Olympic Committee of Slovenia and Slovenian Tourist Board join forces to raise the visibility of Slovenia

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Olympic Committee of Slovenia and Slovenian Tourist Board join forces to raise the visibility of Slovenia

After the Games in Tokyo, the Olympic Committee of Slovenia (OCS) and Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) join forces to promote Slovenian sports and tourism and the I feel Slovenia brand also in Beijing.

Olympic Committee of Slovenia and Slovenian Tourist Board join forces to raise the visibility of Slovenia

Sport greatly contributes to the visibility of the country. Slovenia's strategic geographical location in the heart of Europe and stunning natural features, including breathtaking nature, favourable climate, good infrastructure for active holidays and related expertise, make Slovenia one of the most desirable destinations for high-profile sporting events and training of athletes, as well as for active holidays.

The largest sporting event in the world, the Games, offers an exceptional opportunity to address the global and Slovenian public with top athletes and present Slovenia as an excellent destination for active holidays.

Together, the OCS and the STB will carry out several promotional activities. The organizations joined forces to publish contents from the Games, as modern technology and social media posts will play a key role due to the absence of viewers. Hashtag #ifeelslovenia will form an integral of the communication and the I feel Slovenia logo will also be included.

"Sports and tourism are extremely important foe Slovenia, which is why I am even more satisfied that we joined forces also for the Games, similar as in the past with the Slovenian House project, which will unfortunately not be held in Beijing due to the epidemic. I believe that with digital technology, we can bring Slovenia closer to the global public by communicating the success of our athletes and indirectly invite them to Slovenia," said the Chair of the Slovenian Olympic Committee, Bogdan Gabrovec.

Active outdoor experiences and sports tourism are the umbrella communication topics of the STB for 2022-2023. Outdoor active holidays, in connection with mountain holidays is one of the most competitive in Europe, as it is based on exceptional natural resources, quality infrastructure, sustainable business practices and responsible use of natural and cultural resources.

Ilona Stermecki, M.Sc., Acting Director of the STB: “On the occassion of the Games, in partnership with the OCS, Slovenian Tourist Board represents Slovenia as a country of top athletes, active adventurers and a host of major sporting events. By doing this, we continue our joint activities from the last year's summer games, as sport significantly contributes to the promotion of the country, its visibility and attracts tourists. Also, top athletes are among the best ambassadors of the country. Thanks to great potential and opportunities for Slovenian tourism, Slovenian Tourist Board has defined active holidays and sports tourism as the main communication topic of the following tow years."

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