25 successful years of the Slovenian Tourist Board

Published: 25.9.2020

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25 successful years of the Slovenian Tourist Board

It was back in 1995 when the Government of the Republic of Slovenia established the Centre for Promoting Tourism in Slovenia, the predecessor of the Slovenian Tourist Board. This was the beginning of a beautiful story about promoting Slovenia. A story of numerous successful campaigns, activities and projects, all aimed at one: to make Slovenia known in the world as one of the world's most renowned sustainable destinations.

25 successful years of the Slovenian Tourist Board

2020 marks 25 years since Slovenian tourism received a national tourist board, in the form of the Centre for Promoting Tourism in Slovenia (CPTS) as the predecessor of the Slovenian Tourist Board, which is competent for marketing and promoting tourism. The Slovenian Tourist Board has been carrying out activities in close cooperation with the tourism sector and other key partners of Slovenian tourism. More than 1800 business events have been held under the auspices of the Slovenian Tourist Board, more than 18 million publications have been published, and more than 4,000 reporters, influencers and visible personalities have visited Slovenia. It has received more than 40 awards for excellence and innovativeness in promotion, marketing and development projects.

 Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board:In 25 years, the Slovenian Tourist Board has shaped numerous successful projects, through which it systematically and persistently increased Slovenia’s recognisability in foreign markets. At the same time, it has faced many challenges on its own journey. In its first few years, it became a challenge to place Slovenia on the global tourism map. The second challenge came in the period following the financial crisis when a merger took place in 2013 and the re-establishment of the independent Slovenian Tourist Board in 2015, its reorganisation, and the intensive digitalisation of promotion. Business events were upgraded, partnerships were made with renowned global media companies, such as National Geographic, BBC, Eurosport, Michelin, and we cooperated with ambassadors, such as Ana Roš, Luka Dončić, and Primož Roglič. The third challenge we gave ourselves. We wanted to create the image of Slovenia as being a sustainable destination, so we developed specific tools, such as the Green Scheme, through which we promote sustainable development and strengthen the IFEELSLOVENIA brand. Sustainability has been placed at the centre of all of our promotional and development activities, which has been convincing for many members of the foreign public, who now place Slovenia at the very top of the most desirable destinations. A quarter of a century of the Slovenian Tourist Board is being celebrated in a year that has brought the greatest crisis for Slovenian tourism so far. I believe that Slovenian tourism will once again come together and shape tourism after the crisis into an even safer, more sustainable and more successful industry. A good basis for this is provided by our story as a green boutique destination. In these difficult times, the Slovenian Tourist Board will provide as much economic support as possible, we will strengthen our contacts with the market and will continue to ensure the development of sustainable and resistant tourism. Thank you to all our colleagues, whose courage has helped shape the story of the Slovenian Tourist Board, thank you to all the partners in Slovenian tourism for excellent cooperation and a sincere thank you to everyone else who has helped to shape the story of the green Slovenia.”

FOTO: Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board Maja Pak

Some very important names in the tourism industry also shared their thoughts and compliments for the Slovenian Tourist Board anniversary:

Eduardo Santander, Executive Director of the European Travel Commission:Slovenia is already well-established as a green, active destination that promotes tourism for health and wellbeing. At ETC we are very impressed with the Slovenian focus on sustainability and the ambitious Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. Our last year’s report on European sustainability schemes and STB’s role in promoting sustainability and competitiveness recognized Slovenia as the only destination in the study to systematically approach the implementation of sustainability schemes.”

Gloria Guevara, president CEO WTTC: »The Slovenian Tourist Board has been a leader in green and sustainable tourism over the past few years and stands as an example of how our sector must move forward in the future. Slovenia is a fantastic destination for travellers and increasingly gaining popularity. The Slovenian Tourist Board has implemented a number of enhanced health and safety measures, in line with our global protocols, to ensure safe travel, including its national Green&Safe initiative.”

Matthew D. Upchurch, Chairman & CEO, Virtuoso: »The Slovenia Tourist Board continues to innovate in order to draw new travelers to their beautiful and historic country. They have been at the forefront of efforts to promote and encourage sustainable travel and have been recognized by our industry with numerous prestigious awards. In fact, they were nominated for Virtuoso’s Best Tourism Board Award in 2018 and 2019 by our advisors and received the 2019 Virtuoso Alliances Award: Hottest Destination of the Year, after only two years in the network.”

Professor Terry Stevens, founder and MD Stevens & Associates:The successful development of tourism in any country is very dependent upon enlightened and strong leadership with a clear vision, unambiguous strategy and supported by quality research. Throughout its 25 years, the Slovenian Tourist Board has excelled on each of these criteria.”

Nick Hall, Digital Tourism Think Tank:Slovenian Tourist Board is widely viewed as one of the leading tourism organizations in Europe and the world digitally. The consistent strengthening of Slovenia’s digital brand and industry means it is competitively positioned as international markets gradually open up. Having supported the industry for many years to transform digitally, the digital competitiveness of Slovenia’s tourism sector may just turn out to be its biggest asset.”

Drs. Albert Salman, President, Green Destinations, Co-founder, Future of Tourism Coalition:The magic mix of sustainability commitment, quality over quantity, public-private cooperation, non-expensive certification and collective branding provides unique lessons for the world and inspired many. But no other country has so far shown the perseverance to make the magic formula work so well.”

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