Radovljica and Solčava among the Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO

Published: 2.12.2021

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Radovljica and Solčava among the Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO

For the first time ever, UNWTO organized the Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO initiative, which highlights villages and rural destinations whose activities in the field of tourism contribute to the development of the region and preserve natural and cultural heritage. Among 44 winners are also Radovljica and Solčava.

Radovljica and Solčava among the Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO

Among the winners of the first ever Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO Initiative, which were selected from 170 destinations in 75 countries, are also Radovljica and Solčava (the total of awarded villages is 44). The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) explained that Radovljica and Solčava stand out for preserving traditional values ​​and lifestyles in their environment and extraordinary efforts to develop tourism in rural areas. In addition, they are actively developing responsible tourism on all three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic and social. Both destinations are also holders of the Slovenia Green Destination gold label, which testifies about their commitment to sustainable development.

Ciril Globočnik, Mayor of Radovljica, pinpointed: “The town of Radovljica, which is part of the Radol’ca destination, is based on boutique tourist products, closely related to local tradition and cuisine, cultural heritage and locals. Through projects such as Tastes of Radol’ca and Made in Radol’ca, as well as numerous events, we strive to promote and involve locals in the tourist offer of the destination. Thanks to its sustainable orientation, the entire destination is also the holder of the gold label of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism.”

Globočnik also explained that they strive to operate sustainably and locally at events that are known for their quality and accessibility. In summer, visitors are invited on guided trips to the surrounding areas, and by arranging hiking and biking connections, they want to promote activities in nature and sustainable mobility. “Preserving local traditions is especially important for ensuring quality with tourist products. In recent years, many locals have seen an opportunity in tourism, arranging new tourist facilities or adapting their craft and culinary products to make them more attractive and accessible to tourists,” he added.

Globočnik furthermore emphasized that the UNWTO award is a confirmation for a number of years of efforts for sustainable development, investments in the preservation of cultural heritage and care for the environment, while encouraging the sustainable development of destinations, and above all a commitment to continue building tourism and stories based on local products and traditions. They want locals to be highlighted in this award, as they are the foundation of this successful tourist story.

According to him, such an international award makes it easier for Radovljica to position itself abroad as a sustainable destination within the beautiful Julian Alps and become recognizable for its medieval town centre, gastronomy and top events. Cultural and gastronomic experiences can help achieve their goals, i.e. to promote tourist arrivals outside the main tourist season and increase added value in tourism. They hope that this title will bring them new, environmentally aware guests who appreciate tradition, boutique offerings and live and travel in harmony with nature and the local environment.

Katarina Prelesnik, Mayor of Solčava, pinpointed at the awards ceremony: “As a small rural community, we strive to help improve the situation in nature and the environment. The environmental awards we have received in recent years mean a lot to us, if I only mention the gold label within the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, and the fact that we have been listed among the TOP 100 sustainable destinations in the world for three consecutive years. We were also excited to hear that we have been selected and named one of the best rural villages in the world by the World Tourism Organization.”

Prelesnik also highlighted that the placement among the Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO awards all their efforts in the field of sustainable development, communicated through a recognizable sustainable tourism brand in Logar Valley – Solčavsko: “At times of great changes this award obliges us to strive even harder to preserve our natural environment." She added that she is proud of her work and the work of her predecessors, as it is based on cooperation and integration of all pillars of sustainable development. In this way, the vital environment and economy in the destination is preserved, as well as tradition that will provide good living conditions for future generations. “We are really thrilled with the awards and proud to be in the company of the best rural villages in the world,” she added.

The Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO initiative was organized for the first time this year and its main goal is to accelerate rural development in order to stop emigration, reduce social disparities, promote community involvement and develop tourist experiences, especially those with added value. Tourism is a sector that can successfully contribute to these goals, as it enables residents to survive and develop successful businesses even in less populated areas. Tourism can improve the infrastructure and transport connectivity of rural areas, greatly improving the quality of locals, not just visitors.

With the Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO initiative for, the UNWTO seeks to make tourism a guide to rural development and prosperity in more remote regions, thus actively contributing to the protection of natural and cultural heritage, local values ​​and the diversity of the cultural landscape. The awarded destinations are already making great strides in this area. They will become members of the network with the same name, which will enable the transfer of knowledge and good practices between them, while also receiving professional training for members and promotional support from the UNWTO.



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