Slovenia: the first European country to host the annual gathering of the Transformational Travel Council

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Slovenia: the first European country to host the annual gathering of the Transformational Travel Council

Slovenia is the first European country to host TRANSCEND, the annual gathering of the Transformational Travel Council from the USA. The event takes place from October 9 to 12 in Logar Valley. The Slovenian Tourist Board is the partner of the event.

Slovenia: the first European country to host the annual gathering of the Transformational Travel Council

Slovenia is the first European country to host TRANSCEND ‘22, the annual gathering of the Transformational Travel Council. TTC is a prestigious travel association from the USA, whose objective with TRANSCEND ‘22 is to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the select conference delegates in order to address tough questions and brainstorm best practices on how travel can be a catalyst for positive change in the world. The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) participates as a partner and as such strengthens the visibility of Slovenia as a sustainable destination. The event is attended by more than 100 globally renowned journalists, tour operators and travel agencies, as well as travel industry experts.

By hosting the annual meeting of the Transformational Travel Council (TTC) - TRANSCEND '22, Slovenia has become the first country in Europe to have this honour. The event takes place at Plesnik Hotel, in Logar Valley, between 9 and 12 October. Content-wise, participants get an insight into different views and opinions about the most current and pressing issues related to the transformation of the global tourism industry and society in general. In addition, they also explore cultural and natural attractions of the Logar Valley and Solčavsko. The STB has been involved in co-creating the contents for two workshops about innovative experiences in accordance with the vision of Slovenia and the vision of the TTC.

The TTC chose Slovenia due to Slovenia's leading role in promoting the sustainable tourism development and the success of the national sustainability certification scheme, the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST), which has been systematically upgraded since 2015, provides a comprehensive framework for the sustainable management of destinations and ensures the development of a sustainable tourist offer, which creates greater value for all.

TRANSCEND '22 is attended by more than 100 renowned foreign journalists, tour operators and travel agencies, as well as travel industry experts. Journalists present at the event create contents for globally recognized and prestigious media such as The National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, New York Times, BBC Travel, Forbes and many others. In addition to the conference, some journalists and travel organizers will also take part in fam trips, one will cover the new Slovenia Green Wellness Route and the other the area of Jezersko

The aim of the event is to influence the transformation of the travel industry through networking and active participation, and to contribute to the search for answers to current questions with the knowledge and experience of the conference participants. The conference highlights the importance of the role of tourism as a catalyst for positive changes in the world and the creation of a responsible travel experience. Since its inception in 2016 and their first conference in Washington back in 2020, the TTC has helped the industry shift toward a more regenerative and transformational approach to travel.

On this occasion, MSc. Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, highlighted: "TRANSCEND '22 is a great opportunity to present Slovenia as a sustainable destination to more than 100 participants, including renowned foreign journalists, tour operators, travel agencies and travel industry experts, and highlight the key steps that Slovenia has taken to become one of the world's most sustainable tourist destinations. Slovenia demonstrates its sustainability commitment with the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, which has over 200 members. What is more, 90 percent of overnight stays are generated in the Slovenia Green destinations. The Transformational Travel Council supports the vision of sustainable tourism in Slovenia, they are committed to sustainability and TRANSCEND '22 will look for solutions to create positive changes in the field of travel."

Jake Haupert, the Co-Founder and the CEO of the TTC, explained that they are "honored and humbled to be holding TRANSCEND '22 in Slovenia" and emphasized: "This event is unlike any other conference and will not only be a place for connecting with our community and the people of Slovenia, but will also be an experience of Transformation through participating in a mindfully crafted program that will actually show attendees what we mean by Transformational Travel. Due to the unique nature of the event, Slovenia is the perfect destination to co-create this experience along with our team. As a leader in regenerative and sustainable tourism practices, Slovenia continues to embody everything that the TTC stands for. Innovative thinking. Inspired action to address the challenges of our time. Continued commitment to putting people and planet first. We could not be more honored to have Slovenia Tourist Board as our headline partner to guide and support those attending to create positive change through their work in travel. When attendees depart home after this event our deepest hope is that they leave changed, ready to act boldly to bring travel and tourism to a place of health, thriving, and collaboration for a better world. We hope to create a strong and living community by connecting forward thinking professionals all over the world so that we can support and lift each other up as we move forward. But most of all our aim is to look inward, start inside each of us, to find our own calling and discover how as people we can be catalysts for change. When people are whole, healthy, and connected we can begin to make needed change in our industry. TRANSCEND '22 will be the seed that grows into a new dawn in travel.”

Katarina Prelesnik, the mayor of the Solčava municipality, pinpointed that TRANSCEND '22 is an excellent opportunity to promote local services and products, which significantly contribute to the transformation of the tourism industry for the 21st century: "The organizers recognized our destination as a great example of sustainable tourism with a long tradition. Tourist providers who work closely with the local community and support it, and present an example of the destination where sustainable tourism has had a positive impact on the entire local economy as well as the community, taking into account the protection of natural resources and the environment. In their products, local tourism providers include experiences and services for ensuring the balance of body and soul and provide authentic experience for a person who, in the burnout of a modern way of life, is looking for a primal contact with nature. We are thrilled to offer the best we have."

Maja Ratej, Project Manager from the Savinja-Šalek Regional Development Agency, said on this occasion: "We are proud to be able to host the annual gathering of this prestigious association in our beautiful Upper Savinjska Valley. We take this as recognition of our good work and additional confirmation that acting in the direction of sustainable, regenerative tourism is the right thing to do. The conference is a first-class opportunity to promote our green destination. Travel truly enriches and changes us. We want the participants to make long-lasting impressions, gain new knowledge, and above all, enjoy the peace and tranquility of the area nestled between the mighty peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps."

This year, the STB launched their first sustainability report, which highlights organisation's sustainability efforts and activities in 2020 and 2021. In doing so, it has set out the base for highlighting their sustainable efforts and their impact on the social and natural environment, as well as the sustainable operation of Slovenian tourism industry. Read more here.

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