Days of Slovenian Tourism 2021: the TRANSFORMATION of Slovenian Tourism

Published: 12.10.2021

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Days of Slovenian Tourism 2021: the TRANSFORMATION of Slovenian Tourism

The largest professional event in the field of tourism, the Days of Slovenian Tourism (DST), this year takes place in a hybrid form on October 13 and 14. The key challenges of sustainable and digital transformation and recovery and resilience measures for the competitive and successful tourism of the future will be addressed at tomorrow's plenary session.

Days of Slovenian Tourism 2021: the TRANSFORMATION of Slovenian Tourism

The biggest crisis in the history of global tourism also poses challenges to Slovenian tourism transformation and marketing. If we want Slovenian tourism to be successful and competitive in the future, a sustainable and digital transformation is necessary. Investments are needed in the tourist infrastructure, which will provide higher added value. It is crucial to design a balanced system of indicators in the field of environmental, social and economic sustainability. It is important to identify pathways to new target groups and ensure investment in staff, knowledge and competencies. These are the challenges that tourism had faced already before the pandemic, but the crisis has exacerbated the demand for tourism transformation.

This year's Days of Slovenian Tourism focus on the future of Slovenian tourism. Through further sustainable and digital transition and with the help of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, it is crucial to build the future of tourism which should be responsible and inclusive: for the visitors, those working in tourism and the locals. The answers to the key questions that Slovenian tourism faces on the way to transformation and breakthrough will be given at the plenary session, by the most prominent representatives of Slovenian tourism and experts in the field of tourism, economy, climate, digitalization and banking.

On Wednesday, 13 October, the "Less plastic, more durability" initiative to reduce single-use plastic from Slovenian tourism will be launched and signed by the key tourism organizations.

At today's press conference, MSc. Maja Pak, the director of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) presented the challenges facing the tourism industry on the path to a new future for Slovenian tourism and the necessary changes for more efficient, sustainable, inclusive and resilient tourism: "The pandemic has caused instability in many areas and it also negatively affected tourism. In addition to the challenges posed by the pandemic, we will also talk about the opportunities we need to find to create better, more sustainable and resilient tourism. The behaviour of tourists who choose safe, close, more in-depth, authentic and environmentally friendly travel is changing. Providers must also change and adapt, not only survive and adapt to the new situation and successfully address the new or changed needs of tourists and local communities. European tourism is facing a sustainable and digital transformation, which will also be promoted through European financial mechanisms. It is good that we have been investing in the development and promotion of sustainable tourism in Slovenia for years. Now, we are upgrading our practices and we have already started with the digital transformation of tourism. We have also started creating new balanced performance indicators that will focus on decarbonisation of the industry, satisfaction of local residents, creation of innovative sustainable authentic products of higher added value and processes supported by high technologies. We have adapted marketing activities to the changed situation, which will address the tourists we want to invite to Slovenia. Our goal is even better, more sustainable, inclusive and more resilient Slovenian tourism, tourism that will promote sustainable development and contribute to a higher quality of life for the locals."

MSc. Maja Pak also highlighted the STB's work strategic plan for the next two years, which will be presented as part of this year's event. With the plan, the STB will respond to the current challenges of restarting and strengthening tourism after the pandemic.

At the press conference, also the recipients of the highest awards in tourism for 2021 have been revealed. Among them is also Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who was pronounced the Ambassador of Slovenian Tourism 2021. During Tokyo Olympics, he posted numerous tweets about Slovenia as the home country of Luka Dončič and presented Slovenia as a country of business and sports opportunities.

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