Michelin will unveil the results of its first inspection of the Slovenian restaurants tomorrow

Published: 15.6.2020

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Michelin will unveil the results of its first inspection of the Slovenian restaurants tomorrow

Michelin will present its first MICHELIN GUIDE SLOVENIA tomorrow, that will for the first time in its history bring a list of the top Slovenian restaurants. 

Michelin will unveil the results of its first inspection of the Slovenian restaurants tomorrow

Which restaurants have been included by the Michelin inspectors in the guide, is a carefully guarded secret that will be revealed on June 16 at 11.00 on the Michelin and the Slovenian Tourist Board social media. Michelin enters only destinations with the proven culinary potential; by entering the Slovenian market, it confirms that Slovenia belongs to the very top of the world gastronomy. This is a great incentive to move forward and an opportunity for the entire hospitality sector.

We are awaiting the results of the first Michelin inspection of the Slovenian restaurants with big excitement, as they will globally highlight the surpluses of the Slovenian gastronomy. Although many of our plans and efforts have been changed by the new reality resulting from the new coronavirus pandemic, the Michelin guide is coming at the right time. Borders are reopening and tourism is getting a new élan.  Michelin is still the strongest brand in the field of gastronomy and Slovenia will officially become its new, 34th destination on Tuesday. This will put us on the list of globally most desirable gastronomic destinations, and it will highlight our competitive advantages such as high quality, focus on sustainability, safety, authenticity, individual experiences. The Michelin guide will highlight the entire hospitality sector, as it includes other distinctions, too, besides the most coveted stars. It rewards, too, the restaurants with the best value for money and accessible to a wider range of gastronomic enthusiasts,” says Maja Pak, Msc., director of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

The announcement of the results of the assessment of Michelin inspectors will be adjusted to the currents situation and recommendations of the Slovenian government. You are kindly invited to follow the Michelin Star Revelation Slovenia event on Tuesday, June 16., at 11.00 on:



Here are some answers to the most common questions.

  • What is the Michelin Guide?

Michelin is the most respected, prestigious and well-known brand in the field of gastronomic guides with exceptional global reach and impact on the gastronomic development of the destination. Although it puts in the foreground the high added value offer and addresses the most demanding gastronomic guests, it also highlights unforgettable culinary experiences that are accessible to a wide range of gastronomy enthusiasts. Although first released in 1900, its purpose has not changed over the centuries: to encourage travel and find unforgettable experiences.

  • Why does Slovenia need the Michelin Guide?

Gastronomy has always been one of the key elements in promoting Slovenian tourism. As such, it has been recognized by various stakeholders in the Slovenian tourism industry, who have united themselves in the vision of the development of Slovene tourism in the direction of unique sustainable boutique 5-star experiences. This is one of the crucial goals in the Sustainable Growth Strategy of Slovenian Tourism 2017-2021. The Action Plan for the Development and Marketing of Gastronomic Tourism 2019-2023 has included the introduction of the Michelin Guide as a strategic measure, as it is one of the ways to derive three key goals of the development and marketing of Slovenian gastronomy: creating higher added value, ensuring sustainability and, in particular, increasing Slovenia's international recognition as a top gastronomic destination.

The arrival of the Michelin Guide is an opportunity for even greater quality in Slovenian gastronomy, as well as for other providers in the direction of creating and upgrading the complementary offer at the destination. Namely, it has been proven that the destinations have increased the number of visitors, their consumption, and overnight stay due to the Michelin-starred restaurants. Michelin stars are a motivation for raising quality and developing other tourist offers in the destination, and their positive impact can be seen in other sectors, too. The practice has shown that an individual successful restaurant can lift the entire local economy.

  • Will Slovenia get the Michelin stars, because the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has paid for them? 

Michelin enters only destinations with the proven culinary potential, following its own development policy. International expansion is part of Michelin's DNA. Thus, four years after its establishment in France, it crossed borders and published a guide in Belgium (1904). Today, the guide is internationally recognized in more than 30 destinations around the world, and we are delighted that Slovenia is its next destination.

The STB partnership in the project does not in any way affect the independence of the guide, which is clearly defined in the cooperation agreement. STB accepts and respects the independence of the guide and does not interfere with a completely independent editorial policy. The STB has no influence on the content and editorial selection of Michelin. The list of restaurants included in the guide and the results of the evaluation will be presented to the STB at the same time as to the media and award-winning restaurants.

  • What does the cooperation between Michelin and the Slovenian Tourist Board include?

The Slovenian Tourist Board has agreed with the Michelin Guide the two years cooperation in global promotion activities, such as various marketing and events activities, public relations activities related to the publication of results, creation of new editorial content, the publication of content on Michelin digital platforms and social networks and for royalties for the use of content in the communication channels of the Slovenian Tourist Board, thus globally supporting Michelin's selection of the best Slovenian restaurants. The collaboration also includes a print edition of the famous red Michelin Guide, the production of additional marketing video content and articles, collaboration with foreign journalists and influencers, and hosting award-winning Slovenian chefs abroad. The actual realization of all planned activities will also depend on the outcome of the situation in connection with the new coronary virus pandemic in the coming months.

  • Why did the Slovenian Tourist Board decide on these activities?

Michelin is the most powerful brand in the gastronomy field, so it makes sense to build on the effects of the core business, which is restaurant appraisal, with the additional marketing activities that we would take in any case. With Michelin, they will gain more exposure and global reach, and that's what we want.

With more than 3.3 million followers worldwide and 19 profiles on social networks, it is a powerful communication channel for engaging dedicated gastronomic tourists. Michelin users are high-end power individuals who are interested in personal experiences other than mass tourism. Restaurants with one or more Michelin stars are receiving global attention and are often the prime motive for visiting a destination. The results of the Ernst & Young study among the high-consumption travellers showed that the presence of a Michelin guide positively influences the decision to choose a destination, prolongs the overnight stays and the willingness to spend more. The positive impact is not only on tourism but also on agriculture, transport and the entire food industry. There are many examples where a successful restaurant can lift the entire local economy.

And while a Michelin-starred restaurant can be a strong motive for arriving at a destination, its guests are not only dining at high-end restaurants but are also interested in the complete gastronomic experience of a destination – also in traditional pubs, tourist farms, street food or in gastronomic events. This is also confirmed by many top Slovenian chefs who say that their guests are not only interested in high-quality cuisine. This can only be the main motive for the arrivals, but the guests can also enjoy lunches or dinners in a more relaxed, homey atmosphere in local establishments where they serve the authentic local food based on quality seasonal ingredients. Therefore, we believe that indirectly all the restaurant industry will have the positive effects of the arrival of the Michelin Guide.

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