Digital breakthrough for greater and more sustainable Slovenian tourism

Published: 16.6.2022

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Digital breakthrough for greater and more sustainable Slovenian tourism

Today, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) organized a presentation of the 2022-2026 Digital Transformation Strategy of Slovenian Tourism and presented activities already underway to implement the measures in the strategy.

Digital breakthrough for greater and more sustainable Slovenian tourism

The event highlighted the goals and measures of the Digital Transformation Strategy, emphasized the importance of including all stakeholders and highlighted good practices. The event was attended by more than 150 participants, which shows great awareness about the importance of the digital transformation. The Digital Transformation Strategy defines four key areas and 17 measures in the field of digital transformation of Slovenian tourist destinations and providers.

This spring, two key strategic documents were adopted in Slovenian tourism: the 2022-2026 Strategy for the Digital Transformation of Slovenian Tourism and the umbrella 2022-2028 Tourism Strategy. The Digital Transformation Strategy was prepared by the WTO in March 2022, and its measures were included in the umbrella Strategy for Slovenian Tourism 2022-2028, which is carried out by the Ministry of the Economy. The measures of the digital transformation strategy were included in the umbrella strategy in the form of a horizontal policy that will support the implementation of key strategic policies. Both strategies are complementary and represent a key basis for targeted activities for a successful digital transition of Slovenian tourism, which is inextricably linked to the further sustainable transition of Slovenian tourism.

The inclusion and activation of all stakeholders will be crucial

During today's event, the STB informed the representatives of the tourism industry about the goals and measures of the strategy and called on them to implement the measures of the strategy, emphasizing the great importance of the digital transition for Slovenian tourism. The event highlighted the importance of strengthening cooperation between stakeholders in Slovenian tourism and the transfer of good practices and experiences, which can greatly accelerate the digital transformation and strength the skills.

The event was opened by the Director of the STB, MSc. Maja Pak. In her address, Maja Pak emphasized the importance of more active participation in the digital transformation, as "digital" is not only the future, but also the present, with tourism being no exception. She also pinpointed the importance of networking and cooperation between different stakeholders in tourism: "The digital transition is a mechanism for increasing added value in tourism and raising the quality of management, as it contributes to raising the satisfaction of guests, residents and employees. The digital transition is crucial for greater resilience and rapid adaptation of tourism at all levels and also for a successful green transition, which is why last summer the Slovenian Tourist Board began preparing the Digital Transformation Strategy for the entire Slovenian tourism."

Upon holding the presentation, Prof. Dr. Ljubica Kneževič Cvelbar pinpointed: “The digital transformation of tourism is and will be inevitable for tourism stakeholders. Slovenia is one of the first countries in Europe with such a strategy. The strategy is ambitious and aims to stimulate the digital transformation process and provide guidelines for implementation through 17 key initiatives. The digital transformation is a marathon and will not happen overnight. We will need money and knowledge and the initiatives of each stakeholder individually and the cooperation of all stakeholders. Skeptics will also have to run, as digital transformation will be an important factor in raising the added value of the industry and maximizing benefits for all stakeholders.”

Nataša Hočevar, Head of the STB's Research and Development Department, presented the concept of the National Information Centre and activities within the Recovery and Resilience Plan. The establishment of the National Information Centre is a key measure of the new strategy and represents the "brain" of Slovenian tourism for sustainable and digital transition. Based on data from companies, destinations, the state and global data, the data centre will enable the measurement of key performance indicators of Slovenian tourism, reduce the impact of tourism on the environment and forecast models based on the digital twin principle.

Aljoša Ota, Head of the STB's Representation Office in Italy, presented innovative activities using the NFT blockchain technology implemented by the STB. Modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, VR, robotics and blockchain are also addressed in the Digital Transformation Strategy, as they form much needed part to enable the guests a great user experience.

Digital transformation is not a goal, but a means to achieve higher value and a great guest user experience

The expert presentations were followed by a round table where speakers highlighted the key factors for the success of digital transformation in practice, the added value that digital transformation brings, ways to overcome obstacles and the role of leaders in the transformation process.

The guests of the round table were Marjan Batagelj, Chairman of the Board of Postojna Cave; MSc. Branka Stopar Kofol, gaming and tourism coordinator for marketing at HIT d.d., Blaž Veber, Director of Kranjska Gora Tourism Board; Aljaž Košmerlj, data scientist at Viaduct and Nataša Hočevar, Head of Research and Development, STB.

The discussion focused on presenting the guests' experiences in the digital transformation process, the challenges and approaches they took in resolving them. An important topic was the staffing issue in tourism, both in terms of acquiring skills and attracting and retaining talent. Data collection and processing was also brought to the forefront and all agreed that the collection and the proper use of data should begin as soon as possible.

Read more about the Digital Strategy of Slovenian Tourism.


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