Slovenia promoted as a sustainable destination for active holidays on Eurosport channels during the Tour of Slovenia

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Slovenia promoted as a sustainable destination for active holidays on Eurosport channels during the Tour of Slovenia

On April 13th the first press conference this year on the organisation of the 28th Tour of Slovenia international cycling race, which is scheduled for 15 to 19 June 2022, took place in the office building of the pharma company Krka. Slovenian Tourist Board in partnership with the Adria Mobil cycling club will once again secure the broadcast of the race under the recognisable "Fight for Green" slogan on the global television network Eurosport.

Slovenia promoted as a sustainable destination for active holidays on Eurosport channels during the Tour of Slovenia

By purchasing advertising space, the STB will present Slovenia and its tourist destinations in 238 television ads and in 3.2 million online ad impressions on Eurosport websites. Other communication activities for presenting Slovenia on Eurosport channels as a green and safe destination for excellent active experiences have also been intensified. Following excellent results in recent years, the STB has decided to participate in the Tour of Slovenia cycling race this year as well.

Ilona Stermecki, the acting director of the STB, noted at a press conference the key activities of the STB at this year's Tour of Slovenia: "Slovenia is becoming increasingly recognisable in the world due in part to high-profile sporting events, including the Tour of Slovenia race. The Slovenian Tourist Board has participated in the race for the fifth year in a row, as it is an excellent opportunity to present the wonders of Slovenia and the destinations through which the race runs, as well as the active experiences our country offers to visitors. At this year's race, the Slovenian Tourist Board will run a campaign on Eurosport channels with 238 television ads, 3.2 million ad impressions on, reports about Slovenia on the websites and posts on the social networks of this media giant. As the race will be broadcast live on Eurosport 1 for a total of 10 hours and on the Slovenian public broadcaster RTV Slovenija and advertised on Eurosport, we also expect exceptional attention from the foreign and domestic public this year, which presents an opportunity to promote Slovenia as an excellent and sustainability-oriented destination for active breaks, and this is further emphasised by the Fight for Green slogan. The Slovenian Tourist Board pays particular attention to cycling as one of the key products of active experiences, especially in light of the central two-year promotional theme of active outdoor experiences and sports tourism. We are proud to include the best cyclists in the world, Tadej Pogačar and Primož Roglič, among the ambassadors of Slovenian tourism who are strengthening the promotion of Slovenia as a country of active breaks and world-class athletes."

Promotional activities strengthen Slovenia's visibility and reputation as a green and safe destination for active experiences

The race will be broadcast on Eurosport channels. The multi-media giant that is Eurosport Group reaches 205 million people worldwide each month (via TV channels, internet, applications and social networks). Eurosport's extraordinary reach places it among the most watched international television channels, even ahead of CNN and the BBC. The race will be broadcast live daily for a total of at least 10 hours (approximately 2 hours a day), and will also be streamed on Eurosport TV channel

In May, June and July, the STB will carry out an advertising campaign on the transnational TV network Eurosport, which includes advertising on television (Eurosport 1 and 2 TV channels) and on the websites.  Eurosport will also draw attention to Slovenia as a green and safe destination for excellent experiences in a report on Slovenia and the race.

The STB will also cooperate with tourist destinations as part of the race this year.  All ten destinations that host the starts and finishes of the race stages (Nova Gorica, Postojna, Ptuj, Rogaška Slatina, Žalec, Celje, Laško, Kamnik, Vrhnika and Novo Mesto) will be featured in video clips that highlight their key tourist attractions. The I feel Slovenia brand will be prominently displayed along the route of the race. During the broadcast, as many as 39 destinations participating in this year's race will be presented by means of 66 selected tourist attractions (so-called POI points) in the five stages of the race.

The people of our country will also be encouraged through broadcasts on RTV Slovenija to discover Slovenia by bicycle.

This year's race will also be held under the recognisable "Fight for Green" slogan. The race will place particular emphasis on responsible behaviour, which is implemented in Slovenian tourism with responsible travel standards and communicated with the Green&Safe brand.

Excellent results arising from the race in recent years

In the five years of cooperation, the STB has brought the I Feel Slovenia brand to the world through the Eurosport television network and social networks to present Slovenia as an exceptionally green country with many sights and hospitable people. In cooperation with project partners and destinations, the STB has achieved excellent results in recent years.

Last year, it presented Slovenia through the Eurosport television network and social networks in more than 120 countries as a land of extraordinary natural wealth that it is committed to preserving. Last year, the fight for the green jersey was watched by 9.5 million people on the Eurosport and RTV Slovenija television channels. Another 16.5 million viewers were reached through television advertising, and an additional 3 million individuals were reached through online video ads.

By cooperating with Eurosport in the Tour of Slovenia cycling race, the STB recorded a total reach of almost 35 million TV viewers in four years. The Tour of Slovenia was intensively communicated on the FeelSlovenia social media profiles, with which more than 2 million ad impressions and posts were recorded before, during and after the race. More than 4,000 users visited the portal for this reason, while individual places (starts and finishes) were also intensively promoted in the communication, with Slovenia being highlighted as a destination for active outdoor experiences. In addition, an advertising campaign is still taking place on the Eurosport social media profiles, where the reach of Facebook posts has so far amounted to 3.5 million, and the number of views on the website has grown to around 30 thousand.  A total of 1,676 posts on the topic of the Tour of Slovenia were recorded in the Slovenian media space, with a total estimated value of EUR 1.88 million.

This year's "green loop" again with spectators

This year's race will last five days, with a total of 18 teams competing along a route that is just under 823 kilometres long.

Bogdan Fink, race director: “Five new stages of Tour of Slovenia are ahead of us. We’ll start on Wednesday in Nova gorica, with first kilometers taking place in Italy on the route of Giro, and finish on Sunday on a traditional location in Novo mesto, but with a small twist. The stages are diverse and will visit big part of Slovenia. I’m glad to see some of the best riders on the race. There will be many top riders, but I want to expose Matej Mohorič, winner of the Monument Milan – Sanremo, and Tadej Pogačar, leading cyclists on the UCI rankings. I want to say thanks to all of the destinations, sponsors, donators and fans. Big thanks also go to everybody on the OC for their hard work and for helping to create this yearly spectacle. See you on 15th June!”

Tadej Pogačar is getting back on the Slovenian roads and will defend the green jersey

The winner of the 27th Tour of Slovenia, the best cyclist in the world and the ambassador of Slovenian tourism, Tadej Pogačar, announced his appearance on the biggest Slovenian cycling race, which will take place between 15 and 19 June. Sporting Director of UAE Emirates, Andrej Hauptman, has once again confirmed that Tadej has a home race in the pipeline.

You are also invited to follow the Tour of Slovenia cycling race through the FeelSlovenia social media profiles and on the official profiles of the race organiser:, and

More information is also available on the race website at Tour of Slovenia and the official website:


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