The highest awards in Slovenian tourism for 2021 have been unveiled

Published: 12.10.2021

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The highest awards in Slovenian tourism for 2021 have been unveiled

As part of the Days of Slovenian Tourism, awards are presented every year to those who have greatly contributed to the visibility of Slovenia as an excellent tourist destination. Among the awarded for 2021 are also Luka Dončić and Mark Cuban.

The highest awards in Slovenian tourism for 2021 have been unveiled

On the occasion of the final gala event of the Days of Slovenian Tourism 2021 at Postojna Cave, the awards for the most visible achievements which have greatly contributed to the promotion and visibility of Slovenia as a tourist destination, will be given to the recipients. Among them are also Luka Dončić and Mark Cuban.

Crystal Triglav for the Personality of the Year 2021: Luka Dončić

Luka Dončić is a top Slovenian athlete who has made a key contribution to the global visibility of Slovenia as a country of excellent athletes. Though very young, there is no doubt that Luka is one of the hottest basketball names in the world. The wunderkind of basketball already impressed the world when he made an important contribution to Slovenia becoming the European basketball champion. His exceptional talent can also be seen at each and every basketball game in the NBA, thus winning the hearts of the world basketball public. Despite living abroad from an early age, Luka has not forgotten the country in which his outstanding sports career began: Slovenia. In his national team jersey, with his knowledge and talent, he makes an important contribution to the historical achievements of Slovenian basketball, such as the title of the European Champions 2017 and the historic ranking at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, where Slovenia won the 4th place. When winning, Luka does not forget to mention that he comes from Slovenia. In this way, he contributes to the visibility of Slovenia, which numerous top athletes call home.

The award is presented by the organizers of the Days of Slovenian Tourism.

The Ambassador of Slovenian Tourism 2021: Mark Cuban

This year's Ambassador of Slovenian Tourism 2021 – the prize is awarded by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology to a person who has made a particularly significant contribution to the visibility of Slovenia and Slovenian tourism – is Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a billionaire and investor, an American businessman with a global media presence and millions of followers on social media. During Summer Olympics in Tokyo, he regularly tweeted (he has 8.5 million followers on Twitter alone) about the achievements of the Slovenian national basketball team, even in the Slovenian language. At the signing of the highest contract in the history of the NBA with Luka Dončić this August, he visited Slovenia and shared his enthusiasm for Ljubljana, Slovenian wines and mentioned that he is open to business opportunities in Slovenia, especially in the field of technology. Cuban's tweets do not only expose Slovenia as the home country of Luka Dončič, but also present it as a country of business and sports opportunities. Together with the Dallas Mavericks, he also promotes Slovenian tourism and economy in partnership with a Slovenian company.

The recognition is awarded by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

Crystal Triglav 2021: Fraport Slovenia, the operator of Ljubljana Airport

Fraport Slovenia, the operator of Ljubljana Airport, under the management of the company's long-term CEO, Zmago Skobir and with the support of Fraport AG, opened a new passenger terminal this summer, just before the start of the Presidency to the European Council and the start of the main tourist season. By doing this, they doubled the number of international arrivals and departures. Simultaneously, with the opening of a state-of-the-art passenger terminal, the new owner of Ljubljana Airport renovated and established many new air connections with countries that are extremely important for the entire Slovenian country, especially for Slovenian tourism. That is why this year's highest award is given to Fraport Slovenija.

The award is given by: The Association of Tourist Journalists of Slovenia

Sejalec 2019: Fish & FlyTrio, applied by: OTIS Institute

The Fish & Fly Trio product follows the principles of the boutique and highly profitable segment of fishing tourism. It is a unique experience of fly fishing, which takes place on three Slovenian rivers (Kolpa, Krka and Soča) according to the 'catch and release' principle and the catch of three different fish species (grayling, brown and marble trout). It connects fishing guides, accommodation and gastronomy providers of three destinations, while dispersing tourist flows from more besieged alpine to less exploited karst rivers. The product with great market potential stands out since it offers the experience of three different fishing destinations. In addition, guests travel by helicopter between locations. Fly fishing requires significantly more skills and experience than other fishing methods, and at the same time draws attention to keeping waters clean, ecology and action towards the responsible development of tourism, especially to the local community.

The Sejalec is an award given for creative and innovative achievements in Slovenian tourism. The Slovenian Tourist Board rewards innovations that have already been implemented and successfully contribute to the greater recognisability of Slovenia’s tourist offer. Sejalec award winners have exciting new approaches, they are unusual, original, and they cover the areas of marketing, business-mindedness, and the promotion of Slovenian tourism.

Recognition for outstanding contribution to the development of Slovenian tourism: Lidija Koren

Lidija Koren opened Koren campsite 30 years ago and since then successfully run it. Koren Camp has always been sustainable, as evidenced by numerous Slovenian and international awards (such as the EU Eco Daisy certificate, the ECO camp certificate by the European Camp Association, the Slovenia Green Accommodation certificate etc.). Lidija Koren has also signed the World Tourism Organization's charter on the commitment of the private sector to the global code of ethics in tourism. She successfully works with all stakeholders in the region and in the municipality of Kobarid and is a member of many Slovenian and international associations (such as the board of directors of the European Association of National Camp Organizations). In the Koren camp, she constantly introduces innovations (e.g. eco-houses, glamping, conference hall, fitness hall, etc.). With her diligence and positive attitude, she represents a great example to young entrepreneurs. She is also the president of the Slovenian Camp Association, and privately a proud mother of her son Jakob, who is gradually taking over the business.

The award is given by the Chamber of Tourism and Hospitality of Slovenia.

Lifetime Achievement Award in the hospitality industry: Jožef Žabar, Primula Restaurant

Jožef Žabar has dedicated his whole life to hospitality and catering, which had a strong impact both in the Gorizia region and in the wider area. As an apprentice at the Adria Ankaran Hotel, he attended a catering school in 1962 in Piran, gained his first work experience at Vogel resort, at Union Hotel in Ljubljana, at Park Hotel in Nova Gorica, at Mark Restaurant and in the Italian Dolomites. After gaining considerable knowledge and skills, he decided to open his very own restaurant: Gostilna Kekec in Nova Gorica back in 1977. In 2006, he expanded his activities and opened Primula Restaurant with accommodation and conference halls in Solkan. By doing so, he helped revive the long-forgotten cable car to Sveta Gora with a beautiful view of the famous Solkan stone bridge. He still actively runs the restaurant with the help of his family. Jožef Žabar helped raising a number of caterers in his career and left his mark in the hospitality of the Goriška region. He knew how to run a company in the former state, in the transition period, in the financial crisis and it can be said with 75 years and with 44 year of running a business, he is more than ready for new challenges to follow.

The award is given by the Section for Hospitality and Tourism at the Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship of Slovenia

Recognition for outstanding contribution to the development of the tourist association: Zlatko Kavčič, the chairman of Lesce Tourist Association

Zlatko Kavčič has been a member of the Management Board of the Lesce Tourist Association for more than 50 years and the chairman for 37 years. With more than 2,500 members, the Lesce Tourist Association, which also owns the Šobec campsite, is the largest in Slovenia. The renowned campsite also showcases his way of work and management. Under his leadership, the initial idea for the Šobec campsite has been realised and Šobec campsite has grown into one of the highest quality and largest camps in Europe. The Lesce Tourist Association has become a link between social life in the environment and even helps other associations financially. He always finds time for activities related to the Tourist Association of Slovenia, where he is also a member of the Management Board since 2006. He does his volunteer work with all the commitment and awareness that natural resources are also intended for future generations. In this sense, his work with young volunteers, future carriers of tourism development, is especially appreciated.

The award is given by the Tourist Association of Slovenia.

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