The launch of the new NFT collection at WTM London

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The launch of the new NFT collection at WTM London

In partnership with the Julian Alps, the STB launched a limited edition of new NFT tokens at WTM London. As a unique digital souvenir, they were given to journalists who attended the press conferences. The NFT token is also a ticket to the one-off event, The Ultimate Sensory Adventure in the Julian Alps, which will take place in Slovenia next May and will give guests an authentic experience of nature.

The launch of the new NFT collection at WTM London

The STB uses the achievements of advanced technology as an innovative way to promote Slovenian tourism, while at the same time, in line with its sustainability orientation, draws attention to the issue of endangered flora and fauna species such as the Alpine mynah and the wild cock.

According to a survey conducted among the leading decision makers in the travel industry at WTM London, Slovenia ranks among the top ten most sustainable and responsible destinations in the world.

"This year's presentation of Slovenian tourism at the WTM, one of the most important global meetings of the tourism industry, underlines the importance of responsible, inclusive and respectful tourism. It highlights the Julian Alps as the epitome of the values of Slovenian tourism: beautiful, pristine nature that offers several opportunities for sustainable tourism products and services. Slovenia also stands out as an innovative destination on this global marketplace, using advanced technologies to promote Slovenian tourism, such as blockchain,"  said MSc. Maja Pak, Director of the STB, and went on explaining: "the UK is one of the most important markets for Slovenian tourism. I am delighted that the visitors from the UK are returning after the pandemic. The figures for the last nine months show an upward trend in their arrivals and overnight stays; the numbers are approaching 2019 levels, with only less than a third of the gap." 

The Ultimate Sensory Adventure in the Julian Alps is a unique event, which will take place in May next year and showcase Slovenia as a destination for unique experiences, with a focus on outdoor activities and excellent gastronomy. At the same time, stories about the endangerment of the Alpine Manx sheep and the wild cockerel will highlight the importance of preserving the environment and natural habitats to maintain the balance of nature. The STB and the Julian Alps will thus draw attention to the fact that the key to steering the future of the planet lies in the awareness of the crucial link between nature and man.

"This sacred space welcomes all those who are curious, those who want authentic experiences, those who are dreamy and adventurous, but at the same time those who are kind and respectful towards nature and people. The Julian Alps are not meant for undemanding, boring guests who just need a place to stay and wait; they are meant for insightful people and creative aesthetes with a special authentic good taste and cosmopolitan sensibility. This oasis is not for everyone. It is better suited for the adventurous. Those who have an adventurous character, like the one that drove the first climbers to Triglav and launched the new way of life we call tourism today," said Klemen Langus, Director of Tourism Bohinj.

The launch of the NFT tokens and the presentation of The Ultimate Sensory Adventure in the Julian Alps took place today at the WTM London in the Julian Alps corner, designed as a living room with the slogan Our Home. Our Values. Welcome. The place reflects the belief that destinations should offer their guests a sense of homeliness and comfort, the same as in their own living room. At the same time, it reminds tourists that they should show respect and consideration for both the environment they visit and the people who live there. The uniqueness of the travel experience can only be found in responsible, respectful, inclusive, sustainable nature-based tourism, which can create greater value for all.

Tourism is constantly evolving and destinations that integrate digitalisation into their development and promotion gain significant competitive advantages. The use of blockchain technology allows to maintain international competitiveness at a high level by promoting digitalisation, improving customer satisfaction and raising the level of trust due to increased efficiency, transparency and sustainability - values that are at the very foundation of the vision of Slovenian tourism.

Blockchain is proving to be a very useful tool and an agent of major change, improving and digitalising countless sectors with extremely positive effects, which the STB has highlighted in the 2022-2026 Digital Transformation Strategy for Slovenian Tourism, where "Action 9" addresses the concept and functionality of the Green Digital Token.

For example, Slovenia was the first country in the world to issue NFTs at the opening of Expo 2020 DubaiThe collection included 15,000 unique 3D digital icons, exclusive panoramas and 360 high-resolution photographs.

By launching the new NFT tokens and with the upcoming event in the Julian Alps, Slovenia once again is highlighted as a smart, innovative and sustainable destination.

The blockchain technology has created a new information platform aimed at increasing the value and quality for Slovenia and increasing the STB's promotional activities in order to ensure the presentation of Slovenia's tourism sector and tourism in a digital, modern and innovative format.

At WTM London, which is considered one of the most important international events in the world of tourism, 24 representatives of the Slovenian tourism industry are presenting their offer based on sustainable, boutique, personalised, innovative experiences. On this occasion, MSc. Petra Stušek, the director of Ljubljana Tourism, and Marko Sikur from Palma agency highlighted the importance of the event.

MSc. Petra Stušek: "Ljubljana is one of the leading destinations in the field of sustainable and regenerative tourism. As a Green Capital of Europe 2016 and, since this year, a Slovenia Green Destination PLATINUM, Ljubljana Tourism remains committed to maintaining this unique status, which we are developing and presenting with new experiences, festivals and projects. These include the recently launched new boutique experiences, creative workshops, which offer Ljubljana's domestic and international visitors the opportunity to experience and feel the destination through active participation and their own experience that is unique and special to the local environment in which they are holidaying. We have done this by promoting, preserving and presenting old crafts, which are an important part of cultural heritage and identity, both local and national. This is complemented by the project of digital exploration of the green and heritage-filled region of Central Slovenia, and we are already looking forward to our brand new spring festival, which will focus on Slovenian local festivals and give visitors new reasons to visit Ljubljana even out of season."

Marko Sikur, Executive Director of Inbound Tourism at Palma: "The pandemic took us all by surprise at first, but at the same time, and despite the obstacles, it actually set us on the right path again. At Palma, we believe that in this post-pandemic era it has become even more important to maintain and, of course, preserve a genuine, honest, personal business relationship with both our partners abroad and our suppliers, while at the same time ensuring a first-class experience for our guests. Travel habits have certainly changed for both guests and partners, which is clear from the enquiries we receive on a daily basis. It is necessary to pinpoint that this enquires are in line with the Slovenian Tourism Development Strategy: people search for sustainable, boutique, authentic experiences combined with great gastronomic experiences. Both Palma and our partners put quality of service before quantity, which may mean smaller groups, but also a higher daily consumption. All of this contributes to long-term partnerships and, consequently, better business results. I am convinced that Slovenian tourism is on the right track. We are delighted to be part of this success story."

For more information on the activities of the Slovenian Tourist Board follow our social media channels on Twitter (@tourism_slo) and Feel Slovenia (@sloveniainfo); Facebook - Feel Slovenia; Linkedin - Slovenian Tourist Board.

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