Slovenia ranks 39th in Travel & Tourism Development Index 2021 and 2nd in the field of branding strategy

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Slovenia ranks 39th in Travel & Tourism Development Index 2021 and 2nd in the field of branding strategy

In the Travel & Tourism Development Index 2021 issued by the World Economic Forum Slovenia ranked 39th among 117 countries. Among 112 indicators included in the report, Slovenia is the leader in terms of zero terrorism and organized crime, high level of state openness to foreign goods and services, basic social protection coverage and timely provision of monthly and quarterly data (according to all indicators it ranked first). 

Slovenia ranks 39th in Travel & Tourism Development Index 2021 and 2nd in the field of branding strategy

Slovenia ranks second in terms of the branding strategy evaluation indicator, where it improved its ranking by as many as 41 places. According to 17 pillars consisting of 112 indicators, Slovenia is among the top ten in the field of Socioeconomic Resilience and Conditions (5th place), the Prioritization of Travel and Tourism (8th place) and Safety and Security (9th place). An improvement of 4 places was recorded in the ranking in the field of Environmental Sustainability (12th place). In the field of the Prioritization of Travel and Tourism, Slovenia has improved its ranking by as many as 16 places and ranks 8th.

The survey is based on 5 key categories, 17 pillars (areas) and 112 indicators. The categories are: (1) Enabling Environment, (2) T&T Policy&Conditions, (3) Infrastructure, (4) T&T Demand Drivers and (5) T&T Sustainability.

Commenting on the report, Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek stated: “According to some criteria, Slovenia has significantly improved its ranking. For quite a few places, we overtook many countries that are considered top tourist destinations (such as Turkey, Croatia, Morocco, Montenegro etc.). We are proud to be ranked among the TOP 10 countries in terms of socio-economic resilience and conditions, where Slovenia ranks 5th, just behind Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. We have also made considerable progress in terms of prioritization of travel and tourism, where we are in 8th place. Both of these rankings show that government action during the Covid-19 epidemic was appropriate and above all effective, and €1 billion in tourism support during the epidemic was well-invested. Slovenia also ranks high in terms of safety and security (9th place), and in the field of sustainability (12th place). Slovenia's ranking compared to 2019 is slightly lower, especially due to the lack of the aviation infrastructure, where we achieved worse results, as we do not have a national airline. However, we are also trying to alleviate this obstacle by promoting scheduled and charter flights. We are convinced that the high rankings in the key criteria of tourism development are a reflection of the efforts of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology in the field of assistance in tourism recovery and job preservation, as well as high-hygiene standards in tourism. Despite difficult trials, we managed to keep the tourism sector in good shape so that it can continue to develop smoothly and successfully in the coming years in accordance with the new 2022-2028 Slovenian Tourism Strategy 2022-2028."

According to branding strategy, Slovenia ranks second

The most noticeable progress was made in the field of branding, as Slovenia jumped from 43rd place to an excellent 2nd place. The indicator showcases the excellence of the STB's branding strategy. In this field, the country receives the highest rating if the online searches of international tourists about the country match the messages that the country wants to convey. For Slovenia, as a sustainable tourist destination, rankings in the field of environmental sustainability are of great importance. In 2021, Slovenia improved its ranking by 4 places in this pillar (12th place). In the field of security, Slovenia ranks 9th (formerly 8th). Compared to the last evaluation period, Slovenia has made significant positive changes in the field of business environment (progress by 10 places) and the importance of tourism (progress by 16 places).

Ilona Stermecki, acting director of the STB, highlighted: "I am pleased that Slovenia took an excellent second place within the TTDI's branding strategy evaluation indicator, which underlines the right orientation of our marketing and promotional activities. The professionalism, dedication and heartfulness of the Slovenian Tourist Board's team and close cooperation with the Ministry of the Economy and other key partners of Slovenian tourism has made a key contribution to this excellent result. Together and through clear and consistent communication, we have managed to strengthen the visibility of Slovenia as a sustainable non-mass destination for unique experiences. For the further successful development and implementation of our central, i.e. sustainable commitment, it is vital that Slovenia's position in the field of natural resources and environmental sustainability has also improved. In times of changes and uncertainties, which also have a significant impact on tourism, a good safety and security ranking are crucial as well. Slovenia is also improving its position in the field of information and communication technology, which supports efforts for the digital transformation of Slovenian tourism. The good rankings of our country in areas crucial for Slovenian tourism are at the same time a great motivation for our work."

According to the overall assessment of the Tourism Development Index, Slovenia ranked 39th, which is a decrease of 3 places compared to 2019.

According to the areas of the Tourism Development Index, Slovenia ranks high with the following pillars:

  • Socioeconomic Resilience and Conditions (5th place)
  • Prioritization of Travel and Tourism (8th place)
  • Safety and Security (9th place)
  • Environmental Sustainability (12th place)
  • Ground and Port Infrastructure (17th place)
  • Tourist Service Infrastracture (22nd place)


The highest growth was recorded in the pillars of Prioritization of Travel and Tourism (for 16 places) and Business Environment (for 10 places).

Note: In the past, the report was called the "Tourism Competitiveness Index", but due to changes in the market, the content of the report has been adjusted and a new name given. This year, 17 pillars or areas have been classified (previously 14 pillars related to sustainability), and within them there are several indicators (112 individual indicators, previously 90). Among the indicators, 52 remain the same and 60 are new. Many of them are adapted (new methodology or resource). Instead of four categories, they introduce five.

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