Slovenian Tourist Board receives one diamond, three golden and four silver Golden City Gate awards for excellence in tourism promotion

Published: 20.5.2022

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Slovenian Tourist Board receives one diamond, three golden and four silver Golden City Gate awards for excellence in tourism promotion

The STB received as many as 8 awards at the prestigious international Golden City Gate Awards, which are awarded for excellence in the field of promotional and communication campaigns and tools in tourism. This time, the STB received the highest award given at the festival, i.e. the diamond award for Slovenian Stories, a partnership project between Google Arts & Culture and the STB. In addition, the STB received three golden and four silver awards.

Slovenian Tourist Board receives one diamond, three golden and four silver Golden City Gate awards for excellence in tourism promotion

The  announcement of the Golden Gate Awards winners took place live again this year, this time two months after the virtual edition of the ITB Berlin, in the picturesque city of Bingen am Rhein. At the ceremony, the STB received 5 awards, but later received the information from the organisers that additional three projects were awarded with a silver award as well. This means that all projects that were submitted also got awarded. This is a major success and a proof that the STB stands out for its top-quality and innovative communication tools and campaigns. 50 submitted works in 45 categories were evaluated by 45 international experts.

Commenting on the awards, Ilona Stermecki, Acting Director of the STB, stated: “The expert commission of the prestigious Golden City Gate Awards has for many years recognized the professionalism and innovation of communication tools, content and campaigns of the Slovenian Tourist Board. We are proud that they once again recognized our efforts for modern, digitalized and effective campaigns, content and communication tools, and awarded them as many as five awards, including the highest, the diamond. The Slovenian tourist Board was awarded among as many as 50 entries from 15 countries, which is an additional confirmation of the high competitiveness of our promotional tools and campaigns at the global level and at the same time a great motivation for further work. We will continue to strive for our communication to address modern tourists looking for authentic, active and healthy experiences in a green destination and at the same time strengthen the I feel Slovenia brand and the visibility of Slovenia as an attractive and sustainable destination."

STB given as many as 8 awards for excellence in outstanding and innovative promotional campaigns and communication tools

Among a number of entries, the STB received one diamond, three gold and four silver awards.

STB received as many as 5 awards for excellence in outstanding and innovative promotional campaigns and communication tools

Diamond award for Slovenian Stories

The STB received the highest award presented at the festival, i.e. the diamond award for the digital collection Slovenian Stories, which is a partnership project between Google Arts & Culture and the Slovenian Tourist Board. 

Slovenia is the green heart of Europe, with a diverse and magical natural landscape, rich cultural heritage, customs and tales that merge into a single story of a charming country between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. As a result of partnership between the global platform Google Arts & Culture and Slovenian Tourist Board, the online collection Slovenian Stories was launched last December, offering a multimedia insight into the treasury of Slovenian natural and cultural heritage. The collection features more than 60 stories and virtual tours and more than 1,200 photographs, artworks, and frescoes. Dozens of stories are connected into an inspiring short film, and four audio stories, which also outline the rich and lively world of Slovenian folklore, tradition and crafts for the youngest.

Diamond Golden City Award for Slovenian Stories

The accompanying video was shot at various locations across Slovenia by the young production team Bright under the direction of Rok Lukšič. In addition to the STB, other institutions have enriched the digital collection with their stories, such as the Radovljica Beekeeping Museum, the National and University Library, the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia, the Brežice Posavje Museum and others. We are extremely proud that the STB, as a national partner, co-created an award-winning digital homage to Slovenia, which allowsan interactive walk around our green country and its natural beauties, the cultural heritage and authentic stories of the locals.


Gold for new approaches to communication via live broadcasts on Instagram and Facebook

Through live communication, the STB has presented Slovenia without a filter, as it is and at the moment, in all its natural beauty. Authentic live recordings on @feelslovenia Facebook and Instagram are a way of simple, but at the same time bold and extremely interactive communication with users of social networks. Nowadays, when digital platforms are saturated with a wide variety of information, this kind of communication has proven to be a completely new way of bringing Slovenia closer to potential visitors. Live communication on @feelslovenia Facebook and Instagram achieves exceptional results every month and is a medium through which Slovenia is shown and remembered without a filter. The STB's team started with consistent live communication in 2018; to date, over 70 live videos have been published, lasting 3-30 minutes, many of them with voice guidance. With each view, users show a huge interest in the content, are actively involved in the space, plan ahead or nostalgically evoke memories of already known places. Images of nature, landscapes, cultural content and culinary experiences are topics that the STB consistently includes in its monthly posts.

The Golden City Gate Gold Award for new approaches for live videos on Instagram and Facebook

Gold for the interactive Slovenia Outdoor publication

The interactive digital publication Slovenia Outdoors complements the last year's first-prize-winning printed edition of the guide. The publication was published with the aim of promoting and raising the profile of Slovenia as an excellent destination for active outdoor recreation and active leisure. The content of the guide is intended for sports enthusiasts, individuals and families. It acquaints the reader with a wide range of ideas and recommendations for outdoor activities, and tips of experiences are the starting point for exploring Slovenia and serve as inspiration for setting your own recreational challenges. Renowned British photographer and journalist Rudolf Abraham told the publication that "this is a great display of inspiring ideas for active outdoor experiences in Slovenia – from simple hikes to epic mountain trails, road and mountain biking, adrenaline and winter sports, horseback riding, kayaking and more. The interactive pages are clear and systematically arranged and offer an informative and very inspiring view of the experiences in the green heart of Europe.” 

The Golden City Gate Award for the Slovenia Outdoor interactive publication

Gold for the Slovenian Gastronomy promotional video. You can't spell Slovenia without love. Your plate awaits.

The expert jury of The Golden City Gate International Festival recognized the national gastronomic video as top-notch and awarded it a gold award. The video, which has garnered many successes and praise from the international professional and general public in the last year, presents the character and life of six Michelin star recipients in 2020 (Hiša Franko,Hiša Denk, Atelje, Vila Podvin, Dam and Gostilna pri Lojzetu) and offers an insight into their connection with local manufacturers, who help them create top culinary creations with seasonally available ingredients. Chefs Ana Roš, Gregor Vračko, Jorg Zupan, Uroš Štefelin, Uroš Fakuč and Tomaž Kavčič share their vision, dedication, passion and love for gastronomy and the local environment. The video also highlights Slovenian winemakers, who are at the very top of the world with both sustainable and conventional production. The video impresses with shots of pristine nature, which with their diversity, enable the creation of masterpieces on plates. The video was created in partnership with the Tent production company and director Ciril Jazbec.


Silver award in the TV Shows category for VIP-Trip Slovenia with Daniel Rösner

Last year, during a press trip around Slovenia, a tourist show VIP-Trip was created, led by various German celebrities when they visit an individual destination. A well-known German actor, the star of the Alarm for Cobra 11 series, Daniel Rössner, who is also a great environmental activist and an enthusiastic traveller, visited Slovenia. Together with the blue planet TV production team from Berlin, he visited Olimia Spa and Podčetrtek, Maribor with the oldest vine, rode a bicycle on the Drava cycling route, visited Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana and Soča Valley and from there to Goriška Brda, the Coast and Postojna Cave. He ended his trip in Ljubljana. Rösner was impressed by the diversity of Slovenia, the friendliness of Slovenes and, above all, the sustainable orientation.

The show has been broadcast on several German channels and is still available on Amazon prime.


Silver for Feel Sloveni@ Business Date in the Events&Mice Category

Feel Sloveni@ Business Date is the name for a set of virtual business tourism events that bring together foreign tour operators (TO) and travel agents (TA) with representatives of the Slovenian tourism industry. Because live events were not possible due to the pandemic, we looked for the most effective solutions to move this kind of promotion and business communication online with the clear goal of keeping genuine contact between participants and showing that tourism is still people and that behind every digital profile stands a person with a name and a unique story.

In addition to the representatives of the Slovenian tourism industry, our target groups were foreign TO/TA, which were divided into 4 groups according to the market or product. For them, separate events were organized; the first was for the DACH region, the second for MICE agents, the third for the V4 markets, and the last for the Benelux and France. Our goals were to renew and deepen contacts  and to establish new ones.

Silver for Feel Sloveni@ Business Date in the Events&Mice Category

Silver for the interactive Feel Sloveni@ Online trainings educational platform

From the very beginning of the pandemic, the Slovenian Tourist Board has been adapting its activities to new conditions and searched for ways to strengthen contacts with key business partners.

One of the most innovative solutions is certainly online education called Feel sLOVEni@ Online Training, which is an important step in educating foreign tour operators and travel agents about Slovenia as an attractive green and safe destination for boutique experiences.

The online educational platform, currently available in English, offers a personalized experience of discovering Slovenia and planning a unique escape. It invites foreign travel organizers and travel agents to discover the secrets of Slovenia in their own way, enjoy its beauties and find inspiration for their next escape, and above all help them create an unforgettable holiday in Slovenia for their clients. It enables them to experience Slovenia virtually at their own pace; presents in-depth and interesting information in-depth information using online materials, tests and regular knowledge tests. Upon successful completion, the agents obtain the "I feel Slovenia Certified Expert" certificate.

Silver for the interactive Feel Sloveni@ Online trainings educational platform

Silver for Travel Agent's Manual 2021 in the print media category

The handbook for tour operators and travel agents presents seven reasons why to choose Slovenia and invites you to discover unique experiences and destinations at the crossroads of four geographical worlds. It provides opportunities for business meetings and events, active outdoor holidays, cultural adventures and spa retreats, and invites you to the gastronomic experiences of the European Gastronomic Region 2021. In addition, key tourist products and experiences based on sustainability and responsibility are highlighted in one place. The contents are adapted to the recovery after the pandemic and the changed requirements of the guests. You are invited to browse the current edition here.

Silver award for Travel Agent's Manual 2021 in the print media category


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