When Texas feels Slovenia on a basketball court

Published: 6.3.2022

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When Texas feels Slovenia on a basketball court

Slovenia has recognised the great potential of its partnership with the Dallas Mavericks, starring world-class athlete Luka Dončić from Slovenia, for greater visibility of the country and the I feel Slovenia brand. Among the flagship events was also ‘I Feel Slovenia' evening at the Dallas Mavericks basketball game on 5 March.

When Texas feels Slovenia on a basketball court

Slovenia is one of the greenest countries in the World and the homeland of basketball ace Luka Dončić. For greater visibility of the country and the I feel Slovenia national brand, including opportunities across business, investment and tourism, Slovenia has partnered up with the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. The partnership includes a number of promotional activities, among them also ‘I Feel Slovenia' evening at a basketball game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Sacramento Kings of California which took place on 5 March.

I feel Slovenia basketball evening

On 5 March, Texas had an opportunity to feel Slovenia at a basketball game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Sacramento Kings of California. This was a true ‘I Feel Slovenia’ evening with some exciting Slovenian surprises before and during the game, including the performance of world-famous acrobats from Slovenia, Dunking Devils, get-to-know Slovenia quiz and a cheer for Luka Dončić's team in the Slovenian green hall. The game was broadcast on TV stations in the states of Texas and California. Ryan Mackey, Vice President of Corporate Sponsorship at Dallas Mavericks, pointed out: “I truly believe that through our joint efforts, “I feel Slovenia” will also receive great attention in Dallas and in Texas as a green, creative, and smart travel destination.”

Thanks to exceptional success of this young sports ace, the Dallas Mavericks prepared a special promotional offer for Slovenia already in 2020. Several Slovenian institutions partnered up with them, with the aim of strengthening and increasing the visibility of Slovenia and the national I feel Slovenia brand; in addition to the Slovenian Tourist Board also SPIRIT Slovenia, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government Communication Office and Ljubljana Tourism.

"Slovenia is gaining on visibility in the American market also thanks to basketball ace Luka Dončić, who shines in the colors of the Dallas Mavericks. The STB, together with partner institutions, has recognized the opportunity of connecting with the Dallas Mavericks team to increase the visibility of the country in terms of economy and tourism. American tourists recognize Slovenia as a boutique green destination, appreciate its diversity, exceptional natural resources and rich cultural heritage, as well as as its gastronomy. We hope to that promotional activities carried out during the game as well as at business conference in April will additionally increase the visibility,” says Ilona Stermecki, Msc., the acting director of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

"The partnership with the Dallas Mavericks basketball team has great potential for the promotion of Ljubljana as Luka Dončić's hometown; before the pandemic, the Slovenian capital was becoming more and more popular among American tourists, and they are a great prospect in the future as well,” emphasized Petra Stušek, Msc., the Director of Ljubljana Tourism, and added: “Ljubljana has recently been voted the Best European Destination for 2022 also thanks to the votes of Americans, who were at the very top among foreign votes cast for our capital. This is a kind of tribute, which speaks of the fact that with the release of measures related to the epidemic, Ljubljana will once again rank high on the bucketlist of the visitors from the States."

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The Dunking Devils from Slovenia, world champions in acrobatic dunking, will act as a metaphor of Slovenia´s playful nature and Luka Dončić´s impressive performances. Following the great success of the NBA record holder for the most triple doubles by a player before his 21st birthday, the world is eager to get to know his homeland. Slovenia provides a perfect natural playground all year round and is as such a paradise for summer and winter sports. This is also the reason why it is home to so many world-renowned athletes, next to Luka Dončić also cyclists Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar, world's best climber Janja Garnbret or Atlético Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak. Did you know that Slovenia was among the top countries according to the number of the medals won per capita at the Games in Beijing? Sports and outdoor tourism are also the main promotional theme of 2022-2023.

Texas feels Slovenia business conference

Promotional activities will continue in April with the "Texas Feels Slovenia" business conference, which was also originally scheduled for March 2020 and postponed due to the pandemic. The business conference will take place in Dallas on April 8, offering an opportunity for representatives of the Slovenian economy to meet with American companies. In addition, a tourism workshop will be held to promote Slovenian tourism.

“We are carrying out numerous activities in the US markets to obtain qualified leads from potential investors. Among other things, we received a good response and interest from American investors through the lead generation campaign. They will also take into account and consider Slovenia when selecting and assessing possible locations," said Vid Habjan, Head of the Sector for the Promotion of Foreign Investments at SPIRIT Slovenia.

The Slovenian government’s strategy defines the United States as a priority market for an increase in the volume of trade, export market for Slovenian products and services, and a source of potential investors with sufficient capital and from the relevant industries. Texas offers numerous possibilities, and it is the 10th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. This is an excellent opportunity for Slovenian companies that would like to enter this market.

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