Slovenia is a partner of a prestigious event of the Hungarian tourism industry

Published: 3.5.2022

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Slovenia is a partner of a prestigious event of the Hungarian tourism industry

As part of strengthening promotional and marketing activities in markets that show particularly high growth potential, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is intensifying its activities on the Hungarian market.

Slovenia is a partner of a prestigious event of the Hungarian tourism industry

On Sunday, 1 May, Slovenia presented itself for the first time as part of the Tourism Evening Gala opening event as a partner country. Today, 3 May, a press conference was held in Budapest, where representatives of the STB presented innovations in Slovenian tourism to more than 40 journalists of key Hungarian media. As part of the press conference, the STB signed the agreement with the Hungarian Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.

On May 1, Slovenia presented itself as a partner country of a central event of the Hungarian tourism industry, which is traditionally attended by representatives of the most important Hungarian travel agencies and tour operators. The presentation of Slovenia as an attractive nearby destination was organized by the STB. As a partner country, Slovenia impressed the leaders of the Hungarian tourism industry as a destination for unique experiences committed to sustainability. The focus was given to the I feel Slovenia brand, the award-winning Slovenia Green promotional video, a special 360° video boot and an intensive communication activities before and after the event. The representatives of the STB talked with leading representatives of Hungarian travel agencies and tour operators on the possibility of intensifying co-operation.

Today in the morning, the STB presented more than 40 representatives of the Hungarian media with innovations in Slovenian tourism and intensified marketing and promotional activities on the Hungarian market. Intensification of Slovenian tourism activities on the Hungarian market is taking place within the framework of the enhanced cooperation with associations of tour operators and travel agencies in Europe, which is an important part of strengthening the activities in markets with great growth potential.

Ilona Stermecki, M.Sc., Acting Director of the STB, highlighted the importance of the Hungarian market for Slovenian tourism and the key activities and topics with which the STB will inspire Hungarians: "We are focusing on nearby European markets, including the Hungarian market, which generated 64% more guests in 2021 than in the previous year. This means that last year, Hungarian guests generated 6% of all foreign overnight stays in Slovenia, which ranks them sixth on the list of foreign emitting markets. Slovenia is  popular among Hungarians thanks to its proximity and many possibilities for unique experiences, especially active experiences in nature. The pandemic has further strengthened trends such as the growing popularity of holidays with a strong emphasis on sustainability and active outdoor holidays, boutique experiences and well-being, which strengthens Slovenia's competitive position as an attractive tourist destination. The agreement signed today with the Hungarian Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators, which will result in an important study trip for the most important Hungarian agencies and tour operators in Slovenia, contributes to the intensification of cooperation between the Slovenian Tourist Board and the Hungarian tourism industry."

The press conference was followed by a round table with a presentation of the tourist offer of three destinations in the eastern part of Slovenia: Maribor, Rogla-Pohorje and Koroška.

Slovenia is gaining on importance in Hungary as a destination for excellent gastronomic experiences and top wines. The presentation of Slovenia in Budapest was also attended by the official 25th wine queen of Slovenia, Ana Protner, who presented top Slovenian wines.

Strengthening activities in nearby, including the Hungarian market

Taking into account the uncertain international situation, the STB has tailored the activities for 2022 together with the Slovenian tourism industry and adapted them to the conditions of tourism recovery, travel restrictions. Activities have been intensified, especially in the nearby European markets and in the markets with good flight connections.

In Hungary, the STB will carry out a series of activities. A press trip for journalists from Hungary will take place in May. This year's SIW on Boutique Tour (May 29-31) will be attended by major Hungarian tour operators and travel agents. Outdoor advertising will take place in Budapest in May and September. A special visit and a study tour for key Hungarian tour operators and travel agencies to Slovenia and a workshop on Slovenian tourism in Budapest in the autumn are also being prepared.

Photo: Turizmus Ltd / Grosz Balàzs


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