Slovenia's presentation in Belgrade: a destination for healthy and top gastronomic experiences

Published: 9.5.2022

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Slovenia's presentation in Belgrade: a destination for healthy and top gastronomic experiences

As part of strengthening promotional and marketing activities in markets that show particularly high growth potential, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) intensifies its activities also in the Serbian market. Today, the press conference was held in Belgrade, organized by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB). The event was attended by more than 30 representatives of the Serbian media.

Slovenia's presentation in Belgrade: a destination for healthy and top gastronomic experiences

As part of strengthening promotional and marketing activities in markets that show particularly high growth potential, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) intensifies its activities in 2022 also in the Serbian market. Today, Slovenia presented itself at the Feel Slovenia press conference in Belgrade. More than 30 journalists from key Serbian media attended the press conference, where the representatives of the STB, the Association of Slovenian Natural Health Resorts (SSNZ) and Rogaška Slatina Health Resort presented novelties and key products of Slovenian tourism with an emphasis on healthy and gastronomic experiences.

Aleksandra Lipej from the STB pinpointed: "At the Slovenian Tourist Board, we have focused on nearby European markets in 2022, which includes the Serbian market as well. Thanks to its proximity and numerous unique experiences, interesting places and cultural bond, as well as active experiences in nature, Slovenia is traditionally a popular destination. The pandemic has further strengthened trends such as the growing popularity of holidays with a strong emphasis on sustainability and active outdoor holidays, boutique experiences and well-being during the holidays. This strengthens Slovenia's competitive position."

Iztok Altbauer, Director of the Association of Slovenian Natural Health Resorts (SSNZ), told at the press conference: "Slovenia is recognized as a country of health thanks to the excellent and highly developed offer of the Slovenian Health Resorts and Spas. The development of this area is influenced by many natural features and an abundance of natural healing factors. The most important of them are thermal and thermo-mineral waters, cold mineral drinking waters such as Donat Mg and Radenska, sea water and sea salts, various organic and inorganic medicinal muds, mountain subalpine and Pannonian microclimate and Mediterranean climate with rich aerosols. This results in a wide range of curative and preventive programs, as well as relaxation programs for body and soul and many water experiences for the whole family. Many guests from Serbia come to Slovenian health and spa resorts, they are in the seventh place among all foreign guests at Slovenian spas. In 2019, they created more than 66,000 overnight stays and we hope to reach these numbers again soon. Numerous attractive programs have been prepared by 13 members of the Association of Slovenian Natural Health Resorts, which is an additional reason to visit Slovenian health resorts."

Marko Lenček, Assistant Director of the Rogaška Medical Centre, pointed out that Rogaška Slatina is a health resort with a four-hundred-year tradition and the unique Donat Mg mineral water, the richest water in terms of magnesium content in the world. He also emphasized the destination's commitment to sustainable development: "As a green destination, Rogaška Slatina is the proud holder of the Slovenia Green Destination gold label and as such ideal for outdoor activities." He continued with listing numerous active experiences and explained why Rogaška Medical Centre and the whole destination is so attractive to guests: “Rogaška Slatina is the oldest Slovenian health resort, most recognizable for its unique natural mineral water. It has more than 400 years of tradition, which we have successfully combinedwith modern medical procedures and advanced expertise, so it is not surprising that our guests like to return. To maintain health and alleviate medical conditions, they choose treatments with the Donat Mg healing mineral water and other  medical procedures under the guidance of more than 50 specialist doctors. At the same time, they enjoy the pristine nature, walks through the famous spa park, and they are also impressed by the prestigious crystal of Steklarna Rogaška and Afrodita cosmetics products."

For 2022, Slovenian Tourist Board focuses on activities that are adapted to the conditions of tourism recovery, travel restrictions and the uncertain international situation. In cooperation with the Slovenian tourism industry, it has been agreed that the activities are intensified mainly in the nearby European markets, including the Serbian market, and markets with direct flight connections. In Serbia, the STB will run numerous advertising activities within the framework of the Global Digital Campaign. Health and wellness and outdoor activities will be highlighted. The campaign will run until the end of May 2023. Advertising within this campaign will also take place on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok). In 2022, the STB will also be present by advertising key products of Slovenian tourism in foreign online and specialized print media. A press trip is also planned, as well as a study tour for tour operators and a workshop for travel representatives.

According to the Statistical Office of Republic Slovenia, more than 44,000 tourist arrivals (4% growth compared to 2020) and 152,000 tourist overnight stays (7% growth) of Serbian tourists were recorded in 2021 in Slovenia. Among foreign tourists, guests from Serbia accounted for 3.2% of tourist overnight stays in 2021, and according to the number of overnight stays, they rank 11th among foreign guests. Compared to 2019, the data for 2021 still represents a 69% decrease in tourist arrivals and a 60% decrease in tourist overnight stays.

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