainability of the event. The Rowing Federation of Slovenia and Ecologists Without Borders have signed the so-called Zero Waste Pledge. This means that the organisers of the Championships have set themselves the goal of collecting 90% of separately collected waste and reducing the total amount of waste. On the lake itself, there will only be electric-powered boats, with the exception of TV catamarans. Also the lakeside car parks are being closed, but there will be a circular shuttle service. 

Tim Farčnik, Executive Director of the Organising Committee, pointed out: "Rowing is one of the most sustainable sports. Already in 2011, the International Rowing Federation entered into a partnership with WWF, the world's largest environmental organisation, in particular for the preservation of the environment. Rowing in Bled is no exception to these efforts. Bled is one of the few venues where rowing takes place on a natural lake, so we need to be particularly attentive to environmental concerns. Therefore, one third of the escort boats will be electric, the representatives of the International Federation will drive electric vehicles, we will encourage bicycle transport and arrivals on foot, and only the exceptions will be allowed to park in Mala and Velika Zaka. At the same time, we have committed that at least 90% of the waste at the event will be collected separately at the two ecological islands."

With around 560 participating rowers, including rowers with disabilities, the Rowing Championships is one of the biggest international sporting events hosted by Slovenia in 2023.

The Championships will be attended by the best European male and female rowers from 33 countries, including four of the best Slovenian crews who have already achieved notable results last season - Filip-Matej Pfeifer (single scull), Nina Kostanjšek (single scull), Rajko Hrvat (light single scull) and Jaka Čas and Nik Krebs (double scull). On Thursday and Friday, 25 and 26 May, the preliminaries and repechages will take place. On Saturday and Sunday, 27 and 28 May, the semi-finals and finals will take place.

The European Rowing Championships is the second most important and media-exposed competition of the International Rowing Federation, after the World Championships. The last European Championships in Italy in 2021 was watched by more than 54 million TV spectators.

The programme of the Championships

The STB intensifies promotional activities for high-profile international sporting events in Slovenia

Sport events are a great opportunity to showcase Slovenia as a destination for active experiences, as a top host of the most demanding international events, an extraordinary destination for athletes' preparation and rehabilitation, a country with a developed sports infrastructure and top skills, and a land of champions.

Sports tourism is the central promotional theme of the STB in 2022 and 2023. In this light, the STB is focusing on presenting Slovenia as a tourist destination and the I Feel Slovenia brand at international sports events in Slovenia, thus ensuring visibility both at the venues themselves and in TV and web broadcasts on the domestic and, in particular, foreign markets. Last year, the STB supported and promoted almost 60 international sports events in Slovenia and even more are expected to take place this year.

Top international sport events hosted by Slovenia this summer

In the coming months, the STB's promotional activities at the most important sporting events will intensify. In addition to the European Rowing Championships in Bled, the STB will promote three high-profile international events hosted by Slovenia: Tour of Slovenia, FIBA Women's EuroBasket and the European Youth Olympic Festival.

Tour of Slovenia

FIBA Women's EuroBasket

European Youth Olympic Festival

Slovenia is also hosting outstanding events for amateur athletes. Famous outdoor festivals invite you to the emerald green Soča valley or to the mysterious forests of Kočevje, while autumn will be marked by the famous Ljubljana Marathon and a special Slovenian stage during the Tour de France. For more information on sporting events in Slovenia, see the link below. 

Calendar of sport events

Deseasonalisation and dispersion of tourist flows

The 2022 review shows that the sport events for which the STB carried out promotional activities in 2022 contributed to important objectives of Slovenian tourism, such as deseasonalisation, diversification of tourist flows and the length of stay. We are convinced that realising the potential of these events has not only enriched events across Slovenia, thus making an important contribution to the well-being of local communities, but has also played an important role in the successful recovery of Slovenian tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cover photo: Rowing Federation of Slovenia

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