Slovenia is soon to be covered by the renowned Michelin Guide collection

Published: 12.11.2019

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Slovenia is soon to be covered by the renowned Michelin Guide collection

The arrival of the global and influential Michelin gastronomic guide to Slovenia has been announced today at the Days of Slovenian Tourism (DST). This is the key step in the promotion and development of gastronomic tourism and plays a major role in positioning Slovenia as a 5* destination also in the field of culinary experiences.

Slovenia is soon to be covered by the renowned Michelin Guide collection

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT) and the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) have systematically carried out the development and promotion of Slovenian gastronomy, which was envisaged also in the Sustainable Development Strategy of Slovenia 2017-2021 and the Action Plan for the Development and Marketing of Gastronomic Tourism of Slovenia 2019-2023. The efforts of the MGRT and the STB to turn Slovenia into one of the most desirable gastronomic destinations have in recent years resulted in great attention received from the global media, the acquisition of the European Gastronomic Region 2021 title and nevertheless the arrival of the famous gastronomic guide.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guides, explains: “Ever since the very first Michelin Guide was published nearly 120 years ago, our mission has been to discover the finest culinary destinations around the world. Slovenia is undeniably one of them, thanks particularly to its abundant natural resources which enable extremely high-quality ingredients to be produced and then enhanced by chefs across the country.”

Romain Perrier, Michelin Sales, and Marketing Director: “Slovenia is an extremely exciting destination for foodies and we are delighted to present Michelin's selection of the best Slovenian restaurants and talents to the global public in March 2020. The quality of Slovenian gastronomy for Michelin comes as no surprise, but now it is also the time to introduce it to our readers. At the intersection of different landscapes and cultures, Slovenia presents a unique destination with exceptional natural assets and a strong sustainable commitment that enables the production of the highest quality ingredients. Talented Slovenian chefs transform these into unique culinary creations that, through the Michelin Guide reviewers’ eyes, position Slovenia as a "must-visit" destination.

The arrival of the Michelin gastronomic guide not only represents a great opportunity to increase the visibility of Slovenia as a top gastronomic destination or to raise the quality of the Slovenian gastronomy but also a unique opportunity for the most excellent Slovenian restaurants to gain the Michelin star.

Eva Štravs Podlogar, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Development in Technology: “The importance of the Michelin Guide for Slovenia has long been discussed, in terms of the promotion of Slovenian gastronomy on the one hand and terms of the new challenges with regards to the quality on the other. I estimate that the timing for the first edition of this renowned guide is just perfect.  After defining that gastronomy is one of the five key products of Slovenian tourism in the strategy of sustainable tourism growth, Slovenia has committed to undertake activities that will strengthen the recognition of Slovenian gastronomy.«

The inclusion of Slovenia into the Michelin guide is a great step forward in positioning Slovenia as a top gastronomic destination for the most demanding guests.

“I am extremely pleased that Slovenia has been recognized as a top gastronomic destination by the leading, globally recognized gastronomic guide. Michelin Guides currently has an extraordinary impact on overall development in promoting gastronomic destinations, which necessarily need to have strong evidence of culinary potential, following its developmental policies. Today, the Michelin guide is present at 32 worldwide destinations. It is a unique communication channel for addressing the most demanding foodies and with high purchasing power. And these are the guests we want to get to Slovenia,” points out Msc. Maja Pak, the director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, and adds: “Michelin stars will serve as an additional motivation for top Slovenian chefs. Also, the providers of other high-end experiences will be challenged in the direction of creating boutique stories that will go well with superb cuisine. The arrival of Michelin is the result of the efforts of various participants in Slovenian tourism, who recognize top gastronomy as one of the key products that fulfill the vision of Slovenia as a boutique country with experiences for demanding guests. It also means meeting the goals set out in the strategic documents, such as the Sustainable Growth Strategy of Slovenian Tourism 2017-2021 and the Action Plan for Development of the Gastronomic Tourism Markets 2019-2023. Next to Gault&Millau and the obtaining of the title of the European Gastronomic Region 2021, Michelin presents a milestone in our great story and additional motivation for the future work, which will continue with positioning gastronomy as the lead theme for the upcoming two years." 

The printed version of the Michelin guide will be released next year, which further emphasizes the importance of gastronomy as a key development and promotion theme of Slovenian tourism 2020–2021.

Cooperation includes global promotional activities, such as various marketing and public relations activities related to the publication of results, the creation of new editorial content, the publication of the contents on Michelin digital platforms and social networks, and the license for the use of content in the communication channels of the Slovenian Tourist Board, which will help support Michelin's selection of the best Slovenian restaurants.

Michelin stars attract tourists from all over the world, and positively impact not only on tourism but also on agriculture, transport, and the entire food industry. There are many examples where successful restaurants lifted the entire local economy. There are also positive socio-economic impacts, in particular in the area of employment, as each new employment in a star-awarded restaurant is supposed to contribute to additional employment in other areas within the food sector.

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